Ohm Beads Owl Charm Sneak Peek

Today’s jewellery blog article offers an exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming release – the Ohm Beads Owl charm.

Animal themed beads and charms tend to be something I either love or am indifferent to. There are simply so many on the market that I find it a little overwhelming or predictable at times. That said today I’m offering an exclusive sneak peek at the Ohm Beads Owl charm primarily because it’s a design I really appreciate. There’s no set release date for this bead yet and I’ll keep everyone updated on that.

Ohm Beads Owl

This bead came as part of a shipment I received before Christmas and while I was frantically trying to organise all the beads and prioritise the festive designs for imminent review, this bead really caught my attention. I’ll admit some personal bias here; I adore owls. We’re fortunate enough to have one living local to us, though I’ll openly admit that I’ve never seen him. His late night calls are one of life’s small pleasures and guarantee to bring a smile to my face when I’m checking my horses before bed time.

Personal bias aside however, this is a stunning charm. It’s very heavily textured and detailed, the likes of which I generally associate more with Redbalifrog. He boasts the characteristic enormous eyes and cute pointy ears that just help in making this an adorable design.

Ohm Beads Owl

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Stock images absolutely do not do this little guy justice but fortunately, as mentioned I have actually received this charm so look forward to a review in the near feature (he also looks amazing on winter themed bracelets so expect those too!)

  1. Debbie

    Another great charm from Ohm.

    He would look lovely on an animal themed bracelet, and he really reminds me of the owl, in the “Owl and the Pussycat”, which I loved as a child and still enjoy now.

    Victoria, we seem to have a poem / nursery rhyme theme going here – Raven, Blackbirds and now an owl 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’d not considered that at all but you’re right! I’ve been using him on winter themed bracelets that I’ve been photographing for the blog and he looks lovely on those. I’m really hoping to have a review for you guys by the end of the week.

      You’re right though, there seems to be a poetic theme going on here. I rather like the idea of a nursery rhyme bracelet… at least just to see how it turns out ! 😉

      Kind Regards

  2. Jennifer

    He is moving to the top of my wish list, I just love him! 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      Isn’t he cute?!

      I was taking photographs all last night of various charms and beads so hopefully I can get a review out later this week. He’s a really lovely design 😀

      Kind Regards

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