Ohm Beads Beadmas at Great Lakes Boutique and Endangered Trolls

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to the start of the Ohm Beads Beadmas at Great Lakes Boutique and Endangered Trolls.

Happy Beadmas ladies and gents! We’re a little late in starting this year. Though December the 1st fell on Saturday, we didn’t want our Winter Wonderland Event activities to overshadow Beadmas so we decided to begin with a new week.

For those of you new to Ohm Beads, Beadmas is an annual celebration focused on giving back to the community. It’s twelve days of giveaways and fun on social media and blogs as we collectively countdown to the end of another year.

As we’re starting late, we’ll be running seven days of giveaways both on Endangered Trolls and at Great Lakes Boutique.

Ohm Beads Beadmas at Great Lakes Boutique and Endangered Trolls

When the year draws to an end I always spend time reflecting on the past twelve months. The designs, the highlights and dare I say it, the drama. The good the bad and the ugly. We’re a very small team at GLB and one thing we collectively agreed upon is that the Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Promotion was not our best idea.

The Ohm Beads Bad Dreams was an unreleased part of the Emotions set released in collaboration with Taylored Curiosities. The entire set has now retired and no one ever knew why Bad Dreams wasn’t released. A very small number were made and we took them all. It’s a very cute little bead but nothing that we felt comfortable with releasing again and now we’re giving it back to the collectors.

Ohm Beads Bad Dreams

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Every day for the next seven days there will be one Ohm Beads Bad Dreams given away on our social media pages. For reference you can find us on the Great Lakes Boutique Facebook and Instagram pages and then the Endangered Trolls Facebook and Instagram pages. It amounts to a total of fourteen chances to win Bad Dreams.

For day one, one giveaway will be here on the blog and the second over on the Great Lakes Boutique Facebook page. The winner will be drawn and announced late tomorrow night. For those participating on the blog, please ensure you email address you are commenting from is live and monitored. You’ll have forty eight hours to respond or you’ll waive your rights to the prize. There is no monetary alternative and though we ship with tracking, we cannot be held responsible for any losses in the mail nor for potential import taxes. Winners will all be drawn at random.

Your first task is to leave me a comment with your biggest Christmas disaster. Those who follow my blog closely will know I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. Many many years ago however myself and a group of friends needed to defrost a huge turkey fast. (That was the first mistake.) In our infinite youthful wisdom, we decided to leave said turkey in the boiler room. I should mention the house was heated by a wood burner and that boiler room easily hit forty degrees celsius when the door was closed. Of course we promptly forgot about it. When the turkey was remembered on Chrismas Eve (two or three days later,) we decided cooling it down fast was the next logical step. It got deposited in the trunk of a car overnight. When we went to retrieve it the next morning the smell from the car was rancid and I couldn’t stop giggling because well, I’m vegetarian. What to do with slightly suspect meat? Just overcook it. Miraculously no one died of food poisoning but hand on heart that car had to be sold a couple of months later because it just smelled of death. That same year and same group of friends also had a very chilly New Years Eve when all of the electrics went out and no electrician would come out. It was a magical festive season.

Over to you readers. I want to hear all those Christmas disasters (and I hope there’s a few more bad cooking stories in there as I have another involving another friend pouring boiling hot oil down my very bare legs after removing yet another turkey from the oven.)

Comments will be turned off tomorrow evening and I will contact the winner by email 🙂

  1. Laurenkb

    Just last year my then 2 & 4 year old we’re terribly sick on Xmas Eve, crying in pain from ear infections and I had to work. So after work I took them in to urgent care & as they felt somewhat better on Xmas day that’s when I woke up with the nastiest cough & chest pain from bronchitis. At least they felt well enough to enjoy the day! It’s every year we battle with illness at least one of the holidays since they were born but luckily we normally aren’t sickly its just bad timing. We’ll be taking our vitamins & crossing our fingers this year. Happy Beadmas!

  2. Rosie

    We just had to get a real tree one year and we are true artificial tree people. My son was 4 months old and the real tree fell and just missed him by a couple inches. All the ornaments broke on that side and we had needles in the carpet for months. Never again! I put up my artificial tree the next year and never desired to put up a real tree again.

