Ohm Beads Beadmas Day 2

This Ohm Beads blog welcomes readers to day two of the Ohm Beads Beadmas celebrations here at Endangered Trolls.

Welcome to Beadmas day 2! Entries are closed for the first giveaway and I’ll try and contact the winner either late tonight or early tomorrow. This year I’m hosting giveaways for the full twelve days, both here and over at the Great Lakes Boutique Facebook page. Incidentally there’s a few more hours remaining on their first day so head over and be in with a chance to win a retired Ohm Beads Bacon!

Ohm Beads Beadmas

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

When I first started to brainstorm Beadmas, I wanted to try and tie in the giveaways with the Twelve Days of Christmas song and I just couldn’t make it work. According to the song, on the second day of Christmas it was two turtle doves. I don’t have those so instead you’re getting… A Dirty Evil Rubber Duckie. It’s more me anyway. To clarify it’s just the Duckie from the picture below, not the glass beads but he’s so cute! This is precisely why the prizes ship directly from Ohm Beads USA. Kit and Mike don’t trust me to part with these beads.

Ohm Beads

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I have to confess that I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. It’s a holiday that’s become so commercialised and there’s so much pressure to do certain things that there’s little wonder it can actually be a depressing time of year. Today I want to hear about your perfect idea of Christmas. Is it filled with family and friends? Would you prefer to curl up with a good book? Perhaps you’d rather spend it organising your beads? I actually spent a good few hours last year killing zombies online with Alex from ACA Kreations. In my defense I think I did start singing “deck the halls with zombie blood” at some point, which was about as festive as I was willing to be.

Head to the comments below and let me know how you’d spend Christmas if left to your own devices and free of any social pressures.

Small text / disclaimers (sorry.) The prize will ship directly from Ohm Beads USA. Neither Endangered Trolls nor Ohm can be held responsible for any import taxes incurred related to these prizes. Equally we can’t be held responsible for beads lost in transit. No cash alternative nor substitutions are available. Due to localised regulations, I cannot publicly announce the winner of these competitions. The winner will be contacted directly via the email address they use to comment here. Please ensure it’s an address that you use. You will have seventy two hours in which to respond or your prize will be forfeit. Winners are chosen at random.

  1. Vicki Simms

    I would spend it curled up on the sofa in my PJ’s and snug dressing gown watching my favourite movies with lots of gingerbread lattes, and probably do a bit of online shopping too.

  2. Ксана

    For me, it is ideal to spend Christmas – it’s to go to the forest, to the hut, to make snowmen, to ski, from the hill, to stoke a real Russian stove, to be far from civilization.

  3. Clare Wall

    If left to my own devices I would spend Christmas with my husband and dog in a log cabin far far away,, a fridge full of food, the horror channel on 24/7 surrounded by snow with nobody to please but ourselves.

  4. Harley

    I am in the UK so, I would love to be able to take all my children to Disney World Florida during the Christmas celebrations. To see their little faces light up if we told them we were going would be a dream come true! 😊

  5. Lee Ching Ching

    Hi Victoria, like you I am not a fan of Christmas. I feel so stressed out with gift exchanges – hunting for the perfect gifts, jostling with the shopping crowds etc. And my nightmare is receiving gifts that you don’t know what to do with them. So… for my work colleagues, I have rallied them to focus on the less fortunate in the community rather than spending on gift exchange. Spread the joy of gifting to the needy e.g. food donation. I think this is more meaningful and in the true spirit of Christmas.

  6. Lauren

    Mine would be to just spend time with family. And even though this is an unpopular opinion in my family but I would like it to be warm for Christmas. It’s always cold where I am during that time of year except for 2 years ago when it was around 60 degrees. But everyone hated it except for me and my husband.

