Ohm Beads Beadmas Day 7

This Ohm Beads blog welcomes readers to participate in the Ohm Beads Beadmas Day 7 giveaway!

For the last couple of days the Beadmas giveaways have been hosted on social media. Do remember to follow me there (Facebook, Instagram and the Great Lakes Boutique Facebook and Instagram) so as not to miss out. Today we’re back to the blog!

Ohm Beads Beadmas

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Over the past week I’ve been asking all kinds of things about how my readers celebrate Christmas. This has varied from favourite drinks, to favourite foods (at Great Lakes,) through to favourite Christmas movies. From the latter it became clear there’s more than a few fantasy genre fans out there. In fairness Christmas is a good time for believing in the fantastical! Today I’m going to ask you to channel some of that imagination, though in a pretty simple format.

The prize on offer is the Ohm Beads Unicorn and hopefully that sets the scene for today’s task.

Ohm Beads Unicorn

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

When you think of mythical creatures, the unicorn would probably be one of the popular. I want to know what you would be. You can choose an already documented species such a werewolf, griffin or indeed unicorn. Alternatively if you can describe it and name it, feel free to imagine it! The weirder and more wonderful the better.

Small text / disclaimers (sorry.) The prize will ship directly from Ohm Beads USA. Neither Endangered Trolls nor Ohm can be held responsible for any import taxes incurred related to these prizes. Equally we can’t be held responsible for beads lost in transit. No cash alternative nor substitutions are available. Due to localised regulations, I cannot publicly announce the winner of these competitions. The winner will be contacted directly via the email address they use to comment here. Please ensure it’s an address that you use. You will have seventy two hours in which to respond or your prize will be forfeit. Winners are chosen at random.

  1. Tatyana

    I would like to be Pegasus)) the horse a beautiful and noble animal, besides Pegasus is able to fly))) it cool)

  2. Harley

    Definitely a Hydra 😀 all the extra heads would make it so much easier to keep an eye on my children! 😂

  3. Jeanette

    Either a fairy so I could fly, or a mermaid so I could live under water:)

  4. Vicki Li

    Make me think of the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them XD
    I could name a Platypus for my fantastical guardian.

  5. Dorothee

    I guess I am a “Niffler” , as I have a preference for everything that glitters and shines. 😉

  6. Natalia

    I’d like to be an hybrid of an human and a dragon, with big wings to fly and fire on my mouth

  7. Agi

    I would like to be a good fairy, protecting my extended family from all evil and helping all members to have a happy life.

  8. Tata_Rostov

    today I pissed off at work, so today I’m definitely a gargoyle!!!

  9. Margaret Chan

    Mermaid please!
    I’ll enjoy swimming amongst coral and dolphins 💖

  10. Татьяна Пономарева

    Phoenix it is always reborn

  11. Vladimira

    a witch…with no doubt 🙂

  12. Niky

    Dont know if is a mythical creature, but I would love to be a little lovely faery.
    I would be flying around on good people deserving hugs, spreading love and positive vibes. That would be a nice thing to do and a lovely creature to be

  13. Kelly

    I have always felt a connection to faeries!

  14. Clare Wall

    I wold be Faery of Bluebell Glen, with blue glitttery wings.

  15. Shell Courtney

    I would be a siren- singing a song compelling men……only to eat them!

  16. Sabine

    I´d be the witch of course. As Tery Pratchett had statet: “A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, […], because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.” So I could make lovely strolls through forests and the countryside in the dark without any fear. Great options!

  17. Caitlin

    I’d be a griffon who lives in and safeguards a library.

  18. Francesca Mazzanti

    I would like to be a mermaid, because I love the sea and I think it would be fantastic to live under the sea!!

  19. Katie

    I’d be a dragon. I’d be high flying and have a cave of treasures. And I’d breathe fire on my enemies….

  20. Judy

    I would be the Phoenix. I love the myth of the bird rising from the ashes. We too feel we have risen from the ashes of our house fire 30 years ago.

  21. Lisa

    I’d be the Easter Bunny 😉 Imagine being the deliverer of all those chocolate eggs and being responsible for all those kiddies smiles!!!

  22. Sheba

    I would be a dragon shifter. I could change at will.

