Limited Edition Ohm Beads Love Hurts Preview

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, an occasion that evokes mixed emotions in most people. This Ohm Beads blog article brings a preview of the Ohm Beads Love Hurts, a new limited edition bead.

People tend to either love or loathe Valentine’s Day. I’ve always been in favour of a little self appreciation, particularly for the ladies who may suddenly be feeling pangs of loneliness at this time of year. In typical Ohm Beads style, their Valentine’s Day offering for 2014 shuns the cliched hearts debuted by other brands and offers something altogether darker and arguably more realistic!

The Ohm Beads Love Hurts is a limited edition design available either to buy individually or as a gift with purchase style promotion to suit individual demands.

Ohm Beads Love Hurts

Most people can testify to how painful a broken heart can be. It doesn’t particularly matter whether the loss stems from another person or a beloved pet. It’s precisely this that makes me adore the new Ohm Beads Love Hurts so dearly.

Ohm Beads

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The charm depicts a silver heart, battered, scarred and stitched together as a reminder of precisely how much love hurts. While Ohm Beads are known for their cute designs, this for me is actually quite poignant in a fashion and certainly brings to mind the phrase “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Ohm Beads Love Hurts Ordering Details

In a new tactic by Ohm Beads, this design is being offered as both a gift with purchase and to buy individually. This is both ideal for those collectors coveting other designs from Ohm Beads (perhaps the new T-Rex Skull?) or those who’s budget really only allows for minimal shopping at present.

The purchase requirement to qualify for the bead as a gift is €100 or $100. Alternatively the charm can be purchased for €39 or $45 via the links below:-

Please note that an opt in is required to qualify for the bead. You must enter the words “Love Hurts” in the notes section of the check out area to secure your bead.

Ohm Beads Love Hurts Summary

I’m fiercely coveting this bead. After an awful and emotional year in 2013, this charm looks an embodiment of how I feel. It’s both a fun charm in the sense of twisting the traditional pink heart designs offered by most brands and also sad in it’s realistic approach to how painful love can be.

I’m currently waiting on my delivery of both the T-Rex Skull and Love Hurts and absolutely can’t wait to see the designs. Love Hurts certainly has potential to complement the Dark Shadows collection from last year also.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the new Ohm Beads Love Hurts? Are you coveting this design? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Faye

    Aaaaw that’s really cute. I like it. It’s so true that love breaks your heart, it fills it with love, but it breaks it too and I heard a saying that you’re not grown up and ready for love until you’ve had your heart broken at least twice. And you know I agree with you about the pets, Victoria!

    I wish I could see this bead on a chain to get an idea of its size. I love my Ohm silvers, but one or two are much smaller than I’d anticipated.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’ll try and bump this up the list for review Faye as mine arrived this morning – along with the T-Rex, who incidentally, is enormous 😛

      I LOVE this so much! 😀


    • Mike

      Hi Faye, I think Victoria is taking some comparison photos. I’m excited to see what she does.

      • Faye

        Mike, I can’t wait to see Victoria’s new comparison photos of this & T-Rex! On T-Rex, I have some ideas from my husband going with a very organic “stone green” artisan bead I have, and TB’s Rocky Beach collection, and maybe RBF’s white coral for fossil bone.

        • endangeredtrolls

          Love Hurts article is up 🙂 Off out for a ride soon though as the whole thing made me rather teary again :p

          T-Rex.. attempt 2 at photographing him later 😉 I got distracted last night by a “geek chic” bracelet idea. Then remembered Ohm Beads promised some of this style of charms this year 😉


  2. Diane

    Thank you for sharing this, Victoria, I love this bead. I had a little cry with my morning coffee while I read the little story that Ohm has posted on their website when you click on the details for this bead. So true. And by the way, they have a picture of this bead on a chain on their website, but unfortunately there are no other beads on the chain, so it is perhaps not too helpful in gauging the size of the bead. And it’s nice that they offer this as a gift or a purchase. I got it as the gift with my order of T-Rex and Blackbird Pie! 😀 My first Ohm silvers.

