Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 1 Dirty Giveaway for Ohm Gnome Fest 2018

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to the chance to win an Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 1 Dirty right here at Endangered Trolls.

Happy Ohm Gnome Fest ladies and gents! As many of you are undoubtedly aware we’re celebrating at Great Lakes Boutique with our Dirty Moon Me Promotion. Please do note though that ends tomorrow night so if you want to participate, you need to spend $250 or more on Ohm Beads before then. Moon Me is also completely exclusive to Great Lakes Boutique.

That said Ohm Gnome Fest wouldn’t be the same without a giveaway of some kind and we decided to give those of you who couldn’t make the spend requirement for the Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 1 Dirty, a chance to acquire the bead.

Participation is super simple as always as I like to try and make it as inclusive as possible. You don’t need to like, share, follower, subscribe or any of those things. I figure if you want to do that you probably already did 😉

Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 1 Dirty Giveaway

The Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 1 Dirty was the promotional bead for Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2018. He holds a special place in my heart I have to confess. I’ve always loved the concepts of angels and demons and in the urban fantasy genre they’ve been quite the buzz topic for a few years. My tastes have always been a little darker though and I always wanted to see OhmMyGod turn dark. In this case it was literal.

Ohm Beads OhmMyGod Dirty

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Beginning now and ending just before midnight EDT tomorrow (Sunday June the 10th,) you have the chance to win an OhmMyGod One Dirty. This bead will ship directly from Great Lakes Boutique in the USA but please note we are not responsible for any possible import taxes you may receive. There is no cash or bead alternative and we aren’t responsible for lost mail.

Your challenge is so simple! The summer is here and many people find themselves wearing lighter jewellery. You can wear one Ohm Bead for the rest of the year. Which is it and why? I want to hear what design holds a special place in your heart. For me it would be the OhmMyGod 1 Dirty. (My dirty Luna would be a close second though!) I have a personal connection to OhmMyGod both via my interest in angels and demons and my role at Great Lakes Boutique. I prefer the dirty finish wherever possible and though I’ve loved watching the actual design of OhmMyGod become more and more intricate, (it’s great seeing brands evolve,) number one is where it started.

Hit the comments below. I’ll be drawing a winner at random next week. Please make sure the email you use is active and one you check. Do not participate if you do not agree to be contacted via email. (Please note the email will only be used to contact the winner on this one occasion, it does not commit you to any kind of newsletter or marketing.)

Good luck!

  1. Madeleine Brennan

    Ohm my God 1 dirty

    • Ella Jia

      It is a woderful design, thanks Ohm to bring it to us

    • Linda Kaestner

      I would have to pick any bunny.

    • Andrea R

      For me it would be a glass bead for summer : pink-wish.

  2. Kathy H.

    For me it’s Argh. I absolutely adore it. I usually wear octopus and tentacle rings, so it fits right in with my look. 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      Very steampunk 😉

  3. Niky Savoia

    The bead by Ohm which I could and would wear for the rest of the year is Wing of protection. I dont own this bead and I know is a coveted one, but I would surely treasure it cause it means a lot to me … it means love, caring, tenderness and emotion

  4. Ruby Nachom

    It’s so hard to choose but I’d wear My Precious Guardian. It would be great to have someone watching my back with two heads!

  5. Tanya

    If I had to wear just one Ohm for the rest of the summer, it would have to be Velociraptor. It’s not super rare or limited edition, but it’s my absolute favorite. So quirky, yet so realistic-a real conversation starter.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Actually I like it when people choose a bead because of the *design*. Not because it’s rare or whatever but just because they love that bead 😀

  6. Sheba Holman

    It would be a toss up between the guardian dragon or the green clover. The guardian dragon because I want to be dragon when I grow up. (Hahahah). The clover because it is on my money bracelet that have all things related to money. (Which I love).

  7. Erin A.

    It would definitely be Ohmygod 1.0. This is the bead that made me absolutely fall in love with Ohm Beads! I have always loved angels and they remind me of my dad and my aunts, who have passed and (I feel) watch over me and my family.

  8. Alexandria LC

    For me it’d be my precious LUNA. Because I’m a big fan of the universe theme. And LUNA will always be my most expensive silver bead LOL. I just can’t leave it.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Luna is so beautiful <3

  9. Helen M

    For me it would be Love Hurts. I have it in gold because started collecting too late to get hold of the silver version. I love it and have recently been going through a divorce so it means something to me and is a way of expressing my feelings.
    A close second is Hug Me for similar reasons. I tend to wear the two beads on the same bracelet with Ohm My God 2.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I get the appreciation of Love Hurts! It’s very emotive. I like the realism 😉

  10. Paula, Gravesend

    I would wear my dirty Aargh Bead. Octopus are my favourite creatures they are clever enough to work out how to open jars to get at food, have their ink to confuse predators and their ability to blend into their backgrounds. Altogether a fascinating creature. The bead itself is so beautifully made with it’s detail and I love the humour of him wearing a diver’s helmet.

  11. Trudy

    For me it is Wings of Protection. It’s the bead that connects me to my son, he left home shortly before this bead came out and it symbolizes me always caring for him!