  23. Alex V

    A gargoyle, sitting on my
    Concrete pedistal guarding the gardens 🙂

  24. Erin Antel

    I’ve always loved dragons! Some of my favorite books as a child were about dragons. So I would definitely choose to be a dragon- green with golden eyes and large wings. But I think I’d like my wings to be feathered like a bird- because I’ve got to be unique, even for a dragon.

  25. Samantha Cardimon

    I would be a Thestral from the Harry Potter universe. Thestrals can only be seen by people who have seen someone die. So, most of the time they are invisible. They can fly, which is a handy ability. I think people who have seen someone die have a greater understanding of themselves and the world at large. And they would have a greater sympathy for these creatures which are a bit spooky looking.

  26. Ruth

    I would be an Elf of the Woodland Realm like those lovely, magical beings in Lord of the Rings.

  27. Ro'

    La splendida FENICE

  28. Claire B

    A dragon! 😀🐉

  29. Ксана

    Kirin is a sacred animal in Japanese mythology. Such an animal does not give itself offense. This powerful creature, covered with shiny scales. A head like a dragon is crowned with a heavy horn. Body and legs Kirin reminds a horse or a deer. Its lush tail and mane is a real decoration.
    He symbolized justice and hated those who trampled on the law and the established world order. Keeper of ancient customs, the Kirin also favored good harvests.

  30. Valerie Bronson

    I would be A mermaid. I love the ocean and the beach so I would be right at home.

  31. Federica Ruotolo

    I would be an elf 🙂

  32. Thao

    I would say a combination of Phoenix and a mermaid so that I can travel different terrains: land and water and air

  33. Jennifer Criollo

    I would be a centaur. My sign is Sagittarius and as such is a centaur.

  34. Noemi

    I would be an invisible dragon flying all over the world. I would protect all animals from harm, spewing fire on all animal abusers when they think no one is watching them harming the innocent animals.

  35. Lily Letourneur

    I think I would be a shapeshifter to choose what I would like to be according to the moment or need. Someone to save I turn into werewolf, watch someone I can be a vampire…

  36. Lauren

    I’ve always had a fascination with vampires, to be invincible! That would be fun.

    • Lauren

      That sounds bad after I posted, I’m referring to Trueblood, I would assimilate into human society & drink Trueblood not go on killing rampages. Id just fly around & be like a superhero LoL

  37. Laura Renee Bates

    A dragon. Strong and fierce.

  38. Tanya

    A phoenix.

  39. Lauren

    A dragon.

  40. Trudy

    I would be a witch, a good one!

  41. Holly

    How about a flying unicorn? With glittery colors!

  42. Angela Field

    I would like to be a Melusine – Female water spirit, with the form of a winged mermaid or serpent

  43. Evgenia


  44. Svetlana Nikolaeva

    I think I’d be a dragon. It is nice to be able to fly. And breathe out some fire if necessary, haha))

  45. Carol L

    I would want to be a Fairy Godmother. I would want to be able to hear a child in desperate needs cry, and fly to them to either protect them or sooth them. So many children suffer for no reason. They are precious gifts and little miracles. No child should also suffer with cancer. I think I would suck that cancer out of them and into myself just so them could live the life they dream of.

  46. Natalie

    I will be a Unicorn Pegasus! May as well fly and have the horn too!

  47. Paula, Gravesend

    I would be a Phoenix; the idea of being able to rise from the ashes and start again when things get too bad.

  48. Charlotte

    I’d be a vampire bat-cat. I prefer to go out at night, vampires tend to wear nice period clothing and my bat-cat is my favourite cuddly toy

  49. Michelle KL Wells

    I’m HP/FB crazy! So I am a Niffindormagus! I scuttle around and find hidden treasures in dangerous areas using my courage and will power! I can change my appearance but originally I’m a fierce mythological creature that has burnt amber fur with a stunning mane. I will help those in need, especially finding gems of all kinds. Sometimes, my fur changes depending on my mood but generally I’m a happy go lucky Niffindormagus! Merry Beadmas! ^_^

  50. Beth Kirksey

    I would be a water fairy. Princess of the water and all things in the sea.

  51. Nereida

    A fairy, because they’re magical and evocative of a beautiful, serene and peaceful world.