  3. Niky

    Well, last year i was told by my hubby family that no gift was forecast to be shared for the XMAS lunch all together.
    I was so happy to know that news as I am the one in charge for recruiting gifts for the whole family.
    Well, on XMAS 25th December we went to the family lunch. Just to discover everybody was carrying a gift for us, and we had nothing to share with.
    A Real nightmare!!!!!!
    Btw, not a huge fan of XMAS too lol

  4. Kelly Cressman

    We were giving our first niece a very nice play vanity for Christmas. well, she was such a little brat. It was a big box. when she unwrapped it she screamed “This isn’t a Barbie Car! I don;t want it!” OMG I was crushed. We took a lot of time picking that out.

  5. Rebecca Dornsife

    I haven’t really had a Christmas disaster, so to speak, but about 10 years back we were making Christmas dinner and I was steaming broccoli, my husband grabbed the pot/steamer so I had assumed he had added the water. I promptly burned the broccoli and the entire house reeked for a week. My family brings it up everytime we have broccoli. It’s very annoying.

  6. Julie Weare

    Living in the mountains of Montana, we always cut down our own tree. Often the tree, though beautiful, will have a bit of a thin spot on one side. This particular year I chose a 14 foot tree. The front was PERFECT, but the back was not. No problem, the tree would be going in a corner this year. What I didn’t take into consideration was that because the tree was substantially less endowed in the back, it would make it “tippy” and wanting to fall forward into the room. The first fall came at 2am. Several broken ornaments, a scared cat (Yea – I think maybe he helped it along!) and 14 feet of tree taking up most of the room. Next day we attached several delicate anchor lines to the wall. Two days later another fall. My husband said if we cut a few feet off it would help. Down to 10 feet and redecorate. Another interaction with the cat and over it went again a few days later. Another cut and a 6 foot Christmas tree by Christmas Day!

  7. Alexandra Rimbert

    Well, last year, my mother-in-law invited us for Christmas Eve. I neeed to say, my in-laws are not my biggest fan.
    First, she asked me to cook foie gras, which I’m very good at, but it takes forever (I have two kids and am working full time) and is way more expensive than when you buy it ready to eat. So I said no. She did not take it well. I bought a really nice one because I love it at Christmas. She left it on the table for hours next to the oven. It was warm and disgusting. I should have bought low-cost. And was really glad I didn’t take the time to make one.
    Then, my daughter had the flu. They had invited a very old teacher friend of the family. So we wanted to warn him. It could have been very dangerous for him if he had not gotten vaccinated. We were made to understand that if he hadn’t been, the choice between us and him would be clear and we’d have to stay at home (we were later told that we misunderstood and they just meant that my daughter should rest at home on Christmas Eve instead of travelling – they live two block away). And two hours before diner, I started to get sick too. So I was not welcome and had the flu. Great!
    And there was duck for the main course. Everybody said it was delicious. I couldn’t eat mine. My husband tried it afterwise, looks like I got the only piece that was actually not good at all (and that’s not the first time there, I’m wondering if they hve a way of knowing which meat/course is bad and giving it to me).
    I usually love Christmas and Christmas diner but I didn’t eat anything and got home and slept for 48 hours straight.
    These are just a few of the many anecdotes from the worst Christmas Eve of my life. Strangely enough, my second worst Christmas Eve was also with my in-laws. So last year resolution: never again!!!

  8. Francesca

    I’m not a fan of Christmas day, because for years some huge fight happened in the family. Last years, though, have been pretty good, maybe because we decided we didn’t want to be with nasty people.
    I remember a Christmas day, maybe 15 years ago, where my aunt pretended to faint because she didn’t receive a proper gift, but falling on the sofa she inadvertently hurt the tree, which fell on the ground 😂

  9. Markéta

    The worst disaster happened, when I was about 8 years old. And it was reaaaal disaster. Our decoration on the table was on fire, because of bad candle (it started to sparkle and the fire was set up). My dad saved the day by pouring whole pot od tea on it. The fire was gone and your special christmas wasn’t snow-white anymore.

  10. Ruth

    One year my sisters and I were very enthusiastic about getting up really early and opening gifts…the problem – our parents were still in bed. The highlight of Christmas morning for our parents was watching us open our gifts. It was a very tense Christmas day that year. To this day, we all call that year “Black Christmas”. I can assure you, that never happened again. Now that I have children – I can really understand that type of disappointment and I am very diligent that history does not repeat itself. Happy Holidays everyone!!