  12. Trollimutz

    For me it’s Grumpy Cat Horrible, so I know I could not be the only one who is looking grumpy…. and I look at Grumpy and it makes me smile again!

  13. Rachel H.

    I would pick my Love Whirls. It’s my current favorite with the TB butterfly spacers.

  14. Marikaisa

    That is an easy one!
    The Love Grows event bead!
    I only started Ohm after an introduction by Trudy, on July 22th last year, but this bead represents everything Ohm stands for in my opinion!
    The Ohmily gets together, helps together, stays together, has fun together, gives together, grows together….
    no matter what, we are there for each other, with bead help, with life help, on social media, in real life, in good times and bad times…. Ohm connects us!
    This bead doen not only stands for our growing Ohm community, our respect and love for all the beads and all the designs, and the people behind it, but the little swing tells us, always to have fun, and stay connected to our inner child, chase your dreams and always reach for the stars!
    And especially the fun the team has in designing the beads for us Ohmies!
    Ohm Grows!

  15. Rosie

    OHMMYGOD2.0, it reflects what I feel right now.

    • endangeredtrolls

      <3 :'(

  16. Lauren

    Wings of protection. It’s such a beautiful bead.

  17. Céline

    It’s so hard to choose but I’d wear My Ohm hope charm .
    Just to know Life is beautiful and keep in mind i am strong more the disease

  18. Sara

    I would pick Butterflies. It is one of my favorites. In Ancient Greece , it was the symbol of Psyche ( translates to soul). On a more personal level, at my father’s graveside service on a cold day in October, a butterfly landed on his casket. It fluttered there briefly and flew away. A cold day in October is not a time for butterflies. I was the only who saw it. To me, it was my father telling me everything was going to be okay.

  19. Beth Poole

    I don’t own this bead but I would love to wear Sacred Heart for the rest of the year. From pictures I have seen, it looks beautiful & is a timeless design that transcends the seasons.

  20. Reba Z

    If I had to choose just one Ohm bead to wear, it would be Deadhead. That little pumpkin is my absolute favorite bead! It just represents my favorite time of year.

  21. Laura K

    My favorite Ohm bead is the Sacred Heart. It connects me to everyone I hold close to my heart; including those that have passed. It is a reminder that love endures all ❤❤

  22. Michelle

    It’s a bead that caused some mixed reviews and thoughts but for me it was reality. The wheelchair bead. Some thought it wasn’t PC. But I have worked closely with children with impairments and since 2008, I’ve pushed my father in his own wheels for miles! Best experience was around WDW and Goofy pushing him! Haha! I would love to see more helping aid beads, walking stick with badges, helping hand stick and dentures! Or maybe two teeth with a black/gold filling inbetween or traintrack braces on teeth! Just reminds me that we are all human. 🙂

  23. Angelika

    For me it‘s Argh too, I love the sea and snorkeling. It‘s the best Bead ever❤️

  24. Sonya T

    For me, it would be Butterflies. Love it and my whole family says whenever we see a beautiful butterfly, it’s my Dad checking on us! 😢😍😍😍
    Thank you for the giveaway and for making the participation so simple…..lol

  25. Gillot Karine

    If I had to wear only one bead until the end of the year it would be the “Love Quote”. Love carries the world.

  26. Ginny

    I have several favorites, Love Cage, Heart of Stone, Luna, but I relate most to the first OHM bead I bought and that was Black Sheep. I wish there was a larger version!

  27. Eva Smithers

    For me the bead I would wear for the rest of the year is Love Hurts. My favourite theme is hearts and this bead evokes my broken heart when my Father passed away. It hurt so much because I loved him with all my heart. I’m fairly new to OHM and have loved all the designs and concepts. I also love entering these competitions, thank you for the opportunity. ❤️

  28. Jenifer

    I wear the blush Bee Hive and blush waterish stoppers on a bee themed bangle everyday. But if I had to pick just ONE to bead to wear for a year I think I would pick the Love Grows bead. It makes me think of the Shel Silverstein book The Giving Tree which is a book that had, and still has, a large impact on me.

  29. Sherri

    Crown of thorns. Whenever I am suffering it reminds me that no matter what I’m going through, Christ suffered much more for me.

  30. Catherine Portela

    For me the bead I could wear all the year is wings of protection. Sadly I don’t own this beautiful beads. But it means a lot for me .

  31. Lesley

    I would wear my cute chameleon for a year, he makes me smile and reminds me not to take things too seriously 😀

  32. Courtney Thompson

    Hug Me everyday all day!

  33. Steph

    I love “My Precious “ and wear it often.

  34. Deidre

    My favorite Ohm Bead is Love Cage. Always was and always will be. It reminds me of the pain of love lost.

  35. Melissa Mesquita

    If I had to use one bead only it would be my rest in peace coffin from the dark shadows collection because it was this bead that made me adore ohm beads and it´s a freakin coffin I LOVE coffins I wear coffin shaped rings, necklaces, purses and bags, coffins everywhere 🙂 and it would go with all of my clothes

  36. SARA Comery

    For me Night Sky , I love to sit head back and watch the stars on clear nights, it’s a moment of peace and calm and fascination , soul soothing and a reminder to be at peace with myself .

