Ohm Beads Ohmversary Giveaway

This Ohm Beads blog brings the details of my own Ohm Beads Ohmversary giveaway right here on my blog.

Happy Ohmversary to all the Ohm Beads fans who read my blog! Today is Ohm’s ninth birthday and you’re going to have a host of giveaways to participate in. I’ll be publishing a summary of what’s happening across my retail partners shortly so do check back for that.

I’m also hosting a giveaway right here. The prize is any non-limited edition Ohm Bead, currently in stock at Ohm Beads USA (affiliate link,) upto a value of $55.

I’m actually hosting exactly the same entry requirements as I did last year because frankly some of the answers were hilarious and after relocating my pony this week, I need cheering up. I want you to describe yourself as an Ohm Bead. For example I’d definitely be the Caramel Latte. I don’t function without coffee (I become a bit Lucy Lifeless then.) Hopefully you get the idea. Be creative! Make me laugh! Hit the comments!

Ohm Beads Caramel Latte

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Please note that the bead will ship directly from Ohm Beads USA. Neither myself nor Ohm are responsible for additional import taxes that may be levied according to international law. You have exactly twenty four hours in which to enter (so I will close comments at 9am European time tomorrow.) The winner will be drawn at random. That person then has forty eight (48) hours in which to reply or they forfeit the prize.

Good luck!

  1. Silvia

    I am a Luna Beads as I an astrophysicist and I live between stars πŸ™‚

  2. Lauren

    I’m the life’s a beach bead because that what I love most and where I would always want to be, at the beach.

  3. Harley F

    Although it’s probably not a good thing to admit…I would definitely be the Chainsaw Dude! I am obsessed with anything to do with “hack and slash” horror films and scary video games 😳 I’m so enthusiastic about them my husband tells me I scare him a little sometimes! πŸ˜‚

  4. Jennifer Atkinson

    Just back after a visit from my gynecologist. My insides were checked and probed due to a problem I am having….came out of that visit like an ASSAULTED PRETZEL πŸ™

  5. Veroniek

    I am a Waterfall, without any doubt! I tear up very easily. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of being overwhelmed by beauty – generosity – kindness – nature… Tears when I look at my grandson, who is just so freaking adorable when he shows those tiny teeth when he smiles. Tears when my parents leave after visiting me. Tears when I can’t stop laughing. Tears when I watch a romantic movie… A waterfall by nature πŸ™‚

  6. Lynne

    For me it’s feelings, nothing more than feelings. When my anxiety is at bay I just might be singing in the rain.

  7. Jenny

    Shameful to admit but have to say I’m the F#@K bead. Life in recent years has been WTF, out of my control and literally pinch myself material because I can’t believe it’s not a dream, worse than Days of Our Lives! I do say F#@K too often, need my mouth washed out with soap but if I had the bead, I could just hold it up instead! Big hugs, I know how much you love your pony xx

  8. tra my

    I’m the cat with love :), my eyes always like the love heart when i see the lovely charm :)), and my wallet always like love hurt bead, she love me but don’t love the way i bought charms, especially with OHMBEADS, LOL

  9. Jackie R Oz

    Definitely Argh! When I try to do financial gymnastics with my bead budget

  10. Alexandra R

    I try really hard to be Wings of Protection with my children because otherwise I end up being Worry ALL THE TIME. I try to stay as zen as Bu but it’s difficult when they are as cheeky as Beel πŸ˜‰

  11. Dani Stordy

    I’m the Inner Peace bead because although I haven’t achieved it yet I aspire to it and keeping her on my bracelet reminds me.

  12. Niky

    Hard to chose, But I guess I would DEFINETELY be Ohm Astronaut.
    I love to escape from reality, Even if I am scared to death to Fly, I have travelled all over the World when I was able to.
    What would be better than to be an astronaut, then, and Fly to the Moon and back? So, you know, I could Even be a Luna bead, which is such a coveted and wonderful Ohm crature.
    So, At The end of the story, I would be that chubby, cute Little astronaut going up up up up to The Black Ohm Moon.
    Happy Ohmversary everybody!!!!!

  13. AnnMarie mackenzie

    I would be the burger bead. Medium. ;-). Im just a simple gal who enjoys getting thru the day with no excitement (read no drama). Or Paula the red panda because red pandas are adorable and playful. I’m sure she loves belly rubs. The simple things in life are what I’m about and enjoy.

  14. Lex m

    I’m the moon me bead – when shit gets tough, flash your arse to the world 😜

  15. Barbara

    I’m Horrible! = Grumpy Cat πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜‚ It’s my Alter Ego (feel free and ask my family …πŸ™ˆπŸ˜…). This bead makes me smile every time when I look at it and helps me (really!) to change something in my life: to feel and look less grumpy. Best therapy ever! Happy Ohmversary!

