Ohm Beads Big Luna & Dirty Big Luna Confirmed

This Ohm Beads blog confirms upcoming release of the Ohm Beads Big Luna.

It’s a day of Ohm Beads news here at Endangered Trolls! This morning saw the global preview for the upcoming Ohm Beads Spring Refractions, the Bead of the Month for April 2018. As usual pre-orders opened at the same time and the bead is already proving popular.

Ohm Beads Spring Refractions

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Also confirmed this week is an upcoming Ohm Beads Big Luna and indeed it’s dirty counterpart.

Ohm Beads Big Luna

The original Ohm Beads Luna saw blind distribution as the Bead of the Month for May 2016. The two versions were bright silver and dirty and the latter was extremely rare. Both have become really iconic to Ohm Beads and it’s one of my favourite beads of all times, across all brands.

Mike at Ohm has now confirmed on his Facebook page that February the 20th will see a preview of the new Ohm Beads Big Luna. Pre-orders will begin immediately. This design will be like the Ohm Beads Love Really Hurts. That is to say it will be made to order only and will be a larger version, presumably designed as a pendant. The retail price will be $555.

He also announced a dirty version of Big Luna. That will be the early bird bead gift for those registering for the Ohm Beads on the Bayou event before March the 30th. This version will also be custom engraved.

Ohm Beads Big Luna Summary

That means February the 20th is looking like the next preview date. Those of you who remember the early Christmas teasers for the Bunny Angel will remember the preview dates for the upcoming Ohm Beads Trainwreck, Ohm Beads No Evil: Sheep, Ohm Beads Motherhood 2.0 and Aries were also announced as February the 20th. Very little information has been released about any of those aside from a couple of teaser images on social media.

Ohm Beads March 2018

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The price is in line with the Love Really Hurts pendant and anyone who has seen that is aware it’s a substantial piece.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on this early information about the Ohm Beads Big Luna? Will you be pre-ordering? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Jenifer

    Soooo …. silver big Luna is $555. The cost of a ticket to the Bayou event is $555. And if you register soon for the Bayou you get a gift of an engraved dirty big Luna. Gift = $0.

  2. Faye M

    I’m absolutely gutted by this. I would kill for a Luna but there’s no way I can afford that much money. It makes me sad that there isn’t an option for people who don’t have $555 dollars lying around. That’s more than I paid for my car!

    I’m sure not many others will share my opinion but it seems that the people who can afford to pay the crazy price for a 2nd hand Luna are the only people Ohm are pitching this bead at instead of us normal Ohm fans who are loyal customers with more modest budgets.

    Come on Ohm, you did a great job with Baby Argh why not a smaller more affordable version of Luna?

    • Stephanie

      I agree with everything Fayetteville said. There’s no way I could afford to pay that much for a bead, even when it’s a large heavy piece of silver. It’s just not realistic. I’d love it if they made a mini luna! That’d be awesome! ❤

      • Stephanie

        Sorry, I meant I agree with what Faye said….stupid autocorrect!

        • Faye M

          Lol, I wish that was my name 🙂

    • Nereida

      If it makes you feel any better, that’s not a Luna. It’s a Big Luna which, judging from the price, is considerably larger than Luna. Since Luna was a large bead, this one would probably be huge. How huge would make a difference whether it can be worn on a necklace or is just basically unwearable, but it won’t fit on your bracelet.

  3. J M

    $555 for SILVER bead? And we are expected to get excited about it?

    Luna was popular and very limited in numbers and so that drove up the price on the secondary market and placing the bead out of reach of the majority of Ohm bead enthusiasts.

    Pricing the bead at $555 is just Ohm profiteering – they are hoping that all of us that would love a Luna bead are desperate enough to pay way over the odds. It’s such a cynical and uncaring move from Ohm that it has actually made me question whether I want to follow the brand anymore.

    They should have issued a Luna Second Edition with a slightly different design and with enough for everyone to buy. They’d still make money and it would show that they wanted to give the ‘fans’ what they wanted.

    So much for Ohmily – the Ohm Family – this is just a step way, way, way too far.

    • Lisa G

      I actually disagree. I believe that Ohm knows that Big Luna is not going to sell in the thousands or even hundreds of pieces. I think it’s just meant to be like Chichi Sticks 2.0 or Love Really Hurts. I don’t think it is meant to be a viable replacement for the original Luna. That is just something we are assuming. It doesn’t strike me as a Baby Argh or Dirty Paper Bag, as almost a substitute for the original. It’s kind of an Ohm specialty item.

      • J M

        I’d question why Ohm feel it’s a good idea to issue a limited edition big ticket item on a design that is very popular and in demand. It smacks of profiteering and brand manipulation.

        If they really wanted to give the ‘fans’ what they wanted then a Mark II version of Luna would have been the way to go. Accessible to the many instead of the few.