  37. Steph

    I love My Precious, and wear it often.

  38. Lori

    For me it is Saul the Narwhal. I just love that little guy and even in winter it is nice to have a piece of summer.

  39. Leslie Holley

    My UFO bead. I love the whimsy of the design. No overt emotional connection, just the lightness of being.

  40. Mandy

    If I had to pick one, I would pick Ohm Gnome because it makes me smile and reminds me of a trip to Germany where Andrew and I bought a none to bribe hone. The German airport security laughed when they scanned our bag.

    • Mandy

      👀 ah, autocorrect!
      *gnome to bring home


  41. Kathy

    That will be the hug me because I am a bear lover and it is really cute!

  42. Melissa H.

    Like many who’ve already commented I would choose Wings of Protection. I spent a year hoping to buy this one and finally got one for a 20th anniversary gift from my husband. It is so large and beautiful so it makes a big impact when worn alone. The baby reminds me of when my four kids were babies.

  43. WANIE

    My Precious Guardian….reminds me of my DAD always doing what it takes to be a great provider for our family…..he’s 80 and still my Rock!!!

  44. Kelli Payne

    It would be love hurts for me. I am extremely lucky that I’ve been married to a wonderful man for 20 years but I know that loving anyone and anything hurts if we put all our energy, trust and faith into it. For me it represents the pieces of myself I have put back together after last year being one of the most challenging years. It reminds me that no matter what life throws at me I can always find my way back to being whole again.

  45. Emily Martinelli

    My glow in the dark dots bead. They go with absolutely everything.

  46. Ruth Osborn

    OMG 1, I bought it in remembrance of my sister, I loved her and I love this charm, it is permanent on a bracelet which I wear for her.

  47. Sam F

    This is a bit of a challenge, one because my ohm collection is still very small, and two because there are a number of beads I covet madly but are a bit out of my reach, although I’m still hopeful! Like Victoria, I’m a fan of the angel/demon, dark/light thing (the struggle is real!) so I wear my Hug Me (1) and Teddy Scares LE skull bead together 🙂 Being located in Australia, we’re into our winter season, and the shorter darker days of June remind me of great loves no longer with us (family and four legged) and the importance of the message “Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori,” . So for me, my one bead until the end of your summer/my winter would be Love Wounds.

  48. Samantha Cardimon

    So many to choose from. Erie Rocks is close to my heart as an Ohio girl, but Luna is my go-to bead by Ohm. Like the cycles of the moon, life is a series of ups and downs–full moons, dark moons, half moons. Light, dark, and in between. So for me Luna is the best representation of life.

  49. Karin Gillett

    Definitely OMG1 or Luna. I would go with OMG1 because I love the imagery of angels guarding us and giving us heavenly messages to carry on. How grateful I am to God!

  50. Margaret Chan

    My angel bunny; everytime I see it on my wrist, I smile as it reminds me of Bibit my bunny.

  51. Shayne

    Mine would be Soul Warrior. I’ve been going through a really tough situation and this one really hit home. It helps me remember the things I need to remember.

  52. Heather Miller

    Only 1? My je maintiendrai. I know it is the motto for the Netherlands, but a) Dragon with a sword= freaking awesome, and b)”I will maintain” to me = keep on going.

  53. Carol

    Mine would be Ohm Sunshine bead. I call my grandson Sunshine,so it’s special.

  54. Dona Vesta

    Love Hurts. The first Ohm bead I owned. I bought 6 more and gave them as gifts over the years. Tragedy hit my family when I was young and as it does for us all, has continued throughout my life. The two recent public suicides really bring it home. Love hurts.

  55. Ritakuentz

    I will choose to wear Love whirls Limited Edition stunning bead light weight to follow me all the summer

  56. Ching Ching Lee

    I will wear Hug Me as it holds so much meaning. It is my 1st Ohm Bead. The 1st time I set my eyes on it, it clicks with me. It took me 2 attempts to order it through my local retailer. I love to wear it as a constant reminder that everyone needs love for oneself, no matter how strong you are. Love yourself first, fill yourself with love to the brim so that you have enough love to spread to those around you.

  57. Kathy

    ChiChi 1.0 – I wear it everyday on my left wrist… there is something about it… it is simple, sweet and “worth” speaks to my soul.

  58. Tatyana

    I can’t tell as well as why I choose a bead) what it is pleasant to me and approaches in my thought-up assembly such bead I buy)) there are no sad or cheerful associations, I just create a bracelet)) But I love all bought beads and I carry with great pleasure)❤️

  59. Christine Nguyen

    My Argh
    I love all of octopus bead design. Go to the beach? I want to swim and smart as octopus , lol

  60. Reshvin Kaur

    I love my ohm Stardust bead. It’s bright shine provides light in darkness. It’s also a reminder that in difficult times there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I wear the bead almost everyday. 😍❤️

  61. Kelly Cressman

    I would wear omg1. It goes with everything!

  62. Jennifer

    It would be the crickets bead. I already wear it daily as my good luck bead 🙂

  63. Rebecca

    F*CK w/OMG being a close 2nd.

