Ohm Beads Chunky Bracelet Size Guide

This Ohm Beads blog brings a little advice regarding the sizing for the upcoming Ohm Beads Chunky Bracelet.

It’s now a couple of days since the Ohm Beads November 2018 collection previews and hopefully everyone has had a little chance to take in the new pictures. We’re getting a new bracelet system! That’s really quite awesome though I understand people are still waiting to hear reviews.

Since it’s unveiling there’s been a lot of questions regarding this bracelet. Do note it is still pre-release but I’m going to share some of the information that’s been released by the Ohm Beads team.

Ohm Beads Chunky Bracelet

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads Chunky Bracelet Size Guide

First of all, here are the approximate lock lengths courtesy of Mike.

  • Ohm Beads Who Ohm – 3.5cms
  • Ohm Beads Dragon-y – 2.5 cms
  • Ohm Beads Chameleon-y – 2.5 cms
  • Ohm Beads Octopus-y – 2.5 cms (or less depending on how you wear it.)

Therefore to convert from the old snap clasp size to the chunky bracelet size, Ohm are recommending you deduct 3cms for the Dragon-y, Chameleon-y and Octopus-y locks and 4 cms for the Who Ohm lock.

The bracelet size you see listed on retailer websites is literally the chain length. So a 16cm chunky bracelet will measure 16 cms. The locks will then mostly add a shade over 2.5cms

I’m also borrowing this image from Kit as it just shows some of the possibilities with these new lock and chain combinations. I absolutely love this. It’s very unique!

Ohm Beads Chunky Bracelet

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For those of you wanting to pre-order, here’s a reminder of where to go:-

Finally in regards to the compatibility, it seems to the be older, threaded Ohm Beads charms that won’t fit the new bracelets. Obviously Trollbeads aren’t going to fit as they never fit the snap clasps. For other brands, we’ll have to wait and see.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the new Ohm Beads Bracelet system and did you pre-order? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. kit@OHm

    Simple sizing rules.

    -Y clasps: To find out the Chunky size, Minus 3cm from the actually length you want to wear to get the Chunky length.

    OHM WHO clasp: Minus 4cm to get the Chunky length.

    (The actual chain length is a little longer than official size)

  2. Lola

    I so love these, the chain especially. I’d just wear it alone. It looks like the chain won’t snag fluff off my sweaters the way Trollbeads chains sometimes do. I might finally have to make an order with you, just as soon as the Canada Post strike is over. 🙁

  3. Paula, Gravesend

    Are they going to release new clips for the new bracelet? If not is there another way to stop th beads moving round the bracelet please? I would want to wear maybe one or two near the Clasp.

  4. Pippa

    Thanks for trying to explain.

    I love the Octopus!!!
    And the chain looks fine. But wish Ohm would have included beads on some in the preview pics. I’m not at all sold on the idea that they will look good or work well with beads on them and even if they do the current 4 clasps are such statement pieces and aren’t going to work well with a lot of bead themes. Plus I agree that clips/stoppers/safety-chains are going to be wanted. Curious what additional pics, ideas and information will come from Ohm.

  5. kit@OHm

    Stoppers for the Chunky is a great idea, thanks 🙂

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