  11. Clare Wall

    I remember the first year my mother in law came for Christmas dinner and the parsnips were so hard that as she attempted to cut into one it nearly flew off the plate.

  12. Lily Letourneur

    The biggest Christmas disaster I had was a few years ago. I had put on a pretty satin dress, I had makeup, I had beautiful shoes.
    My parents-in-law were entertaining us for dinner. We start the meal, we discuss, sing, laugh. When they arrived at the cheese, the children ran around the table, heckling. Patatra the glass of wine falls on my dress, a huge stain. Impossible to withdraw 😱 .
    The stain is still on the dress…

  13. Ash

    Back in 2012 while heading to Philadelphia to celebrate Christmas with my then fiancé (husband now) and announce our engagement (he proposed on Christmas Day), we got into quite a car accident. We were hit from behind and t-boned, all because of winter weather! Needless to say it was a disaster and we didn’t make it to Philadelphia to see his family and we needed a new car as ours was totaled. I haven’t made my way to Phildadelphia for Christmas since then because of my nerves.

  14. Bonnie May

    Being Jewish it’s hard to answer this question. I have always been grateful to be included in any and all Christmas celebrations to which I’m invited. Last year my boyfriend’s father had emergency open heart surgery a few days before Christmas Eve, and due to complications from meds he went into cardiac arrest on Christmas Eve, which could have been a disaster. Thankfully the hospital staff did their magic and revived him, at the small price of a few broken ribs.

  15. Shayne

    My first 18 Christmas’ and ransom Christmas’ after spent with a certain relative that was always upset about something in a passive aggressive way. Very stressful. And the one when my son ended up with chicken pox and somehow that was intentional.

  16. Caitlin

    I grew up in what passes for a very old house here in America. It was a strange and lovely place to spend one’s childhood, full of secrets and hiding spaces and maybe ghosts? But definitely, always, squirrels. We’re not sure what it was about the house that attracted the squirrels, just that they lived in the walls and forever seemed to find their way back to us, no matter what we did to keep them out and away.

    One year in particular we were sure we’d finally seen the last them. It’d been months since we’d heard them rattling through the walls, or barking at the sunrise, or found a giant stash of nuts in some rarely used closet. Mom decided to host a Christmas feast and had outdone herself. Every aspect of this meal was coordinated and rehearsed, right down to the reveal of the turducken, which is a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey, and which is a total abomination, no matter how tasty. We were all gathered around the dining room table cooing at this Frankenstein’s monster of dead poultry when suddenly there was a scratching noise just barely audible over the Christmas music. Then a soft “plop” sound, as the old chandelier above the table abrubtly discharged an anchor point, causing it to swing wildly to one side. Then a scream from my aunt, as a tiny, furry body dropped from the newly created hole, and proceeded not to fall, as one would expect of a creature bound by physics, but to fly, in a smooth and impossibly perfect circle, around the dining table, over the mini bar, and out into the living in bee line for our Christmas tree. Which is how we discovered that, while we had succeeded in ridding ourselves of your standard, garden variety squirrel, in their absence we’d somehow managed to acquire a family of -flying- squirrels.

    Many good ornaments lost their lives in the ensuing chaos and a perfectly fine turducken was completely and utterly overshadowed. But we will always have this story, of what is probably my favorite Christmas.

  17. Nicole "Trollimutz"

    I think you know “A Christmas Story” , the dogs caught the turkey and nothing was left of the delicious big bird… Our daughter was 2 weeks old that Christmas and we were “new” parents of a newborn baby. Amazing and stressful. The turkey came out of the oven, our very first one. Baby was crying and we left the turkey alone in the kitchen… not really alone… our two cats had a delicious meal… 😉

  18. Erin Antel

    I spent the holidays at someone’s house and forgot to take the gifts with me.

  19. katie Hines

    just leaving the giblets in the turkey…your all comments are GREAT!

  20. Megan Johnson

    We stayed at my parents house and brought our dog one Christmas. He proceeded to have the worst bouts of diarrhea as he ran around my parents house, with cream carpet no less. A nightmare, lol!

  21. Liseth

    I work every other Christmas for 18 years now. Any Christmas at home with my family is enjoyed.

