Ohm Beads Dirty Argh Promotion at Great Lakes Boutique

This charm bracelet blog alerts readers to the start of a new promotion at Great Lakes Boutique, offering the Dirty Argh as a gift with purchase.

There’s exciting news from the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash today as we’re starting a new promotion for Ohm Beads. Spends of $1111 or more on Ohm Beads either in store or online will qualify for a free Ohm Beads Dirty Argh. The orders must included two of the Ohm Beads Blush Water-Ish (get those here) stoppers. It also must be noted that the Dirty Arghs are being made to order so the delivery time will be approximately 8 weeks.

Ohm Beads Dirty Argh

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For those of you who have already shopped, those spends do count!

Happy shopping!

  1. Harley

    I wish it was $111 dollars ☚ī¸ I’m out of luck with this one! Very jealous.

  2. Marikaisa

    Wow, $1111
    I could only wish for beads budgets like that….
    Dirty Argh is amazing!

  3. Gene

    I WISH!!!

  4. Laura

    Awesome gift, less awesome price. I really wish I was rich at this moment in time!
    – and many others of course 😉

  5. Sara

    I would love to have an Dirty Argh bead, would be willing to purchase one. Especially since I missed out on the original Argh. Unfortunately, I can’t justify spending $1111.00 just to get one. I love Ohm, but I will have to pass.

  6. Angela

    Wow $1111 that quiet a sum !!! If Dirty Baby Argh were a bead offered in regular stock it would probably sell for the $85.00 same as the regular silver finish, therefore just not worth a spend of more than $3-400 that’s around 25-30 % off to pay for a Baby Argh. A spend of $1111 and this charm is not even worth 10% of that, real funny Ohm.
    I do like Ohm products but I am not sure why they are fighting to loose collectors, not a fan of buying charms/beads because they are pretty or cute I have to believe them worthy of my hard earned monies. Either Ohm wants to produce charms that people want and can afford or they have become so greedy,shortsighted and indifferent that they do not realize they are fast circling the drain. As a collector of several brands I know there are isssues with all but several bead pals have the same criticism of Ohm. The blind draws can be fun for some but annoying for me,low production numbers, then worst (as I see it disingenuous and an insult ) the make up product that arrives weeks after our pre ordered monies have left our accounts add to that their pricing is just not endearing or making us have warm and fuzzy thoughts towards Ohm.
    Having saved up for this GL event I was torn between indulging in the Pandoras promotion from a couple weeks back or the Ohm purchase.Pandora offered a promo that at it highest spend of $600 was 35% off ,thats $210 off with actual cash outlay of $390. I did pre ordered 3 sets of the Great Lakes stoppers only because I wanted to support the Wonderful Great Lakes team. As I am here playing with my Pandora haul of two Pandora gift sets, near 2 doz charms, 3 Bangles and 2 bracelets I am doing the bead dance and being very thankful that I did not wait on some fabulous Ohm offering/promo.
    As I have said I love Ohm , have all but 2 Beads of the month charms but as of cannot see future purchase from a company that is becoming more of an annoyance than pleasure.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s Dirty Argh 🙂 Not Dirty Baby Argh 🙂 The original tends to sell on the secondhand market for about $500 and of course is so collectible. I am sorry that you were disappointed however.


  7. Gene

    I am assuming that part of the idea of the high spend is to keep the bead collectible. If they made it easy for everyone to get, then why bother? I would love to have been able to do this. God knows I could have come up with enough Ohm that I want!

  8. Liseth

    I think this is a reasonable and fun offer considering how desirable the bead is. I think it would have been more feasible for some if we had known a little earlier. This way we could have planned if we could really afford it or not. I’m sure some peoples wishlist could definitely total to that amount, but only a days notice didn’t give me at least a chance to budget it in.

  9. Katie

    I love him. Unfortunately, he will not be coming to my home, but I do love him. I have to stop buying Ohm as things are released and save the money for a wonderful splurge in the future. Ha ha. Like I’d have that much will power. I’m still happy with my purchases, even if they don’t get up to the $1111 amount. Soon, Baby Argh and the caldron will be heading to my house, and I’m happy with that.

  10. Brook

    I am dee-lited that Dirty Argh will be coming to join my Argh Family, tho the price point was a shock. Still, a rare chance to get a rarity. Have 2 baby Arghs now, but once silver and dirty Argh get together, maybe there’ll be a slew of babies to make an Argh necklace with!! 😀

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