Ohm Beads Ohmversary Giveaway Week at Great Lakes Boutique

This Ohm Beads blog brings the details of the Ohm Beads Ohmversary giveaways at Great Lakes Boutique.

Tomorrow is Ohm Beads’ anniversary and there’s going to be a lot of giveaways across my retail partners and various other Ohmbassador pages. I’ll be hosting a giveaway here of course but the details of that won’t be confirmed until tomorrow. I’ll also be collaborating all of the celebrations from my retail partners into one post for tomorrow.

US based Great Lakes Boutique are starting events a little early. Beginning at 9am EST (which is 3pm for my European readers) and running everyday throughout the week, one lucky social media follower will win a very special Ohm Beads charm each day. You need to follow me on the Great Lakes Facebook or Instagram pages in order to participate. Each giveaway will last twenty four hours and I’ll be drawing winners at random. Here’s a teaser of what’s on offer.

Great Lakes Boutique

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I’m not going to tell you which bead will feature on which day. You’ll need to follow along. I will tell you that the event begins in two hours with the Ohm Beads Hug Me.

Ohm Beads Hug Me

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Good luck to those of you participating and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask!

  1. Carolla

    My birthday is tomorrow, just sayin’ 🤔😆😎

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