    Oh, and I notice that they have The Year of the Horse bead available for purchase now. Also, I found the Dinosaur Egg bead available for sale on a few websites – Bead Sensation and a few others. I did order one, just waiting impatiently 😉 for the confirmation that it has shipped.

    I hope that the snow is letting up a bit by you, so that your pony can safely get to his field. Poor pony, how does he do in the cold? We had more snow here over the weekend, and we’re supposed to get a few more inches tonight/tomorrow.

    Kind regards,

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Diane,

      I’m feeling a little sad today as it’s now a year since my beautiful Jack left home and was moved to the horse hospital. Unfortunately he never came home again. I can still picture his head over the door and miss him yelling to me, as he did several times a day. It was quite ironic then to find this little charm waiting for me and I shed a few more tears over that I must admit.

      The snow has finally thawed here and I’m actually about to stop work for an hour and go for a ride. It will be the first time in a week and I feel a bit naughty ducking out but hey 😉 My pony is actually a mountain breed from Austria so he copes very well with the cold. He has blankets on in winter and also has “socks” over his lower legs to keep those warm but he’s a tough little boy 🙂

      I hope you’ll be very happy with your first Ohm Beads silvers and what good choices! Blackbird Pie is lovely – very unusual and pretty. The T-Rex.. mine finally arrived today with Love Hurts and it’s huge compared to other Ohm Beads. He’s amazing though! I still don’t know what I’ll do with him but I don’t care, I love him 😀

      Regarding the Year of the Horse – the promotion ended a few days ago and they are allowing people to purchase the remaining stock. It’s specifically aimed at those people who wanted multiples of the bead. Stocks are definitely limited now though so I suspect it won’t be around for much longer.

      I’m going to try and make up for my ride this afternoon and work this evening and I’ll try and take photographs of Love Hurts since it seems popular 😀

      Kind Regards

      • Mike

        (((( Internet Hugs ))))

        • endangeredtrolls


          Had a good old cry last night while photographing that bead! On the other hand I'll be having a good old giggle when I sit down to play with Mr T-Rex later ;)


      • Diane

        Hi Victoria,

        Oh, no, I’m so sorry to hear about Jack. That first year is always the hardest, as we work through the first this and the first that without our loved one, no matter what species they were. He sounds like he was a wonderful horse, how sweet that he would call out to you during the day. It’s so hard when our companion animals go over the rainbow bridge. One of my cats died a little over a year ago, I still picture her in the spots where she liked to hang out and miss her.

        I’m glad that you were able to go for a ride yesterday, and that your pony does well in the cold! Interesting about the leg warmers, I wondered about their legs getting cold.

        And I can’t wait to see your photos and what you do with Love Hurts and T-Rex!! 😀 I’m thinking of using “Rexie” on my wild animal bracelet, put him with the other critter silvers and animal print glass.


        • endangeredtrolls

          It was funny Diane. One day when I went to visit him in hospital they had moved him to a new stable. The vet nurse wasn’t sure where he was so instead I shouted for him and followed his yells 🙂 Like you I think it’s most staring at an empty space where they *should* be that keeps bringing back the tears.

          My pony does indeed wear leg warmers in winter 😀 Actually I’ll be honest and say he wears them all year around just to stop him getting small knocks or bumps in his stable. I’m a little obsessive about protecting horse legs I must admit!

          The Love Hurts review is now up – I rushed it out due to all the queries on that bead. T-Rex is still a work in progress 😉 I love your idea of mixing him with animal prints though 😀


          • Diane

            It’s so cool that our animals know our voices, and we know theirs! And good idea about keeping the leg warmers on all the time, I always find it amazing and scary that such big animals have such skinny legs, I think you’re wise to be obsessive about protecting your horse’s legs.


          • endangeredtrolls

            You’re so right Diane. They’re such big animals but they’re actually very delicate and even in 2014, a broken leg has a very bad prognosis 🙁 There are some breaks that vets will attempt to repair these days but it’s a very long hard road to recovery. There has just been an incident with a famous racehorse who shattered a bone in his lower leg last year. He was operated on immediately as he’s a breeding stallion and the owners were so desperate to save him. The surgery itself went well but he was sick straight away afterwards with a messed up digestive system. This was partly due to the drugs, part stress and part the fact that horses are designed to walk around all day. They operated a second time for the digestive problem and he recovered.. Months have passed and the leg itself was healing well but he started to have issues with the opposing leg which had been taking too much weight while the other healed. A number of surgeries later with the best vets out there and they lost him 🙁


    • Mike

      That story got to me too.