  52. Sara

    When you talk about magical animals pegasus and unicorns (along with dragons) always win. But I also like other ones like Sfinge and Chimera.

  53. Markéta T.

    I would love to be Unicorn. ❤ It’s so beautiful and mystical creature… I love unicorns and I have everything with unicorns on it…from mugs, posters, plush unicorns, key chains, jewelry, lip balms…to onesie, pyjama, socks, t-shirts and sweater with this theme ❤ I have even a fun page on FB (Unicorners..you can find it, if you don’t believe me 😃)…. Basically..I love unicorns ❤

  54. Beth

    No contest. I would be a dragon. To me, dragons represent wisdom, strength, power, and protection. Sounds like a good mix to me. One I could use in my every day life at the moment. 🙂

  55. Olivia

    I’d have to be a giant ship devouring kraken! I mean, who doesn’t love tentacles? The ocean would be mine to rule!
    Please remove my other post with my surname

  56. Jenifer Hicks

    Dragon. But a niceone, like from Pern.
    A griffin would be my second choice.

    These answers are really great. Fun reading 🙂

  57. Magda

    I would be a dragon, my favorite mythical animal.

  58. Muriel

    I would be maleficent with an underwater kingdom.

  59. Alexandra R

    I’d be a chocolate dragon. Giving chocolate instead of breathing fire. Best mythical creature ever. I could fly AND eat chocolate whenever I’d want.

  60. Rach Tapper

    Oh I would be a mermaid, 100%!!
    I basically am one, except for the amazing figure, clam shell bra, breathing under water oh and the tail!! hehehe :p
    It’s so peaceful underwater, I could make friends with a sting ray and train him to play fetch!
    Plus messing with peoples heads…. especially the local trawlers 😀

    Yep, tis a mermaid life for me


  61. Christina peters

    I’d pick mermaid that can transform to human !
    Wear lots of pearls eat seafood & swim under the moonlight hunting pirate ship treasures !

  62. Eva Smithers

    I’d love to be a unicorn, to have long flowing multicoloured locks. It would be magical and a dream come true. I’ve recently dressed up in a “onesie” unicorn outfit for a Boostfit class, even walked down the road to home in it. Unicorns give you confidence.

  63. Grace

    I would be a hippocampus from Greek myth ; half fish half horse all awesome

  64. Beth Poole

    I would be a Sphinx with the head of a human, complete with x-Ray vision & Medusa-like snake hair, the body of a lioness, the wings of a fiery Phoenix & the tail of an Avatar that connects to the natural world. My skin could camouflage with any location, like a cloak of invisibility, and I could breathe in CO2 to produce oxygen, like a tree. Gills & large padded, webbed feet would enable me to swim effortlessly underwater.

    Just like Aslan, I’d be a powerful magical authority, wise, compassionate, loving and kind.

  65. Laura K.

    I would like to be a gargoyle – I have always been drawn to them for some reason. They are protective and look so magnificent posing wherever they may sit.

  66. charmsnirvana

    I would definitely be a mermaid! I live by the coast and have always found the ocean to be magical! I am happiest when I am swimming, snorkeling, or just watching the tide come in!🌊

  67. Leema

    Hi Victoria, I would be an overall good witch with special skills in manipulating the elements Air, Fire, Earth and Water, like the Last Airbender (while wearing the appropriate Ohm stoppers for the last three of course). This would be on top of run of the mill spell casting, potion brewing and being part of a thriving coven :)xx

  68. Bonnie May

    I’d be a mermicorn! Mermaid bc I’m definitely happiest in or around water, but hey, if I can be anything I should also be part unicorn!

  69. Gloria Contreras

    I would definitely be a witch. A powerful witch. With powers of good and evil. I would use those powers to right wrongs and reward good.

  70. Wendy Monzon

    Since I was born on Halloween I would be a witch

  71. Maria

    Gollum 🙂

  72. Oksana Petrova

    I would be fairy, supportive of people.
    Extraordinarily beautiful, with sharp ears, large eyes, long hair and wings. I would sing, amuse myself and help people in their difficulties.

  73. Allymoose

    I think I’d have to be a pixie like Tinker Bell 🙂