  16. Charlotte

    I am grumpy cat. If I like you I will stay in the same room but ignore you. I sleep 90% of the time. I hate everyone and everything

  17. Cheryl Marsh

    I would be the ohm caterpillar…. as when I was in nursery I was in a school play about the very hungry caterpillar and I came out of the cocoon (sports day sack) as the beautiful butterfly!

  18. Corinne

    I would definitely be the Woodstock bead to replay again and again the Who, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills & Nash… and so many others, and to feel the connection to one another.
    I was too young to come to it, but I remember how I was touched by it. Great peaceful happening !!

  19. Kit@OHM

    Grumpy Cat, ask my kids.

  20. Judy

    That would be Lucy Lifeless. Every day brings new horrors, new reasons for astonishment at how crazy life can get, how much I am in need of a good scream at times. The car’s breaks go out while I’m rushing my sick dog to the vet (that would be last week); I discover a mouse nest in the basement laundry basket while I’m struggling to clean up my husband’s clothes after he fell face down in the muddy patch where I was planting grass seed when a thunder storm broke out (tonight’s adventure) and for some reason I couldn’t stop screaming at the sight of all those little mice scrambling out of the basket. Then there was yesterday when I followed an Internet tip for fixing a coffee maker–fill the water reservoir, take the coffee maker into the shower and shake vigorously–and both I and the shower ended up covered with brown water and coffee grounds. And the coffee maker still won’t work. Some days I want to be like Lucy and open my mouth to scream like a crazy lady and never stop.

  21. Mary Miller

    I am the Manatee bead! I’m round, friendly, slow moving and gentle. πŸ™‚

  22. Dona Vesta

    Love Hurts. I bought 6.
    Need I say more?

  23. Rachel Hernandez

    I’m definitely Grumpy Cat, as my co/workers.

  24. Dani Stordy

    I’m the Inner Peace bead, well not yet, but I’m working on it and I keep her on my bracelet to remind me.

  25. Clare W

    I’m a Woodstock bead,I love music, nature and I’m most at home walking through the woods listening to the trees whispering their secrets.

  26. Helena

    Hello, this is a very interesting job! I’m definitely a bead of Gouda! I eat oatmeal with cheese in the morning, I’m eating pizza with cheese, I take sandwiches with cheese on the way and I love cheesecake!))) Gouda is my favorite!))

  27. Lorie

    I’m the OMHMYGOD. Everyday when I turn on the news here in the US, these are my first words!

  28. Yrsa Andersen

    I am definitely like a feiercracker my hair is red and I can blow up in a second but like a feiercracker I olso comes down again.

  29. Christina

    I am Live Free, as I have the mind of a wayward soul….always searching. Trying to survive extinction is an uphill battle, so I fly and fly and fly in my mind’s eye. Grounded in body, aloft in spirit, searching for the answers.

  30. Tatyana

    I am a dragon, I was born in a year of a dragon and under the sign of fire!)

  31. Kelly Cressman

    I am certainly the Black Sheep. Out on the edge, the one no one wants to talk about in the family. Stand out from all others. Special.

  32. Dona Vesta

    Love Hurts. I love, bleed and bandage up my heart and others. I bought 6 (4 have since been given to those in midst of struggle.)

  33. Kim

    I would be Open Your Heart. I tend to be very reserved and it takes me a ling time to open up to people. Or Books because I read a lot!

  34. Jc

    Since se arΓ© beeing honest, I must admit I am love stinks for the obvious reason that waking up with a loved one is not always as dreamy as it sounds. No shame!

  35. Kathy

    Well, the Black Sheep pops in mind immediately, but I think Cave In is more me… I “cave in” to the plight of “cute kitties” (all cats) who need help. Cats find their way to my yard – so I do everything I can to help them. Enzo was my latest, now safe in a no-kill shelter waiting for his furrever home.

  36. Holly

    I would be Atomic. I love science and learning how things work. I’m a bit geeky that way I guess!

  37. Alex

    Ohm bead No ( grumpy cat ). Life, kids , money – I usually just say No No No

  38. Michele Courtney

    I probably would say I am a cross between Black Sheep and self counscious with a bit of OX ❀️ and Love Hurts πŸ’”

  39. Amna

    I’m year of the monkey! With my temper, I learn to state of inner peace

  40. Veroniek

    I wonder… where did my text go? Wrote a text this morning about why I am a Waterfall, I saw it on the website with “awaiting moderation” (or something of that kind) and now I can’t find it anymore… So, to be sure that I enter this giveaway (please Victoria, delete this message if I am just too impatient and my previous message is indeed still waiting moderation): I am a Waterfall bead, no doubt about that. I cry very easily. Happy tears, sad tears, tears of joy, because I am overwhelmed by beauty – kindness – generosity – nature… Lots of reasons to have watery eyes.

