Ohm Beads Hug Me 2.0 Confirmed

This Ohm Beads blog relays confirmation of an upcoming Ohm Beads Hug Me 2.0, part of the new BBQ program.

Back in February Ohm Beads announced the Ohm Beads Big Luna. It was pretty self explanatory; the original Luna design remade in a huge version suitable only as a pendant. This hailed the start of what they referred to as the BBQ program. Luna was an iconic bead for Ohm and the larger version is every bit as amazing as it’s original, albeit far too large for the wrist. It retails at $555 and is a custom order piece. Those of you who attended the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake may have seen me wearing it over the weekend.

During Bead Bash it emerged there would be a Hug Me 2.0 along the same lines as Big Luna and two days ago Ohm confirmed this publicly.

Ohm Beads Hug Me 2.0

The original Hug Me was the Bead of the Month for June 2016 and created for Father’s Day.

Ohm Beads Hug Me

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm haven’t confirmed when Hug Me 2.0 will emerge, nor are there any images or pricing as of yet. I suspect the price will be somewhat similar to Big Luna and Love Really Hurts (around the $555 mark.)

Remember in regards to upcoming releases, the Ohm Beads Suzy Sloth is scheduled to launch on June the 5th.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Are you excited by the idea of an Ohm Beads Hug Me 2.0? Do you like the idea of older designs being revisited in larger versions? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. WANIE

    He’s a true cutie…there are pics of him floating around and if he’s in the $333 range I’ll buy….he’s definitely not the size of Big Luna or Love Really Hurts so he definitely should not be in the $555 price range, won’t buy him in that range.

  2. Noemi

    I don’t get it, what is the “BBQ program”? Bar-B-que, is all I can think of…

    • endangeredtrolls

      Ohm haven’t really clarified the BBQ series – at least that I’ve seen – but since it’s applied to both Big Luna and Hug Me 2.0, I guess it’s related to revisiting older designs in larger versions πŸ™‚

  3. Elizabeth

    Same question regarding BBQ. So happy to know that Hug Me 2.0 is in the works!

  4. Nwewuda

    BBQ – Back By Quorum ?

    • Nereida

      I don’t even want to know how I hit all the wrong keys for my name. V isn’t anywhere near R.

  5. Ilse

    BBQ = Big Bead every Quarter. Saw it in some Ohm brochure.

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