  64. Yvonne Young

    The bead I am wearing and will be wearing all summer is Magic Books. It encompasses two of my favorite things: fairies and books. I love it!

  65. Nereida

    Argh. It’s a compliment magnet, and who doesn’t like a compliment?

  66. Kaka Sung

    I will wear the sugar seigh 1.0, because it is the first beads i know from OHM and i love the details and style, i want to have Christmas all over the year 🙂

  67. Lorie DiBattista

    Hands down its Love Wounds. There’s some kind of magic in mine because everytime I wear it I feel so bad ass! You gotta be a little badass everyday. 😉

  68. KimHuong

    I wear chi chi stick (lucky). It is beautiful bead. And I believe it will bring luck to me

  69. Julie Weare

    OMG 2.0. I started collecting beads to cope with grief and hold onto memories triggered by them. I was just lucky enough to be able to make a trade and get this one. It is how I feel most days, yet it is still a beautiful bead that also triggers bits of joy and thoughts of what my son must be experiencing in the heavenly realm.

  70. KimHuong

    I wear chi chi stick (lucky or happy). It is beautiful bead. And I believe it will bring luck and happiness to me

  71. Francesca

    I’d choose Luna. I love the night, and watching the dark sky at night, with its stars and the moon, is one of my favorite things. Luna represents all this: the silence, the dark, the peace of the night, which are so precious to me.

  72. Valerie Bronson

    My polished off dirty Argh is on my neck everyday. It was my first Ohm bead (argh) but then I sold my original to some serious regrets. Now I have my dirty argh, and it’s my most prized possession.

  73. Liu Ya Ling

    I love the bead
    Because it is ohm bead
    Always complex and Personality
    I love and I want

  74. Linda Jo

    Atomic. Because it it essential.

  75. KarenT

    If I had to pick 1 Ohm bead to wear all Sumner it would be LUNA. I. Love looking at the moon while,walking dogs at,night.

  76. YenJu Tsai

    I would choose Hug Me. Sooooooo cute.

  77. Lynda Lapham

    I would wear the very first Ohm bead I ever got which started me on this crazy ride 🙂 ; Guan Ying! The superb detail, along with the smooth texture of the bead goes beautifully with what Guan Ying represents most importantly of all – compassion and mercy. We all need more of that in our lives

  78. Thao Le

    Mine would be silver Luna. It’s beautiful and goes with everything ❤️

  79. Rachelle

    I’d wear my ChiChi Sticks 2.0 I’ve chosen words to help me get through the day, everyday. It helps calm me, ground me and it motivates me when I have such a tough time to get going.

  80. Varisa Tongyoo

    I would be Hug me V.2 because its so cute. I love the design

  81. Dawn

    OMG1 lives on my bracelet. It reminds me off all the love and loss in my life.

  82. Sabine

    The Year of the Cock, the BOTM January 2017 because I was lucky to get a number 1 bead with this and I bought it to remind me what can happen in one year – 2016 was a awful year, a bit of happiness but so much sadness. It reminds of “just keep going”…

  83. Lynne

    For me it would be Woodstock! It reminds me of simpler times. Good times, friendship, great music. Summertime.

  84. Darlie Zamri


    Since I got my OHM Argh late last 2016, I’ve been wearing him daily ever since.

    And will continue to do so~

    I think this is the best OHM bead ever ❤️ I hv my scuba license and used to go on dive trips 4-5 times a year. But my husband xhv his dive license yet. And we’ve been bz 🙁

    I miss my dive trips and I think by wearing Argh. He remind me of my fav thing to do when I was (cough) younger lol.

    • Darlie Zamri

      Oh my gosh. My brain! Hahah. I got my Argh 2 days before my birthday in 2017!

      So, this September I’ll be wearing him daily for almost a year ❤️

  85. Nancy

    Love hurts is the winner for me! It applies in many ways family and especially fur friends. So perfect a sentiment. I think I will be adding unlock your heart and heart of stone to the mix. Thanks for the contest and offer!!

  86. Dorothee

    For me it is “Open your Heart”. Love the design and meaning.

  87. Marta Idalia

    Love really hurts is the one for me.
    You can’t live this life without loosing pieces of your heart on your way!

  88. Michele Courtney

    For me, if I have to choose one……… I would have to go with ohm hurts.
    It was my first Ohm and the meaning is so personal, I could wear it every day for the rest of my life.

  89. Rosanne

    I love my Luna bead, I wear everyday

  90. Joey

    Love Timeflies that has moveable wings to it, special and unique. It’s s classic centre piece that reminds us to cherish every moment we now enjoy ❤️

  91. Liz

    My favourite bead at the moment is the new Flying Dutchman. It’s not been off my wrist since it arrived, I love the design of it and it fits perfectly with all my other pirate beads ( I have a lot ) 😄

  92. Natalie

    I would choose the Open Your Heart bead, I just love how this bead looks and the sentiment behind it, haven’t had it very long but still have not tired of it!

  93. Veroniek

    Mama Terra, to remind me every day that we have to try our best to take care of the Earth.

  94. Simone

    Definitely Bunny Angel. I’ve been having rabbits since I was a child and it reminds me of the ones, which don’t live anymore.