  41. Veronique Tremblay

    I am the luna beads…always dreaming πŸ™‚

  42. Trisha

    The cheerleader is probably closest to me. I am always telling my kids they can do it, supporting my husband and kids with food and clean clothes, cheering on the kids at school to do their best ( at home it probably sounds more like nagging but I prefer to think of it as cheer)

  43. Elizabeth

    I am Hug Me, scars and all.

  44. Minnie Lu

    I’m the magic books girl as I’m always travelling also lice imaging and dreaming of big stuff to do

  45. Mary Rose Lord

    Definitely woodstock

  46. Agi

    I think, the SkΓ»tsjesilen from the Dutch Ohm collection is typical for me. I love being on the water, having some dear people with me, spending a great time and feeling free to sail wherever we want.

  47. Lynda

    I think I’m most like a Sea Cow … aka Manatee. They are aquatic- I am a water baby! They are herbivores – so am I. They are cows …… Some people have been known to call me one from time to time! πŸ˜›

  48. Francesca Mazzanti

    I am sushi because I could go on eating it until I grow scales !!!!

  49. Renee

    Reaper Bunny with a side of rolled over & purple haze, Jelly Beans Beware, this mom will go through walls for Easter treats!

  50. Suzy

    I try really hard to be more like Inner Peace, and I like to think of myself as a Cute Kitty, but more often then I care to admit I tend to overreact to things thinking everything has gone Ohm? Terrible. Overall if I had to choose only one I would be Self Conscious because I like to stay in my apartment and I find social situations frequently too overwhelming, specially if my family is involved… which makes me turn into Ho! Ho! No. during the holidays πŸ˜€
    Sorry about your pony, I love animals more then I love most people so I can imagine how hard it must be for you. Hugs!

  51. Evgenia

    I’d want to be Luna – very mysterious, cheerful and to be reflected in the ocean))

  52. Giulia G

    My bead is Hope because I never stop hoping. Hope must never die to have a better world and life. ❀️

  53. Tasnim

    Definitely the Bunny Reaper – petite at 5 ft tall and apparently cute and harmless to most, but with martial arts training and being a typical Aries, dangerous and quick to erupt at times, such as before my morning coffee. Also fiercely protective of those close to me, hate images of myself, and I like eggs.

  54. Harley

    Definately the Chainsaw Dude, my husband and I love horror films and it reminds me of him ❀️

  55. Amy Lakes

    the Hug Me bear is me! Once cute, not scarred and sewn back together. More so because I lost my mom suddenly and that was super difficult. Two years later, its still really difficult.

  56. Susan

    I would be the Yorkshire Terrier dog. Like the breed itself I am short, loving, tenacious, protective, fierce, inquisitive, and a cuddle bug. My first OHM charm was the Yorkshire Terrier in honor of losing my very first one two weeks ago at the age of 14 1/2 years old. Now when I look at my darling charm I think of my Josh.

  57. Gene

    I don’t know if I should enter this contest…what if I don’t do it right? I better not do it, I’ll probably do it wrong. I’m not sure if I should even be writing this now. I shouldn’t have even gotten out of bed this morning…don’t look at me! In case you can’t tell….I’m all the Feelings.

  58. Christina M.

    I’m definitely Love Hurts. Every day I see the best and worst in humanity. I’m reminded that I’m not perfect, nor do I have to be. I just have to help who I can when I can. My experiences are what make me who I am.

  59. sheba holman

    Beel. My bad! like I really give a d#@n.

  60. Vicky Hetchler

    I’d have to be the latte bead. I just cannot function without my daily java. My family knows not to engage in lengthy conversations until I’ve had a cup of java or a latte. Hmmm……well, I am who I am, but VOILA, instant transformation to a Disney Princess once that caffeine kicks in and gets my engine revving.

  61. Marie

    Definitely Argh… I need those 8 arms to keep up with my family and life in general (plus great for giving hugs, which I love to do). I want the camouflage powers of the octopus when I’m in crowds, where I rather just not be and would cherish being invisible. That diver’s helmet to hide in the best I can when life gets just too crazy (Especially as the new school year is about to begin, and when I’ll again be grumbling Argh all too often – too early to get up, the homework, the after school activities, the multitude of kid issues I hated when I was little that I now am forced to watch my own deal with….). The 3 hearts of the octopus, one special heart for each family member. Lastly, the complete octopus, a shy, misunderstood creature, living in a pretty garden full of treasures (including some sparkling beads), with its’ select closest friends and family.