  7. Anja

    I’ve been a huge fan of Christmas for decades, it is important to me to live the typical German customs: Opening the little doors of an Advent calender (this year I share a calender including different kinds of pralines with my husband) and lightning the candles of the Advent wreath weak after weak (und wenn das 5. Kerzlein brennt, dann hast du Weihnachten verpennt). Baking Christmas Cookies with my family and friends is another highlight. We have a large nativity (about 3 m) with a lot of wood carved figures. Our Christmas tree is decorated with red balls and traditional toys from Erzgebirge. We attend the church in our vicinity for the Holiday Service. The 1st day of Christmas my mother in law prepares a goose for the feast. It tastes so good! The whole Family arrives and the godchildren get their presents. Normally I get a Special bead from my husband.. I like the whole Christmas atmosphere, it’s the time of the year I’m looking forward most.

  8. Margaret Chan

    For the past few years, we have been going home to my parents in law’s place to celebrate Christmas.
    I always look forward to my mom in laws’ homemade fruitcake.
    Nothing much commercial about their family gathering, present exchange is rare too. It just focus on getting all the siblings home together, spending time with their parents.

    I find that really endearing. 💖

  9. Carolyn

    Exactly that. My own devices lol. I would sit on my computer playing Overwatch getting smashed drunk. If not on the computer, playing with beads. It’s basically all I do lmao

  10. Varinda

    Curling up in a blanket watching movies eating popcorn!!! 🙂

  11. Kant

    For me the perfect christmss is spending time with the one i love such as bf and family …i love the feeling when they are all around me.

  12. Lisa Pike

    The dream Christmas Day…ooh, well it will be at home – no travelling, all our kids will be with us, great Christmas roast, a floor covered with wrapping paper, board games, chocolate, Back To The Future on telly, blankets and gin!

  13. Niky

    For me, it depends on the years…there have been wonderful Xmas and disappointing ones.
    Agree on the fact that is a too Way commercial occasion, on the other Hand is a perfect moment to share with loved ones, feeling the warmth of a home and gifting something nice to People we care.

  14. Sheryl Phang

    I would love to stay at a cabin by the lake side, 2 lovely swing on the tree branch and an outdoor table with chairs. Everyday having meal outside with my family, outdoor games, sitting by the fireplace reminiscing about those funny past and indoor games or movie marathon with the kids running around with laughters and screaming. I love get together with families. Never know when they will be gone forever, so treasure every moment.

  15. Rosanne Lo

    for me the perfect christmas moment is gathering with my parents , grandma and grandpa .

  16. Tatyana

    I prefer to have a rest on Christmas from work, to have fun, be with family, to walk

  17. nicoletta

    il modo migliore è quello di ogni natale: tutti insieme a tavola, vicino all’albero decorato, con le luci, le risate e profumi della festa. i bambini crescono ma la magia rimane.

  18. Candie Salvador

    Would love to spend Christmas with my family in a country where it snows 😁 but i have no probl giving gifts to people that matter to me 😊

  19. Ro'

    Mi piace molto l’atmosfera del Natale…la casa vestita a festa,i dolci che si mangiano solo in questo periodo,soprattutto la riunione con i famigliari fratelli e cognati sempre impegnati tutto l’anno!Detesto fare regali a comando! E riceverne di riciclati!

  20. Charlotte

    I love buying people gifts so there’d still be presents. I’d stay home all day watching obscure SciFi and horror bmovies and everyone I know would come by one at a time, receive their gift, have a 5 minute chat then leave

  21. Sara

    For me Christmas is a day in which you should stay with family and loved ones, singing christmas song, exchanging presents and eating good foods. And of course, it had to snow!!

  22. Nadja

    I work abroad but I always manage to be home with my parents. I have an elementary-school-age daughter so grandma and grandpa go crazy with presents for her (not me of course 😉 but it’s actually about being with the ones I love, having a great meal (always goose), too much red wine and talking about things we normally don’t talk about. Can’t wait!

  23. Noelia Almuntaser

    I spend Christmas with my children nothing better then that . I love seen those cute faces opening gifts at midnight . We always wear onesies we all match. Hot cocoa with marshmallows that’s so yummy . I wish for one day to spend it in cabin some where in upstate NY. We loves Christmas and last year was the best Christmas ever because I had a baby a Christmas baby name Ragnar Mommies little Vicking 🙏🏼🌹👑🎄🎁🛡🗡

  24. Darlie Zamri

    Hi Victoria,
    This year i will join my husband’s family to celebrate Christmas at Queenstown, New Zealand 🙂

    Just a small gathering with close family. ❤️😍

    And we already planned 2 days LOTR/Hobbit tours hehehe.