  22. Melissa Mesquita

    I remember one Christmas when our oven broke down, it was almost a disaster. During the Christmas day we started to prepare the turkey for Christmas dinner, after like an hour or so we went to check the turkey and there’s was not much of a difference we thought that was a little strange but we just let him there and wait. We kept checking and it was taking ages. Something was wrong, one of the lights or resistor, can’t really remember what it was, broke and the oven was super slow, we end up eating close to midnight.

  23. Corinne

    I remember a Christmas at my sister-in-law a long time ago. At the time of dessert, I wanted to help her bring the Yule Log from the kitchen to the living room, I forgot there was a step, I stumbled, the log slipped from the dish and landed on the carpet. Result: no dessert, and a beautiful carpet completely stained!

  24. Ginny

    One year, as I was making last minute Christmas preparations and expecting company, I looked out admiringly on the beautiful tree, feeling pretty happy with the way things were turning out. You see, it was my first holiday dinner hosting. Everyone was due to arrive any minute. As I was about to get something out of the oven, I heard a crash. The entire tree had fallen.

    Many years later, on Christmas Eve, again – right before expecting company – I attempted to change out a lightbulb on an overhead fixture only to have the entire thing come down, cutting my hand in the process. I still have the scar…

  25. Katie

    My first Christmas ‘on my own’ was the worst. My grandparents had had an accident a week before, so my parents were at the hospital. I was working 70 hours a week and going to school in the evenings, so I was exhausted. I bought a live tree and managed to get it to my house. I left the tree decorating until Christmas Eve (family tradition) and my boyfriend of six years was to come over and help decorate the tree. So I waited. And waited. So, Christmas Day arrives. I’m still waiting, tree is naked, and I’m all alone except for my cats (hahahahha). Turns out the boyfriend had a ‘new’ girlfriend who insisted on seeing him on Christmas Eve (surprise). I ate leftover whatever from the fridge (no cooking horror, sorry), still alone but for the cats. The tree became a very large cat toy (they did love climbing and leaping). Thank goodness ‘young and dumb’ is a temporary stage.

  26. Darlie Zamri

    Hi Victoria! Thank you2 for giving this opportunity to win this bead. I was so upset I can’t add this bead to my collection. I actually bought 2 sets of the feelings collection! That’s how much I love the beads hahaah.

    I really hope I can win one to complete my collection. 😍🙏🏾❤️

    My Christmas disaster was few years back. We supposed to travel to Auckland to visit my mum in law. Several things happened along the way. >.<

    1. My husband and I got sick before we travel.
    2. We almost missed our flight coz we misread the time and gate
    3. Long lines at the check in, we can’t checked in our luggage
    4. We didn’t get to sit together for that long travel time
    5. Since we didn’t take consideration of the time :(, we arrived Auckland a day after Christmas:( Christmas on plane. Separated seat. 🙁
    And my mum in law was alone on Christmas.
    6. Since we were sick, we spent our first 2 days on bed too.

    Poor planning. Sick. Not the best Christmas trip.

    • Darlie Zamri

      Oh! Want to add, no presents since we can’t checked in our luggage 🙁

      *lucky my sister sent us to airport, she had to bring back 2 luggages back.

  27. Charlotte

    We have a yearly disaster, the most recent ones are- mum got pneumonia, decided she was well enough to cook as she’d had it for a while by the time it got to Xmas but she had no sense of smell so everything tasted bizarre, the oven exploded on xmas eve (some sort of electrical fault- lots of sparks) so we cooked food using a neighbours oven and brought it all home again, the roof sprang a leak, the cat bought an angry crow into the house, the bathroom was invated by about 50 slugs. This year- who knows!