  95. Yen Dinh

    I ‘d wear my Soul Warrior because it’s really meaning. Soul Warrior brought me confidence and strength in my life. Thank Ohm Beads for helping me to be myself.❤️❤️❤️

  96. Katie

    Well I am already doing it! Wearing Just one OHM bead! This one is super important to me. It might be weird but Its…Brainiac bead. Why? I love brains! No, I am not a Zombie. 😉 I was studing cognitive science, where I was trying to know better this organ and still I know too little about it! Brain is very unique, complicated and simple at once. Just like the bead 🙂 We are Still learning about it and Its possibility. Thats Why I have decided to have one on my bracelet- to remember how important It is to me and to make Sure I wont lose my mind 😉 This bead is very detailed and beautiful. Also people are fascinating with it, asking Why brain? Its not a regular bead. Thats Why i love it sooo much!

  97. mary ann

    Love Hurts. It will always remind me of my sweet little dog I lost to heart disease.

  98. Natalia

    I take it easy.
    Moving on. I love it. I alwayes hope for en extra dose of luck

  99. Maggie Lo

    Definitely OMG 2.0 with clover ,
    I would go with OMG 2.0 because I love the imagery of angels guarding us and giving us heavenly messages to carry on. and clover have all things related to lucky. 😊

  100. Patricia MacKellar

    For me it is Love hurts. It‘s my favourite Ohm Bead and has a personal meaning.

  101. Helle

    Luna, just because it is a beautiful bead

  102. Pam Broughton

    I would say my favorite is my sol bead and then my dark Luna wins as second choice.

  103. Helle

    Lune, just because it is a beautiful besd
    Sorry og double posted the phone made trouble

  104. Tatyana

    I’ve been on the verge of life and death a few times. And some invisible force was pulling me into life. Once a fortune teller told me that I have a very strong guardian angel and I feel it. I do not have angels version 1.0 and 2.0, but I am grateful that I was able to buy in your store 3.0

  105. YenDinh

    I’d wear Soul Warrior because it’s really meaning. Soul Warrior brought me confidence and strength in my life. Thank Ohm Beads for helping me to be myself

  106. Arianna

    I like”hug me”
    It is so lovely

  107. Helen Clark

    Thank you for the chance to win the OHMmygod1 dirty 😃 To pick a favourite is not easy but I must admit the one I could wear for the rest of the year would be my little Bunny Reaper, I simply adore him and he’s the little fellow that got me started on OHM … When I first got him and showed him to my mum she thought he was wonderful and commended what a smart little bunny he was with his hoody on!! So, in a fun way he reminds me of my mum too 💕….My runner up would be Stardust which I wear on a necklace most of the time ⭐️

  108. Angela Field

    Mine would be my Scuba diver, I love the ocean and what goes on under the sea.

  109. Sara M

    For me, it’s my sacred heart. It’s a sort of protector and at the same time a reminder of my vow. I just love this bead, can’t take it off.

  110. Diletta

    I Think that I would wear forever Wings of Protection. Because it is a beautiful sculpture I Think, and reflect my soul.

  111. Alexandra Rimbert

    Ot would be my Heart of Stone (dirty inside) with Wings of Protection being a close second. These design are just fantastic. I love them.so much..

  112. Ksana

    “Oh my God” magnificent design. There is so much soul, poetry, sadness and joy and of course faith! I love him !

  113. Maria

    I do not need to imagine I’m wearing a liquid time that reminds me that you need to cherish every minute

  114. Conny

    mine would be my ohm my god 2.0
    he was my first ohm bead i got from great lakes boutique and i love him so much!
    so sorry, that i missed the 1.0 version and i would really love him as well!

  115. Diletta

    I think that I would wear forever “Wings of Protection” because it is a beautiful sculpture and reflect my soul

  116. Rosanna Tam

    Word of “LOVE”, all people need love.

  117. Markéta

    Hello! 😊
    I would definitely choose Butterflies, they are my favorite bead ❤ And also, I think that it looks the best when it is alone on the bangle, so it’s perfect option for me! ☺ And I really love butterflies, they’re so colourful a beautiful. Few days ago I visited a Butterfly house And it was pretty cool. 🌸

  118. Vladimira

    What and amazing opportunity to win. I love angels, I don’t have this fabulous piece. I think if it can be only one OHm piece…I would wear Wings of Protection. The bead …there is so much love in it, it is so gentle and so powerful on the other side. Perfect in details 🙂

  119. Marlene Momsen

    The Knight he is my guardian for everyday….sometimes we need a Hero this is my little one… i love him so much

  120. Priska

    I am into angels, too, and – coincidently – I have been wearing OhMyGod II on a bangle these summer days.
    He looks like my guiding angel hanging his head in desperation over me, poor one.
    Give him some support by adding the ancient black version, I would! 😉

  121. Thu

    That would be Woodstock for me as i love music. The design is simple yet elegant and it speaks to me. This bead puts a smile on my face everytime I see it.

  122. A.T

    I can wear Love Stinks for the whole summer, it’s lovely and light <3

  123. Clare.W

    I would wear ‘Woodstock ‘ , it’s a beautiful focal bead, looks great on silver or leather and makes me think of summer festivals , chillin and relaxing with friends.