        • Faye M

          I completely agree JM, well said. Sadly I think there is going to be a big divide on opinion on this one. After giving us Baby Argh and also Bunny Angel as another chance to own the highly coveted designs this seems like a massive kick in the teeth.

  4. Jenifer

    It’s the same size and price as the Love Really Hurts pendant. Are y’all pissed off about the price of that piece too?

    Approximate measurements of the pendant are: Width 1.5 in x Height 1.75 in x Thickness (depth) 1.25 in

    • Faye M

      I think you are missing the point. I’m not denying that it’s big and weighty.

      Why can’t Ohm go smaller and cheaper with a bead as in demand as Luna. At least with Love Really Hurts a smaller more affordable alternative was available (Love Kills). What is the cheaper alternative to Luna?

      • Faye M

        Opps, love hurts even 🙂

        • Jenifer

          Love hurts is not readily available. It was a limited edition bead. Luna was a limited edition. It is exactly the same situation.

      • Lisa G

        It was the original Luna.

        • Faye M

          True but for those of us who missed out they cost the price of a small kidney on the black market 🙁

      • Nereida

        Because it was a Limited Edition and that would be completely dishonest.

  5. Paula, Gravesend

    I was so looking forward to this release especially after seeing the teaser on Instagram by Mike from Ohm but what a blow when I found out the price! So so gutted ! I don’t think it looks like it will be that big from what I could see but time will tell. Just wish they had done something for their loyal followers rather than the lucky few who can afford such a lot of money for a silver bead.

  6. J M

    Some people are prepared to support anything that Ohm does without considering the fact that they are there to maximise profit and the ‘fan’s are just ‘cash cows’ to be milked until dry.

    How can anyone possibly believe that less than 10 grams of silver can be worth $555 – it’s not a new design so there are no design costs. It is a simple process to manufacture and the design is not intricate. How, when the Ohm beads retail for an average of less than $50 up to around $100 for the large ones, can people defend the price tag. Please, I’m happy to listen if someone could explain the WHY behind the price point. The silver used will be less than $7 – and the manufacturing process will be no different to, say, Silver Fleece so those costs can’t be any greater.

    Silver Fleece sells for $45 – even if the Big Luna is twice its weight that’s only $90 – so why the extra $450 – that’s not for charity is it? It’s just for company profit. And that’s my issue right there – excessive profit (greed).

    • Jenifer

      Iask again – were you upset over the Love Really Hurts pendant they released in 2015? Same price, Mike says approximately the same size. In 2015 they weren’t nearly as popular and in demand as they are in 2018. So if Big Luna is Ohm trying to “milk the fans” then Love Really Hurts must have been too, and you shouldn’t be shocked since this is a consist pattern of pricing. And other example is Chi Chi sticks 2 in 2017.


      • Stephanie

        Jenifer, it’s because it’s Luna. I’m guessing that’s why people are so annoyed. That design is very popular and I’d bet most Ohm fans who don’t own Luna already would love to have one. Me included! Love Really Hurts wasn’t as popular and it was a new design, so maybe that’s why people didn’t argue with the price as much.

        • Jenifer

          Stephanie, I understand being disappointed. I missed out on Luna too. But it doesn’t seem reasonable to me to be bashing the company as greedy and milking the fans for doing a thing they have done in the past – making a bug version of a popular bead.

      • Liseth

        Actually, I was never interested in love really hurts pendant, but with this new monster Luna coming out I think I might try to find one. I think a heart pendant is much more reasonable to wear than a big ol ball. I can’t imagine wearing a golf ball size moon, but who knows. Some people are very creative and I might change my mind.

  7. Lisa G

    No jewelry item ever reflects the cost of the materials. It is marked up many times when selling at retail. 14k gold is only 58.5% gold, and if you’ve ever sold gold for scrap you know how little you get. I will tell you this, I buy from Ohm when I want the item and it suits my needs. If I like something, I don’t want my feelings about a company to get in the way of having it.

    • J M

      I was making a comparison against another comparable bead and not against scrap. How can the company justify such a massive mark-up when the processes and materials are no different than those used to make the other beads.

  8. katherine

    Wow, that’s brutal. I was looking forward to getting one to go with the Luna that i have, but there’s no way i’m paying that for a bead. I recently bought their caterpillar bead (for my Alice in Wonderland themed bracelet). After receiving it, it’s nice and will go well on my bracelet, but i still don’t see how they can honestly justify charging $90 for a plain silver bead (i’m not convinced i made the right call when i bought it…). They’re definitely price gouging just because they can, they should at least own up to it. $555 for a bead… that’s more expensive than Tiffany & Co!
    Glad i got my little Lunas, but really disappointed that i won’t be able to get the big one to go with it.