  28. Enfysbeads

    My grandmother always stored her Christmas tree and decorations in a shed at her home (near Melbourne, Australia) during the year. One year, in about September, there was a mouse plague in their town and my grandfather decided to lay a lot of baits around their house to kill the mice. “It will be okay”, he assured my grandmother, “they go back home to their nest and die”. The mouse plague ended as the weather got warmer, and when it came time to decorate the house for Christmas, it had mostly been forgotten. When the shed was opened, my mother commented that there was a bit of an unpleasant smell… my grandmother said it was the nighbours – their dog liked to ‘go’ in the back corner of the yard near the fence. Anyway, the smaller boxes of decorations were brought inside and placed in the loungeroom – in several loads – with my mother commenting on the last load that “the smell out there is awful when the wind blows that way – maybe you should have a word to the neighbours…?” The last item left to be carried in was the artificial Christmas tree – stored in the back corner of the shed in its original cardboard box – with black plastic bags taped together around it to keep the box closed. It took my mother and grandmother to carry it. I held the back door open for them and as they walked past me, I thought “Grandpa must be fertilizing out there or something… it doesn’t smell the best…”. As the tree was carried into the lounge, the smell followed. Maybe someone had walked through the fertilzer and had it on their shoes? Nope. As they cut the plastic bags surrounding the tree box open, the smell errupted! Something was clearly dead in there – or as it turns out, quite a few somethings! The mice had chosen the branches of the wrapped up Christmas tree as their nest back in the cooler months, and had gone back there to die… After my grandmother had rescued her ‘good extension cord’ from the top of the box (with much grossed-out giggling from everyone present), we ditched the Christmouse tree and headed to the shopping centre for a new mouse-free version! (My sister later gifted my grandmother a toy mouse in a Christmas hat to commemorate the occassion!)

  29. Sara Comery

    Oh I remember eating peanuts the night before Christmas and the next day my wisdom teeth impacted and I had a face the size of the moon and couldn’t eat anything not one bite of the beautiful dinner then next year I made up for it and ate so much I rolled round the floor in agony with indigestion !!!!

  30. Ksenija

    My worst Christmas and New Year’s Eve was many moons ago when I was 22 or 23 and I spent it in Amsterdam, Netherlands. When we were on the way to the Netherlands our bus broke down and we spent all night sitting in a cold bus parked by the side of the road so when we finally arrived to the hostel everyone was tired and sleepy. Next day half of the bus fell ill with a really bad flu. I usually only have a mild fever when I’m ill, no more than 38 degrees but that time I had 41 degrees and I had a terrible chest pain. I missed several days of fun with friends being stuck in the hostel bed feeling awful. Luckily I was young and overall healthy back then so I got better after a few days, my fever dropped and I still had a few good days out with my friends.

  31. Rachel H.

    One year I was given a kitten in the summer and that Christmas I ended up with no Christmas tree because the cat kept jumping into the tree and knocking the entire thing over and I had to take it down before Christmas. Well I didn’t the cat did.

  32. Elizabeth

    The first year I had my husband to a family Christmas, we walked in to my father trying to “consolidate” a few jars of marshmallow fluff. He tends to hyper-focus on things that bug him, and he had realized that my youngest brother had 3 open jars of fluff (oh, the horror!)

    My mother was preparing food for a gathering of about 40 people (my father’s side, by the way.) He was scraping the remnants of fluff out of the the containers when he had an epiphany that this would be a whole lot easier if the fluff was warmed up. He brings two jars to the microwave and sticks them in for about 40 seconds. My mother and I are running about with my sister trying to get everyone set up and put out when the timer goes off. My dad opens the microwave and the two jars of fluff explode. He’d put them in with the tops on, and apparently that was not a good choice.

    The stove, ceiling, walls, cupboards, and dinnerware were covered with white goo, which quickly cooled and “set” much as concrete would. To this day you can still see where the fluff hit the ceiling. It has been stripped and re-painted mind you, but the mark is as tenacious as the substance that made it.

    My husband and I had been married for all of 2 days – the poor guy had no idea what to do. That was 17 years ago, and it’s still the most hilarious/awful holiday mishap we’ve ever had.

  33. YenJu Tsai

    The most disastrous Christmas for me is my first one in my memory. We were having a play in my kindergarten to present the birth of Christ. My role was the virgin Mary. It was all fine and amazing that I don’t have stage fright. However, our teacher decided to put on a Rodalph’s red nose for the opening host and it made me burst out laughing. And I didn’t know what made my genius little head think of this, but I thought, “Just keep on laughing, then peopl won’t know you went off script.” Can you imagine Virgin Mary laughing throughout the whole show? Epic!

  34. Holly

    It was not so much a disaster, but definitely not very fun. One year my husband was sick and miserable. It just wasn’t the same. The kids and I couldn’t celebrate without him.