  62. Christine

    Kamasutra. I seem plain when you first meet me, but then you get close and realize I’m fiercely loyal, detail-oriented and … bendy.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Oh god. I was drinking coffee when I went to approve this comment and almost choked.. Thank you so so much πŸ˜€


      • Christine

        I went for shock value, which is exactly what Ohm’s brand is about. πŸ˜€

  63. Melissa

    I would be Mama Terra with my hair in braids with flowers, full of wisdom. Or at least hoping to be!

    • Geneva

      I would be Mama Terra as well as I draw my energy from nature and love braids. πŸ™‚

  64. Margaret Chan

    Bunny reaper. Most of the time I’m warm n cuddly with dark side

  65. Linda Jo

    I’m Sock Monkey, a smart-alec rascal but ready to give a hug when needed.

  66. Cynthia Chan

    I am Strawberry, like my favourite fruit

  67. Paula, Gravesend

    I identify with the new Scarab bead. A Scarab takes waste and uses it to nourish and strengthen itself. When life throws rubbish at me I try to use it to make myself stronger even if it’s an uphill struggle. I also love my Eerie rocks bead as I love the sea and the sound of the sea on a pebble beach as the tide goes out; lovely happy family memories.

  68. Darlie Zamri

    If I hv to choose one: definitely my first ohm bead, grumpy cat.

    I’m grumpy when I’m hungry or when things don’t go my way. Lol.

    Oh! When I’m sleepy too. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ or when I’m tired

    Guess I’m a grumpy old lady hahaha.

  69. Bonnie May

    So many beads come to mind, depending on my mood and age, but the most constant would be the one that started my Ohmdiction, Cute UFO. I’ve been obsessed with aliens for as long as I can remember. I’m cute, and kinda out of this world!

  70. Valerie Bronson

    I’d be the astronaut. I’d love to be a space woman. I’m in love with all the space and bee beads cause I’m a beekeeping space nerd.

  71. Holly

    I’m the Heart of Stone, hard on the outside and soft on the inside

  72. francesca

    I was so lucky to be born on Halloween’s day! I’m a funny pumpkin with a dark side, and of course I love DeadHead

  73. Natalie

    I will envision myself as the Lil Devil, sweet but sassy!

  74. Donovan

    Moon Me…. because I am a cheeky kind of kid that loves to play practical jokes (including mooning my Dad when he least expects it)! 😈

  75. Susan Murph

    I am the WIFI bad right now . Everything going crazy….Leukemia then 2 years of treatment…Truck broke…..on and on

  76. KarenT

    I am Bi Plane because I love to fly

  77. Ksenija

    I think I would describe myself as Same Same but Different. I feel like the essence of me is still there but I have been bitten and eaten by life so much that most of the time it feels that there are only bones left πŸ˜€

  78. Paula

    Think that the T-Rex Skull describes me perfectly. Some days I feel “older than dirt” and certainly old enough to be a fossil, but none-the-less remain fierce and mighty! LOL!!!!

  79. nicoletta

    I am Babo because I have the same expression when you cop me during my midnight snack

  80. Rachelle C.

    With all of life’s blows that I’ve endured… I’ve learnt to just say F#@K it! Yup, this is my bead of choice and then to my delight, I was also able to obtain Moon Me to complement my expressive bead! 🀣 Yep, don’t need to be overcome by life’s storms… Now I just flash my naughty gnome’s moon and my F#@K beads πŸ˜‚. Why be so serious?!?!? Just enjoy life❣️

  81. Rosie

    Okay, I am nice as can be and funny when given the opportunity. I like honest people and ones who do not take things too seriously. And if you don’t like me, well, I am OHM ‘s “Moon Me” bead!! πŸ˜‰

  82. Yelena

    I am Feeling Knotty. Cute presentation, like a little bow, upon first impression. But wait! Once you get to know more about me (like my name) and you’ll realize that I’m not so innocent. A little mischievous, maybe even a little twisted.

  83. Carolla

    Love Stinks first because I adore skunks and had a stuffed toy one as a child in lieu of a teddy bear, and second because I am known to my loved ones for my stinky sense of humor, but always in good, silly fun, and NEVER mean or hurtful. πŸ€”πŸ˜Š

  84. Arlene

    Im a Lady of Guadalupe, I not a saint but in my search of heaven and peace in my life I found a path that take me more closer to it. In the mean time I found this amaizing crazines that now its obsession its OHM beads!