    • Lisa G

      I thought retail was $70.00

  9. Nemo

    …And here I was, arguing with myself about the price of the Trollbeads Moonlight Cat. [Which is kind of a grail of mine.] $555 for Ohm Luna, lol nope.

  10. Olga

    I only have two Ohm beads – Luna and Cave-in. I get more disinterested every day when I read marketing plans like this.

  11. Gene

    In a word-No.

  12. Nereida

    I guess I do owe Ohm an apology because they are giving a possibly sought after bead for the price of Bayou. I still feel it would be better to allow people to decide if they want to spend $555 to participate and receive the bead or not. Most people would still probably choose to receive the bead. I did think $555 for Love Really Hurts was insane and wondered who was actually paying that much, but if you love the design enough or have money to burn, it makes more sense than incredibly pricey designer clothing which wears out eventually. I do think that Ohm is suffering from the limitations on sales some of their hits have suffered. The limited edition nature of their BOTMs have increased sales and created buying frenzies, but at the cost of limiting profits on popular designs because they are capped at the stated edition number. I think Big Luna is an attempt at benefitting from the popularity of their design that had a small run. Limited Editions are a double edged sword. A popular design could deliver 10x the profit over a longer run when it is popular. But less popular designs will sell more because of their limited nature. The question for anyone considering this bead should be, how huge is it. Unlike ChiChi Sticks and Love Really Hurts, the depth equalling the Height can make this bead unwearable if it is too large. The other designs weren’t as deep, so the odds of being too chunky were less.

  13. Judy

    Just another reason ohm is off my radar. Really!!!! $555????? There are SO many fabulous artisan beads out there at reasonable prices. Ohm has totally turned me off. Shame on them!!!!

  14. Lynda

    Umm …. no. I just looked up PURE silver prices …. US $16.72 per OUNCE, today. So – I cant justify US $555 for a bead that is 92.5% silver

  15. Pippa

    I’m not certain about the price. It does seem comparable to Love Really Hurts (I think that’s what the big one was called.) And I do think that there are many things that factor into the cost that we don’t think about. I don’t know Ohm’s process for making silver beads but assume it includes making a mold and am guessing that there are fixed costs in making and setting up a mold that are the same whether it’s special order/limited edition or a production bead so that cost, along with campaign/marketing costs and any other per bead fixed costs so theoretically the cost per bead is more for these beyond just the realtively small increase in materials and labor. And I do think they are trying to make their customers happy – I mean this makes sense even if their motives are purely profit driven. I tend to think their motives go beyond pure profit though – I think they do want to stay true to there quirky and cool vision and I think they are trying to balance many things in terms of customer happiness & satisfaction. The whole Limited Edition works well because they don’t generally re-release the Botms with only minor changes (except the turkey platter). And as for making a profit – they are a for profit business and I don’t feel like their business practices are unfair or dishonest.

    But, I still don’t think I’ll be interested in this one. I just can’t see myself wearing such a large bead. I just can’t get the image of wearing a silver golf ball hanging down from my neck on a long chain and accidently whacking things with it. Is it even going to work scale-wise or weight-wise with their current chain. Maybe for $555 they could include a necklace 🙂

    I admit I am curious to see what it looks like.

    • Lisa G

      Hi Pippa,
      I am interested in seeing the bead too. I hope it is wearable, because I may want one. I really can’t imagine ohm making something completely unwearable.

  16. Laurenkb

    I think Ohm is trying to be a high end luxury brand of beads. Your paying for the name or style, just buying it to say your the one who has a giant Luna! No one will buy it to wear it, no one has ever worn a silver golf ball around their neck!
    I think it’s funny, they’re trying to be funny in doing this. Seriously though, I was really really hoping for a small Luna myself as well. And I was SEVERELY disappointed to find that the size was the other direction than I hoped. But Ohm keeps disappointing me, nothing comes easy with being an Ohm collector. My PayPal credit will agree. Trollbeads barely disappoints me, if at all. Thank you to trollbeads for that and Ohm, you’ve got more work to do LOL your fans are restless & annoyed but they keep selling like mad!

  17. Ilse

    This bead would have to be very, very nice to get me to pay this amount of money. I can’t imagine Though Ohm would get you an unwearable bead at this price. The weight might be okay when it’s hollow (but would mean even less silver to justify the price). I probably will pass (or there would have to be really convincing pictures that this would be the absolute must have bead ever for me, but I don’t expect that will happen, I do not usually wear big jewellery and this just seems too big for me). I agree with other comments that a smaller and less expensive version would have been so much kinder, Ohm knows lots of people love Luna and that lots of those people cannot afford to spend this kind of money on a bead. And even those who can may not like to do so.

  18. Kami

    I would prefer a rerelease of the regular luna. But with that said. My redbalifrog luna bead works just fine 😉

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