  35. Deidre

    This was probably 20 yrs ago … Our family of 8 – 6 kids and mom and dad all had the flu for Christmas. We were all sick in bed and slept right thru it! I had the floors of the entire house covered in newspaper in that event that one of the younger kids couldn’t make it to the bathroom! I woke up to use the bathroom and the house was dark and the gifts were under the tree still on Christmas night!! Outside I could see the lights of our neighbors houses while they all celebrated the holiday. We opened our gifts and celebrated the next day!

  36. Michele Courtney

    We travel to my parents in the morning and my in-laws in the evening on Christmas Eve.
    Little did I know the dog ate the ten fiber bars I had just purchased (10 for $10) so we made it through the first house but when we got to my in-laws he began to have diarrhea in their basement- what a mess! So we had to try and clean that but then we had to make the two hour drive to home- so we put cardboard down in the back of our SUV and proceeded to drive (we had two dogs so both were back there).
    We began hearing wretching then diarrhea
    It was awful, as we would turn a corner you would hear it roll across the cardboard. The smell!!!! We stopped a couple times to try to clean…… it was an awful commute! That dog did quite a few bad things like this but this one made for an awful christas eve disaster!!!!

  37. Olivia Fowler

    My worst disaster during Christmas is short and sad. The family had not been getting along for a while. So my Dad thought he needed to send invitations to his kids and their family. Only one family showed up (mine). But it was a disaster we tried to hold it together for the kids….Did the best we could.. no one talked and we ended up leaving very quickly that year. It was so sad. Family is so important.

  38. Shimin

    So 2 years ago I was travelling with friends in Iceland in December. We were meant to go on our glacial hike during Christmas which was a 2 day trip. A storm blew through and we were basically stuck at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere as the roads ahead and behind us closed due to the storm. At least the rest stop remained open for us and the bad coffee and hotdogs remained available

  39. Mary

    Please don’t include me in the competition. No charming anecdote here. Every Christmas sucks on some level. I’m just chiming in to say how much I enjoyed reading all the responses. Well done, ladies!

  40. Carol

    Biggest disaster would be not finding all the presents I hid. LOL I did such a good job I didn’t find some till the end of January. I tore the house apart ! I forgot about some too. My kids didn’t mind they loved getting them. Don’t ever ask about Easter 2016.

  41. Оксана Петрова

    I had a catastrophe at Christmas only once in my life. I began to open the children’s soda in the form of champagne, the cork flew out and hit my eye. My husband took me to a special eye center, but he did not work at Christmas, then we went to the hospital on duty. I was examined and prescribed treatment. For two days I could not watch, tears constantly poured from my eyes. I did not celebrate (((

  42. Lola

    That year my father-in-law thawed the turkey in the hot sun and then under-cooked and served it, and we all thought our sickness was coming from the blood in the carrots, from my mother-in-law’s cut finger, but no, it was the sun-thawed turkey that poisoned us.

  43. Allison D.

    Luckily so far (knock on wood) the only real disaster so to speak was when I was really young (3 or 4) and both my mom (newly divorced) and I got a bad case of the flu right at Christmas. It was the one & only year we used all white lights on the tree (superstitious now, lol).

  44. Michelle

    Hi – Happy Beadsmas Everyone,
    I have enjoyed reading all of your disasters – many are very entertaining! One Christmas, we were at my parents’ home celebrating and the carbon dioxide alarm went off. We opened all of the windows, called the gas company and started planning to move the party to my brother’s home nearby. It caused a commotion and we all laugh about it now – it seems the most imperfect gatherings are the most memorable, not when everything runs smoothly. Turned out the fireplace wasn’t venting properly and that is why the carbon monoxide alarm sounded.
    Happy Holidays!

  45. Christina Rallo Daniels

    There have been plenty of later funny things like the cat knocking over the tree which fell on the parakeet cage causing the bird to get out and the cat to go off running … to the year my ex bought me a red and black pleather suit that looked like Michael Jackson thinking its was fashionable … to the sad when my dad passed away over the holiday week, leaving the house to never come back, passing at his brothers store he went to that night. I am no fan of Christmas any more because of that but it used to be something magical and crazy full of laughter no matter what mishaps occurred. Somehow the Bad Dreams bead just fits this holiday for me now though.