      (And YAY Dinosaur Egg!!)

      • endangeredtrolls

        I think that story got to everyone. Kudos to Ohm Beads for the most touching and meaningful Valentine’s release we’ve seen in years. (Double kudos for avoiding the damn pink! ;))

        • Mars

          Can I add some double kudos too, making it perhaps quadruple kudos? Definitely echo what Victoria and others have said 😀

  3. Debra

    I just ordered mine. I went with the Free with purchase and also got the Gold pot and Gold Rush for my St. Patty’s Day bracelet I’ve been working on. I had a hard time deciding on the third bead, but since I wanted a second Year of the Horse and it’s a LE I went with it. I love the first one I received it was so pretty and can be used several times over.

    Is the T-REX an LE? I would love it have him and he does look like he’s a big piece. Can’t wait to see your review on him.

    Have a good day and enjoy your ride.


    • endangeredtrolls

      I think the Year of the Horse bead was a good call! The T-Rex is not limited so there’s absolutely no rush to buy him. I’ll add him to the photography list for tonight though goodness knows what I’ll style him with. I suppose I could offer a very basic review to illustrate his size and go back and do some kind of inspiration bracelet at a later date 😀

      I had a lovely ride thank you. First time in 8 days due to the ice on the roads!

      • Debra

        The only thing that is coming to mind is a Jurassic Park theme Bracelet. I haven’t looked at any beads for this but a car, ship, eggs, and trees come to mind with the glass in brown and greens.

        It would be nice when these companies come out with an odd piece that they would make a couple of pieces to go with them. Anyway it’s on my wish list.

        Thanks to Diane for posting about the dinosaurs egg. I went to Bead Sensation and I was able to add it to my cart, so I hope they are it in stock.

        • Mike

          One of my favorite movies 😉

        • Diane

          You’re welcome, hope that your dinosaur egg arrives soon!

          • Faye

            My husband is thinking of a fossils theme – Rocky Beach collection beads, a RBF white coral, Faerybeads Dragon scales bead, etc. and then he suggested Ohm’s blood drops but I’m not sure I’ll go with that one, ha ha!

          • Faye

            Sorry – I should have clarified the Rocky Beach collection idea was for the Ohm T-Rex bead! In reply to Debra & Diane.

          • endangeredtrolls

            Oh that’s quite a clever idea. Let me know if you decide to try it!

            I’ve got a vague picture in my head now of the colour scheme I want to use for this bead but I’m struggling a little with the other silvers. I’m off for a ride again shortly since the sunshine is out but then I shall sit down and try and work out what to do with Mr Fluffy aka T-Rex Skull <3

          • endangeredtrolls

            I’m rather jealous of your dino eggs ladies!! I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to see pictures when they arrive. Such a cute bead!

          • Faye

            Victoria, ROTFL laughing at “Mr. Fluffy” aka T-Rex. It’s snowing here, up to 20 cm, expecting 30 cm. I’m making baked apples and french toast for breakfast.

          • endangeredtrolls

            My ickle fluffy wuffy T-Rexy-poos! He’s actually wonderfully detailed, very reminiscent of the T-Rex in Night of the Museum (may have a nosy later and see if that’s on Netflix actually!)

            Ugh more snow 🙁 Ours is just about gone aside from the odd bit clinging on in shady areas and according to the national weather, we’re staying over zero degrees for the next two weeks. Of course this is the same weather service that warned us about an hour in advance that the storm heading towards Denmark had actually morphed into a monstrous hurricane so I suppose I shouldn’t quite celebrate yet 😉

          • Debra

            Thanks Diane, I received my tracking number the other day, I can’t wait to see it.

