Ohm Beads Black Friday 2018 Promotions Begin

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to the start of the Ohm Beads Black Friday 2018 Promotions.

Black Friday is upon us and with it comes the Ohm Beads Black Friday 2018 Promotion. This is available globally and it takes the same format in all regions. The only caveat to that statement being that retailers can choose precisely what products they include.

Ohm Beads Black Friday 2018

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The base promotion is an Ohm Beads Buy Two Get One Free offer. Stores may then include as much or as little as they want and tailor the promotion to their own inventory. This is actually quite crucial as obviously there was a huge retirement in November and many stores, ourselves at Great Lakes Boutique included, have already exhausted stock on some retired products.

At Great Lakes we have extended the offer to include almost our entire Ohm Beads inventory with some December pre-orders excluded. We’ve also listed an enormous amount of beads from live images to account for the huge variation in Ohm Beads glass. No promotional code is needed and the website will be deducting the free bead at check out. On the odd occasion this doesn’t happen, please don’t risk missing beads you want. We will just refund as soon as we reach your order (and we are working all weekend.)

To take advantage of the Ohm Beads promotion, hit the links for my retail partners below:-

Happy shopping and do be sure to let me know what you decided to indulge in!

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