Exclusive Preview of Ohm Beads Unreleased Daddy’s Little Girl Bead – Facebook Community Project Winner 2012! Unveiled!

This blog article offers an exclusive preview of the unreleased Ohm Beads Daddy’s Little Girl.

US based Ohm Beads are the most recent arrival here at Endangered Trolls. While the brand is still due an official introduction, this breaking news was too tempting to not share immediately. To answer the most frequent and basic questions, Ohm beads fit both Pandora and Trollbeads brand bracelets in addition to boasting their own range of chains. (For reference, the image below shows three Ohm Beads on an Ohm branded bracelet. The beads featured are two of their new Rivers of Life collection that debuted for fall 2012 and their coveted Jack-O-Lantern bead.)

Ohm Beads

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I’m honoured to announce that this sneak peek is an absolute exclusive to Endangered Trolls as this bead has been unveiled no where else.

The bead is the result of the Facebook Community Project and is slated for release some time in November (there’s no definite debut date as of yet.)

Ohm Beads Facebook Community Project

Ohm’s Facebook Community Project is a little reminiscent of the Trollbeads People’s Bead event. Ohm issued a series of themes to their Facebook page and these were voted on by the community. Once a winning theme had been decided, collectors were invited to submit ideas in the form of sketches, text or even photographs. Ohm designers are then responsible for taking the inspiration and creating a selection of designs. The designs are then presented back to the community where feedback is collected. Based on this, the final bead is designed and ultimately becomes part of the Ohm Beads collection.

Ohm Beads Facebook Community Project Winner 2012 – Daddy’s Little Girl

The bead is entitled Daddy’s Little Girl and can be seen below.

Ohm Beads Blog

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

This bead is quite the twist on the maternity themed beads we’ve seen as of late. With both Pandora and Trollbeads having released beads and charms in celebration of motherhood, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a bead dedicated to the relationship between father and daughter. With so many daughters being self proclaimed “Daddy’s Girls”, this bead is sure to appeal to many. Where the Trollbeads versions are aimed at the parents, this bead is designed much more for the daughters out there who have a cherished relationship with their fathers.

The bead boasts a simple design with an engraving of a father and daughter one one side and the bead’s name on the other. The bead has a bejewelled edge with pink and clear zirconia, a highly apt colour choice given the subject matter of this bead.

I’ll admit that I probably fall into the target category for this bead so I’m hoping to offer a full review as soon as it makes it’s official debut!

Ohm Beads Daddy’s Little Girl Conclusion

I’m utterly thrilled and highly honoured that Ohm Beads allowed me to offer this world exclusive look at their Facebook Community Project winning bead via Endangered Trolls. I love the sentiment behind this bead and I think it’s fantastic to see a familiar theme given a bit of a twist.

I will be creating a dedicated Ohm introductory post in the near future but due to time constraints regarding Halloween beads, this will occur after the holiday next week! There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the Ohm beads over on my Facebook page so if anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here or hop over to Facebook.

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