            Faye, I was also thinking using T-Rex with the dragons from RBF and Fearybeads, unfortunately I don’t have any of the dragons from either company, but the Dragon lock from Fearybeads is high on my list.

            I received my Love Hurts and it’s beautiful, it has a lot a details.


          • endangeredtrolls

            I’m so pleased that you like it Debra!

            Ohm have actually sold out of the first batch of Love Hurts in record time. While another batch was always planned (multiple batches make up a limited edition) these aren’t ready until March so there’s quite a wait now for those who haven’t ordered.

            Just goes to show how popular this one was 🙂


      • Tia

        This is lovely – it’d look great on a bracelet with TB’s This Too and Ohm’s Finding Time. I’ve liked the idea of a heart charm for ages and this one is very unusual, but I think I’m still leaning towards RBF’s Locked and Beaten Heart as it goes so much better with the beads I already have…

        I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ll make of the T Rex charm, Victoria – I noticed your post about it the other day, and smiled a little when I tried to imagine a themed bracelet! Maybe it could be a museum/natural history themed bracelet, with gemstone and lava beads, plant-based silvers like the RBF fern charm, and some ancient cultural charms like the TB scarab, RBF Mayan calendar, Eye of Horus, etc? A childhood obsessions themed bracelet could also work – almost all children go through a dinosaur phase!

        Also: I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time :-(. I remember your posts about Jack’s illness, and can’t imagine how hard it must be to be approaching that time of year again. Hope you start to feel better soon.

        • endangeredtrolls

          Thank you for your kind words 🙂 It just kind of hit me this morning and after feeling miserable for half of the day, I blew off the afternoon to go for a ride. It doesn’t feel like a year has passed at all! 🙁

          The charm is really nice. It’s quite chunky compared to many of the Ohm Beads silvers and for me that’s a good thing. The stitched and scarred detailing is good. It’s very obvious as to what it is.

          I did a ton of photography tonight but I admit I got “stuck” with Mr T-Rex. I shall try him again tomorrow 😉 Did manage to get a lot of other ideas sorted though!


  4. Mars

    Love this and ordered, just by itself for now as I feel the need for a wagon to come and pick me up!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with yours xx

    • endangeredtrolls

      Just been photographing tonight! It’s larger than most of the Ohm Beads silvers (good thing) and the detailing is good. Definitely a battered heart 🙁

      Absolutely loving it and I’ll rush the review out tomorrow night for those of you curious about size and so on.

      You’ll love it Mars. Sounds like you’ve chosen it for the same reasons as I.


  5. Debbie

    Love this bead, and love Ohm for designing it 🙂

    Your comment about “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” really resonates with me.

    Even though our hearts get broken, we can’t not love – it’s what makes us human. For me this charm symbolises how strong our hearts are, even though they get broken, we do mend, and time heals even if the scars are still there deep inside our chests.

    /hugs xx

    • Mike

      ((Internet Hugs)) It is a poignant design. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  6. Paula

    I love this bead! I haven’t been fortunate to start a collection yet but this could be my first one (though kind of depressing!) It’s struck a chord with me with some stuff I’m going through at the moment

    • endangeredtrolls

      Sorry to hear that life is being mean Paula 🙁 Isn’t it an amazing design though?

      It seems to be meaning so much for different people from memories of loved ones past to a more spooky and macabre take on a Valentine’s heart. For me it’s by far the most meaningful Valentine’s Day release I’ve seen across any brand to date.

  7. Faye

    I think you have touched on one reason I love collecting beads and assembling certain bracelets with beads that have meaning or a certain beauty to me. My friend who moved here from Russia, via Czech Republic, in University now in USA, she wears TB’s Transformation on all her bracelets and when she talks about that bead and what it means to her, her whole face lights up with a big smile too!

    Good luck with your collection!

    • Diane

      Hi Faye,

      I’m actually replying to one of your earlier posts, that I can’t reply to – LOVE the fossils idea with T-Rex and Rocky Beach Kit! I have 5 of the Rocky Beach beads, and I’ll have to check to see if I have any other “fossil-y” beads. Maybe an amber? And I’ll have to check out the RBF white coral. I probably won’t do the blood drops bead either! 😉


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