Ohm Beads Kamasutra Video Preview

This Ohm Beads blog brings a video preview of the Ohm Beads Kamasutra, Bead of the Month for September 2017.

Earlier in the week the Ohm Beads Kamasutra was unveiled as the Bead of the Month for September 2017. The design was always going to be a little controversial and indeed it’s not to all tastes but it’s definitely been quite the talking point!

Ohm Beads Kamasutra

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ultimately it’s always difficult to gauge a bead from stock images. We know it’s about the size of the Ohm Beads Woodstock, making it a focal piece. Mike was kind enough to shoot a small video of the bead and though there’s still no footage of it on a bracelet for size context, it does show some of the detailing. If you’re at work, please do be aware it has sound.

Six hundred and ninety six (696) Kamasutra beads have been made and for those of you keen to pre-order, you’ll find a list of my retail partners below:-

As always I love to hear from my readers. Have you preordered the Ohm Beads Kamasutra? Do you like this style of video preview? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Faye S.

    I wonder if there any significance to 696 as the number for the limited edition.

    Yes, quite a talking points bead!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I assumed it was in reference to 69ing but I could be wrong and if I am, I just showed the entire bead world that my mind is generally in the gutter 😛


      • Faye S.

        Hardly just you, when I was showing Wes the bead, immediately he was looking for “where’s the 69?”. LOL
        But then his New England Puritan Catholic altar boy upbringing came out and final comment was, “No you couldn’t wear that in public”. ha ha ha ha

        • Gene

          My mind went “there” too! And I am pretty sure that’s where Ohm wanted it to go.

          • endangeredtrolls

            Thank you 😀 Now I feel better 😀


          • Faye S.

            I’m pretty sure you’re right, Gene! 😉 …still chuckling over sex and baked potatoes here.
            I love that about Ohm.

  2. Marjan

    I think the Kamasutra bead has nice details, exactly what Kamasutra means.

    I had a rather strict Christian education, where the warmth affection of my parents was not felt. I missed that very much in my youth. Talking about sex was a taboo too. In the end, you’ll find yourself back in school and conversations with friends as a teenager.

    In my relationship I did it differently and also my son’s education, gave him the warmth and made love. Very important to make you feel desirable.

    In the world there is so much turmoil, anxiety between peoples (softly expressed) that we need more attention to the love and beauty of man, animal and nature.

    I’m going to wear this charm because I love people, animal and nature. With all the great things you can share with each other.

    • Faye S.

      Marjan, Your post is beautiful. About all the turmoil, anxiety, nevermind violence in this world. And especially you touched me with your last paragraph “I’m going to wear this charm because I love people, animal, and nature”. Beautiful sentiment, focusing on the beauty of Kama Sutra.

  3. Fran B

    I remember OHM has a terrific way in describing beads or numbering and I always giggle about their way of putting things.

    696 really didn’t surprise me 🙂
    Kamasutra and 696 go hand in hand…
    …50 Shades of Grey… Also nice number with a meaning now 🙂

    All worlwide famous expressions; I am not into any of it but no need to practice it to know about such ‘bad’ things 🙂

    I might get naughty and get this bead. My hubbie is ‘a Virgo in September’ so it’s my sense of humor in a bead there!

  4. Amy Lyons

    I think that these are beautiful. And i will buy. Plain and simple, no more needs to be said. Beauty, style, and expression should not be so intricately picked apart.

  5. skip

    I don’t have the budget for this bead but I am impressed with it and admire the design as well as the thought behind it. Very nice! And btw, as far as 696 is concerned, my mind went there too.

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