  124. Eileen Redmond

    “Love Hurts” is by far my favorite bead. For me this heart, with it’s patches & imperfections, holds a very special meaning.

  125. Diane Dale

    Argh for me.

  126. Francesca Mazzanti

    Mine would be Open Your Heart because to have it I participated to my first Ohm Beads Event and I knew here beautiful people that introduced me to Ohmily! I really love the design and meaning of this bead, is absolutely my fav One!!

  127. Teresa Di Spirito

    I love mama terra…celebrates life in all forms. .thanks..ohm!

  128. hope

    For me it’s Luna dirty.It’s my first OHM BOTM and I’m so lucky to get a dirty version.It’s definitely my lucky charm.

  129. Anastasia

    For me it is Open your heart. Because this bead symbolizes the state of my soul…

  130. Terry

    I always wear my moves … my first ohm beads … I love it

  131. Mimi

    My favorite is thé big heart Love Whirl which I carry with ohm ball necklace. Love the sweetness of little arabesq..Silver is open and has nice shape. Summer? because blouses or teeshirts are more open (neckline) so the bead is more show off and Also my cleavage….another reason is that I can easely change the color or bead on the top…depending of my cloths or my mood…but …love To have Love whirl+ red dragon s breath…on my neck…such a warm feeling😍
    I work in a quality dpt so I often havé To put away rings and bracelets To not damaged parts i m controlling…but i always can keep my love whirl in necklace
    (I may not write the right words but hope you understand me).Thanks

  132. Naomi

    When I first saw the OMG 1 I was so very much reminded of my Mom and her sufferings. She passed away when she was just 51 years old, almost 10 years ago. So I would gladly wear the OMG 1 bead – especially the diry version that reflects her even more – for the rest of the year.

  133. leland chuang

    I do wear HUG ME all the time and definitely will be.It presents my family love and also the details are so nice.

  134. Alena

    I will pick the OMG,but I dont have him….It is my dream beads…then I pick the Phoebe and the Monn….everytime when my eye see this,give me Phoebe calm and relax in hectic day.

  135. Laetitia Sageot

    The heart of stone offered by my love because he represents him, the love of my life ❤️

  136. Jenny

    I am sure to pick kamasutra. Simply to challenge the first one whom actualiteit sees what I am wearing.

  137. Hev

    Bunny Reaper, such a wonderful quirky design, he reminds me of the late great Terry Pratchett and all his wonderful stories.

  138. Carla Groenhof

    OMG such a wonderful dirty angel 😇

  139. Sara

    I love all the OMG but unfortunately I only have the 3.0 …. anyway among the ohms that I would gladly bring “Bunny Reaper” “Omg 3.0” “Year of the dog” ….. I hope to be lucky for once and win the Dirty version of 1.0

  140. Hai Yen

    I’d wear Soul Warrior because it’s really meaning. Soul Warrior brought me confidence and strength in my life. Thank Ohm Beads for helping me to be myself.❤️❤️❤️

  141. Hai Yen

    I’d wear Soul Warrior because it’s really meaning. Soul Warrior brought me confidence and strength in my life. Thank Ohm Beads for helping me to be myself.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  142. Thanh Le

    For me, it’s Sugar Sleigh Ride 2! I have been eyeing it eversince it first came out but hasn’t felt the urge to buy it immediately. After that, whenever I browse Ohm, I always come to take a look at the funny ride and that’s when I know I have to have it. And it’s nearly a year since the bead first came out! I really am lucky to find a page that still sells this bead at official price! It now sits permanently on my winter bracelet and though the theme is winter, I wear it almost all year round. 🤣 This is a bead I never regret purchasing.

  143. Barbara

    The bead that I wear the most oddly enough is Sol. I love my silvers, especially Love Cage, but for some reason always reach for my simple bangle with Sol on it. The bead was a gift from a very kind person, and I love its color and the design within the glass. Thanks for asking, Victoria!

  144. faf2705

    For me, it would be The Bunny Angel because he is so cute and brings a little bit of happiness every day!

  145. Patricia E. George

    I would wear just a little “birdie”… silcer or dirty!

  146. Dee

    Worry from the Feelings set, for sure. For all the obvious reasons, and because I love the work of Taylored Curiosities. I think it’s great when OHM draw awareness to the genius of small artisans.

  147. Kasia

    Sacred Heart ❤️🗡

  148. Anastasia

    My favorite bead is th Open your heart because it reflects the state of my soul…

  149. Leema Ahmed

    Hi Victoria,
    So I’m glad I don’t really have to pick because it’s quite hard to choose! BUT I think I’d go with Tea Bag because I love it but haven’t worn it that much yet, and also because I think it works well in any season- ice tea around now, chai latte come Autumn xx

  150. Charlotte

    Love cage as it was a gift and one of my fist ohm beads

  151. Sarah Addis

    Mine would be Bunny Angel as I share my home with 4 house rabbits so bunnies are a huge part of my life … they’re not always little angels by any means but I love them and want to give them the best lives I possibly can.

