Ohm Beads Beadmas Day 4

This Ohm Beads blog brings the full details of Ohm Beads Beadmas Day 4!

Welcome to day 4 of Beadmas! Today I’m being a little naughty because actually the competition itself is taking place over on my Facebook page. I don’t generally like using giveaways to “farm” new followers but I’m getting close to another milestone there. Please accept my apologies!

Ohm Beads Beadmas

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Nevertheless I still wanted to cross post the details here for all of those who generally only follow the actual blog. Also I just wanted to take the opportunity to mention that there has been and will continue to be a lack of articles here as the blog is moving. Since backup point was taken on Saturday, anything I write after that point will not be moved and I’ll have to transfer manually. As such I don’t want to produce any heavy editorials.

For those of you reading this at the time of it’s publication (9am EU time or 3am EST,) I’ll be stood outside in forecast howling winds and rain while my blacksmith puts snowshoes on my pony ahead of the Christmas holidays. Considering I work and basically run on EST now, that will be at around 1am “my time”. We do some weird and crazy things for our pets and that’s the focus of today’s giveaway. You have the opportunity of winning the Ohm Beads Equestrian.

Ohm Beads Equestrian

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I’ve had horses all my life. They’ve broken my heart. They broken my bones and despite the fact Victor is now at a stables where his full care is handled by someone else, I can’t give them up. I’ve already mentioned I’m not a fan of the holidays and yet, I’m looking for Christmas presents for Albus’ first Christmas.

Today’s task is simple. Head to Facebook and tell me something about how animals feature in your life. If you have a pet, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done? Or will they also have a present waiting for them from Santa? If you don’t, tell about a previous pet or a story of your animal crazy friend or family member.

Small text / disclaimers (sorry.) The prize will ship directly from Ohm Beads USA. Neither Endangered Trolls nor Ohm can be held responsible for any import taxes incurred related to these prizes. Equally we can’t be held responsible for beads lost in transit. No cash alternative nor substitutions are available. Due to localised regulations, I cannot publicly announce the winner of these competitions. The winner will be contacted directly via the email address they use to comment here. Please ensure it’s an address that you use. You will have seventy two hours in which to respond or your prize will be forfeit. Winners are chosen at random.

  1. Ilse

    Hi Victoria. “As the blog is moving”, can you explain what this means? I don’t understand. Will I need Facebook to read your articles in the future?

  2. Anja

    My childhood was crowdid with animals: Birds, a rabbit, a hamster and a turtle. During my years at university I didn’t have a pet. I would like to tell the story of a rabbit I found one day: When I visited my boyfriend, later husband, in Munich at his hall of residence, I found a parking near the Englische Garten. A rabbit, white with black ears and tail, fled under my car. As it wasn’t a wild rabbit, it was left in nature by its former owners for sure. I took the poor thing, went to the residence and asked a Student for a box. My boyfriend wasn’t there. The student had gotten a big parcel by his family, I had a temporary home for the Little one. At the nearest dupermarket I bought some hay and food. During the night it hopped a bit and made some noises but behaved well in general. The next day I talked to friend but she didn’t knew anyone who could keep it. I couldn’t either because my room at my residence was too small. So we decided to bring it to the animal shelter in Munich.

  3. Tatyana

    my dog girl)) I to her has made up in the summer claws red varnish as well as herself, has put on the sunglasses similar to mine and we have gone for a walk to the park)))🙈🤣

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie)

    Good luck with followers and with moving the blog! We’ve always had critters, they often get presents, and I can’t think of any funny stories.

    Already shared the FB post btw.

  5. Elizabeth

    Will post on Facebook but I have always had animals and they always get presents. Santa would never forget a member of the family!

  6. mary

    Santa would never forget my Duncan Hines and Little Lucy Lou…meow! Actually they have Christmas every day@!

  7. Suzy

    I currently have 6 dogs and 17 birds. They make everyday Christmas…

  8. Maria

    I once found a tiny snail, it was in the packing of my new washing machine that arrived midwinter when it was minus 20. We called our new pet Ferdinand and put him in a basket with all sorts of plants, he seemed very happy eating my plants, every now and then he escaped and then the whole family was on high alert, we managed to find him every time and put him back in his plants.
    In spring I did Ferdinand in my garden and that day we celebrated his freedom with a very nice dinner.