  85. Faye M

    I am the “thank you” bee dangle. I can be sweet as honey but if you cross me I will take great pleasure stinging you.
    I hate summer and picnics so I get a thrill out of the idea of buzzing around annoying everyone πŸ™‚
    Bees rock!

  86. Liz

    I would probably say Love Hurts. My life is surrounded by dogs, work and home. And I always get so emotionally attached and you know in the end they are going to break your heart but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love really does hurt 😊

  87. Heather M

    Je Maintiendrai – I shall endure. Unfortunately I am not from The Netherlands, but I have appropriated this bead for myself and the meaning is the same. When the Worry, Self-Conscious, Anxiety, and Fretful-Nag have taken over, I will find the dragon I know is inside (with a kick-ass sword), and I Shall Endure.

  88. kendra

    sometimes i’m Grumpy (Cat), sometimes my Love is Cage(d)…and occasionally i’m just Love…and Hugs & Kisses! i feel all the Feelings…and sometimes i feel like an Alien. But Ohm makes me feel okay with whoever/however/whatever i am…which is my True Wish for everyone!

  89. Melissa Mesquita

    I’m the werewolf because I always loved wolves and Halloween so a werewolf is the perfect combo, also it would be amazing to scare people on the street πŸ™‚

  90. Tia

    I would be Saul the Narwhal. The unicorn of the sea. πŸ˜›

  91. duesselperle

    I’m the velociraptor. I feel like a fossil sometimes but I can also show my teeth. 😁

  92. Melinda Sock

    I would be the coffee to go cup. I always have a Tims in my hand!

  93. eMily

    I’m Velociraptor, hear me RAWR! I work well with others and can execute surprising feats of teamwork when I’m with my pack. Some consider me a Clever Girl; don’t underestimate me else I take you by surprise! I love challenging puzzles and working out flaws in the system (like strategically testing the fence for weaknesses). I’m quite dextrous with my feet and enjoy a good pedicure to keep my nails in check.

  94. nadia

    I see myself as the owl. I’m maybe quit and love to be alone. But i see everything. I observe the people and places around me.

  95. Jeanette Burchaski

    Since someone recently commented at work that I carry my coffee cup around with me like a security blanket, I am sure that I should choose one of the coffee beads :). Probably the to-go or to-stay, as one or the other of those real life items are with me at all times πŸ™‚

  96. Nereida

    I would be the flying spaghetti monster because :
    A) I LOVE spaghetti and meatballs,
    B) I make the best spaghetti and meatballs, at least according to ex and kids.

  97. Trish

    This is a tough question! Hhmmmm. I guess if I had to pick one ohm bread to represent me it would be sailfish. You just have to keep on swimming. I wish they made a bed bead. Man I would be that bead for sure! Can never get enough sleep!

  98. Paula

    Quiet yet surprising makes me think I may be the Ninja bead. However, I think I look more like Venus of Willendorf these day. Shame we don’t have a salad bead :/

  99. Eva Lu

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I’m definitely the F#@k bead. I’ve developed a β€œFuck it” attitude after a series of unfortunate life events. I often think to myself β€œWTF” throughout the day. People need perspective. My nephew’s childhood cancer gave me lots of it. Yes, I say Fuck. No, I’m not apologetic about it. That’s why I bought the bead.

  100. Liz

    I am one part potato potato – salty and crunchy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside? And one part I Love Knitting. Because I do. I nearly always have my knitting with me, and most of my friends were made through knitting one way or another. I’m also several parts My Latte, Cupcake, Assaulted Pretzel, and To Stay or To Go because you are what you eat!

  101. Reba Nicole

    I would be Sugar Sleigh Ride. The “Ber” months are my most favorite time of the year. I admittedly think about Halloween and Christmas all of the time! The holiday season for me, is one big blur of excitement and passion πŸ™‚

  102. Dian

    I’m not everyone’s cup of tea…
    But I drink OhmCoffee β˜•οΈ
    So F#@K them

  103. Mike At Ohm

    Merkaba – You either get it or you don’t.

  104. Lizzy

    I would describe myself now as Ohm Thank You. It’s a dainty little bee that looks so sweet, yet if you make her mad you’d better buzz off or get stung. But because her little stinger is so precious, it’s a fine line keeping sweet or losing it all.

  105. Mary B

    I would be the picnic basket… love to go on outdoor adventures and I enjoy all sorts of food.

  106. Megan

    I would be the dung beetle…er Scarab…because a lot of my job involves cleaning up other people’s crap…just like those little dudes!

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