  152. Dorothee

    Sacred Heart, my all time favorite bead <3

  153. Hannah Ida Thorhauge

    I love This version 🖤
    I need one for my dirty Moon 😂🖤

  154. Hannah

    I love This version 🖤
    I need it for my dirty Moon 🖤🌑

  155. mary zhang

    Bunny Angle. It is quite cute!

  156. Rebecca Hodson

    Love Stinks. Its so cute and expresses such a funny sentiment.

  157. Marlon

    Momo.. tells a lot to me

  158. Kristin Wolfram

    I would choose the ohm chi chi stick, the big one that can be customised. I bought it during holidays in Thailand and as I’m addicted to this country, I have a special relationship to Thailand and all sticks are written in Thai this bead has a special meaning. If I could only have and wear one ohm beads, I’d choose this one.

  159. Lily

    It would be (and it often is) Ohmyprecios bead. I absolutely love this girl, she looks like me! She is the best version of me)

  160. Liz P

    My favourite bead at the minute is the Flying Dutchman, it’s not been off my wrist since it arrived. I love the design and it goes well with all my other pirate beads.

  161. Jenny

    I would have to choose F#@K because my life resembles ‘Days of Our Lives’, so many twists and turns plus every time I look at my left wrist, that’s the bead looking at me so I don’t have to say it!

  162. Evgenia

    My love – the Luna

  163. Lucie Gove

    My original Argh which accompanies me on adventures big and small. He makes me smile, is quirky yet beautiful to look at. He enhances all my outfits whether on my neck or wrist. An ideal companion!

  164. Baerbel

    I don’t want to be without my Woodstock bead. I adore that bead and wear it a lot. For me it stands for happiness, my love for rock guitar sound, flowers and nature. I love to wear it with the peace sign up when I’m in a “why can’t we live in peace and harmony?” mood. Just as important as Woodstock is Pisces. It’s my zodiac sign.

  165. Florence Tee

    Wings of protection. Jus like me a mother sheltering her child with wide spread arms and hands without condition. To me this bead is a symbol of unconditional love from a mother to her child.

  166. Becca

    It would be Train Wreck. This was one of my first Ohm beads and it was given to me for my birthday from my son who has always loved trains.

  167. Aurelie LETOURNEUR

    One bead, Motherhood.
    It’s for me the pearl that gives me the most proud mother. my children taught me to love me and saved my life while I’m darker than I show it. I still love my dark pearls like my reaper but Motherhood represents what I am all year round, what I would be all my life. the best of me

  168. Melodie Borg

    Sadly I don’t have Wings of Protection but if I did that would be my 1st choice. That said, I do have Sacred Heart and love it flanked in amethyst but solo would be fine too.

  169. Paula

    I love my silver Hive Mind! Not a “fancy” bead, but I never seem to tire of its simple organic geometry, and as the August 2016 Bead of the Month, it is a perfect summer memory.

  170. yiting

    It would definitely be Ohmygod 2.0. This is my first ohm bead.


    I will choose clover and glass and hope to bring me good luck

  172. Lili

    My favorites are the Angels OMG 1, 2, 3 for their divine protection.
    I would love a bracelet only of protection angels for me and my family love

  173. Yi-Ying Wu

    I will wear it with lucky moves and F#@K.
    I think they are good friends.

  174. Louise

    My Love for the rest of the year will be the delphinium glass

  175. Cynthia Chan

    Luna, its design is versatile to be worn all season

  176. Jj Moore

    My bead for the rest of the year would be omg 2. It’s a special to me. Feels like my guardian angel is always with me.❤️

  177. Ruth B

    Forbidden Fruit is a fantastic design and looks like no other brand – it always gets comments. For me it represents the daily temptation of more beads:) As far as I am concerned, it goes with everything. Can’t wait for Beads on the Bayou!!

  178. AnnMarie mack

    Love a dirty bead. And this one is simply beautiful

  179. Kunnawut Thanakun

    For me CHI CHI STICKS 2.0 I think in bad days. There is encouragement from short sentences to make a good life. Having a positive mind CHI CHI STICKS 2.0 is what I want every day.

  180. Samantha L

    Ohm glass sunshine bead. I wear it for my son. He brightens up my world everyday. And that bead does the same! I love looking at it in the sun! ☀

  181. Herida Ruyz

    For me it is sacred heart. Not because it is LE, but because it has a special meaning.

  182. Beckie

    For me it’s got to be deadhead <3
    I love all things Halloween – for me it's the start of the holiday season! I love it so much I got married on Halloween, and continue to celebrate it all the way through Bonfire night, to Christmas (Tim Burton says we can so NER!), and who'm I kidding, ALL YEAR LONG!!!!
    This bead is feminine, creepy, intricately detailed, and perfect on most of my bracelets <3

    ''Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
    In this town we call home
    Everyone hail to the pumpkin song'' hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmmm

  183. Enza

    So far so near dark moon like the dark part of me….

  184. Christin

    For me it’s the little baby dragon! Dragons are my favorite – my mother is fierce like the two-headed dragon, lol, this little one reminds me of myself- a little more unassuming but w fire potential. She’s small enough to wear all on her own even unnoticed if it’s a plain or beadless day and she can always squeeze onto another bracelet. My all time favorite ohm bead if I could only have or wear one! Thanks for the fun!

  185. Pierangela Petrella

    I have various silver OHM but my passion are hearts and angels … I have OHMGOD 2 and 3, this dirty would be a perfect trio for me … in memory of my husband who disappeared for so many years

  186. Giulia

    Hi Victoria!
    It will be Ohmygod angel 2.0 for sure. I do not believe in angels and I’ve never thought at them as an important figure in my life, but for sure Ohmygod 2.0 is the best representative ever of the human soul when sadness and despair of any kind is taking over. We are those angels, with our heads between our arms or just looking somewhere else, eyes closed , in order to ease the pain. Good luck to me then, fingers crossed and thank you again for the big chance!!!!

  187. Olivier Cecile Deporte

    If, I had to wear only one Ohm’s bead all the rest of the year, it would be without hesitation the Oh my God 0.1. This is one of my first pearls of this brand. I am an active member in animal welfare. And this bead is for me an angel crying to see the human cruelty to animals.

  188. Kesanee Chumpradith

    I would love to wear Ohm Hug me for the rest of the year. I realize to the hug is the most simply thing that we can share the love. So to wear “hug me” for me is to share the love to everybody😘😘
    Ps. I wish that I could get one OMG 1 to combine with my Hug me❤❤

  189. Johnny Melgan

    It would be Love Hurts. My favourite.

  190. Claudia Hinz

    For me it‘s the hugs an kisses . It‘s a gift from a very lovely friend.
    I wear it every day😍

  191. Teresa

    My Love is Hug Me, which reminds me of my Romeo bear, sweet and cuddly sweet.

  192. Johnny Melgan

    I don’t see my comment so there must have been a problem so let’s try again.
    It would be Love Hurts. My favourite. Beautiful and heart-touching.

  193. Amber J Rowe

    Without a single doubt – Year of the Dog. It is my second favourite OHM bead of all time. (OMG1 is the top of my list.) I love the design of Year of the Dog and use both the gorgeous goodies that came with it. It is also very appropriate to wear the bead for the rest of the year. It is, after all, THE BEAD of 2018.

  194. Gloria Houston

    If I had to choose one, at this moment it would be Hug Me 2.0. I’ve always loved teddy bears and this one has been so loved he’s falling apart. I love playing with his dangly leg and eye!

  195. Alicia S

    I would have to pick my black and silver Randohm. Glass is usually what I pick out first!

  196. Angela Mathews

    My one bead I choose would have to be Ohm my god dirty. I wasn’t able to reach the spend requirement to get one for myself last month. I would choose that bead to remember my grandmother that I lost a week ago. The emotions are still raw but every time I would look down to see the angel it would remind me of my “Nannie” who holds a special place in my heart and that she is up in heaven watching over me.

  197. Angela Mathews

    I don’t know if my original post worked since I can’t find it so I’ll try again….
    If I had to pick just one bead to wear I would have to pick Ohm my god dirty. I normally don’t wear much jewelry at one time so just choosing one isn’t hard. I would pick Ohm my god because I just lost my Grandma last week and my emotions are still kind of raw. The Ohm my god would remind me that my “Nannie” is up in heaven watching/looking out for me. I miss her terribly.

  198. Daniela Guardascione

    I want to wear my Cat in a basket 😻

  199. Christine LE CORRE

    I love wear OHM MY GOD 1, i have started to collect OHM beads with him, i have bought it for make a tribute bracelet for my father, i’m sure he is my guardian angel 🙂

  200. Lisa

    Ooh, that’s a big ask….just ONE Ohm bead? Then I’ll choose ‘Boombox’ – I posted an ISO post in the Facebook groups and after months a very lovely lady offered hers to me. Not only does the bead signify a very fond childhood memory but the fact that someone was so kind to offer hers reinforces how generous fellow ohmies are 💖

  201. Elena

    Ohm Horrible is mine often choise, he makes me smile, he has good vibes and sarcasm view on all things around us, love him 😊

  202. Lee

    This choice is easy for me. If I had to wear only one Ohm bead for the rest of the year, it would be OhmMyGod 3. Although I wear lots of silver beads with my glass, I had actually always chosen “design” silvers rather than “figural” silvers. OhmMyGod 3 was the first figural silver I purchased. He spoke to me strongly of the existential doubt and loneliness of the human condition, and I identified with the bead intensely. After that barrier was broken, more silver figurals have joined my collection, but OhmMyGod 3 will always be special!

    Thanks, Great Lakes Boutiques and Victoria, for the giveaway!

  203. Chloe James

    Wings of protection. Such a stunner!

  204. Shaple

    Wearing single is the best!
    It’s the most beautiful.

  205. Allison D.

    Wings of Protection. That bead represents a long, rollercoaster journey for me, one that I hope soon will have a happy ending.

  206. Ria

    For me it would be Time flies. So often I get caught up in everyday activities that I forget to stop and smell the roses so to speak. That bead often reminds me that tomorrow isn’t promised and that I should live each day as it were my last.

  207. Megan Johnson

    For me it would have to be wings of protection. We are expecting our third son in a couple weeks. 😊❤️