    Gonna be awesome 😎 ❤️😝😍

  25. Angelika

    If left to my own devices I would spend Christmas with my husband on a cruise ship to see the whole world. We want to make a tour from christmas until the end of april.

  26. Usha Balasundram

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Waiting for Christ birthday to be celebrated with mass and family reunion. A time of rejoicing and singing carols. Exchanging gifts is not a big part of the season but union of my children living overseas coming together means a lot to me and my hubby. This is the time I look forward to yearly. Happy Blessed Christmas !

  27. Silvia

    This will be my first Christmas in my new house and I will spend it with my family

  28. Darlie Zamri

    I love festive seasons hehe. The only time most of my family members gather and see each other.

    This year, we will be in Queenstown, New Zealand to celebrate Christmas. With families coming from malaysia, Australia, and Philippine, we already planned 2 day LOTR/Hobbit Tour ❤️😘

  29. Mary lord

    Spending time and sharing a meal with those I love most

  30. Marikaisa

    Althoght is sounds really depressief, we try not too, and have small family gatherings, and meetings with friends, but Christmas and New Year are sad days here, my father in law past away 20 years ago on dec. 31st, (hubby and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2018!) but unfortenately since the last 8 years, we are loosing people we care about in the last month of the year. I always try to get the last 2 weeks of, and luckily I’m free this year. Hubby and i will cuddle up in front of the woodstove, and do nothing but crochet/beads for me, and Netflix together. We do not extend gifts, so i got loads of beads during black friday this year 😉
    Sending health and happiness to every one!!!

  31. Rachel Hernandez

    So my first thought was I’’d love to spend a Christmas at Disney in Orlando with husband. But I really wouldn’t want to leave my kitties home and wouldn’t take them. Soooo, perfect Christmas would be a cozy one with my hubs & kitties. We will stay in PJ’s all day watch Christmas movies and drink Hot Chocolate.

  32. Jeanine

    I actually like spending Christmas with my parents. No pressure at all. I can do whatever I want when I visit. Play a game, read a book ..

    But if I were to do Christmas differently, I’d spend it abroad. Maybe London or New York. Seeing the beautiful landmarks in a different season.

    If I win I can give the bead to an old friend of mine, she loves rubber duckies! And she also collects beads.

  33. Jordan Harding

    For me it has to be a long lie in and waking up to a good breakfast of bacon sandwiches , before rushing around to visit family here, there and everywhere so I don’t feel guilty if I don’t see someone on Christmas Day ! It can be stressful for a time of year that’s supposed to be about being merry but I wouldn’t spend it any other way because it’s all about family at the end of the day. Oh and a good dinner to top it all off !

  34. Khwan Tidmon

    As every year, we don’t really celebrate the Christmas for ‘Christmas’ but we normally celebrate it as ‘Closed to New Year’ event. No such a thing as snowman and stuffs due to our tropical climate. I always do a lot of shoppings and preparing things for annual company party.

    So that’s the way..celebrating Christmas with tons of works and gifts for others. Most of all, hoping that my New Year Holiday will be a peaceful period before getting back to work next year;)

  35. Muriel

    For me it’s all about family! I love spending Christmas with my fathers smide family as it is relaxed and carefree. Since we live in the southern hemisfer, I love taking a dip in the pool before dinner. The only think I would like to be better is to have more children around, and no gift giving to the adults.

  36. Angela Mathews

    For me Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and having a nice relaxing day.

  37. Dawn

    I would spend the day in my jammies in my sewing room.

  38. Breeves

    Christmas on a beach in the Caribbean. Don’t need a tree, or presents, or snow . . just a beautiful beach and crystal blue water and some worry-free time.

  39. Sabine (duesselperle)

    When I think about it, it´s alright as it is. My mom and my son will come for dinner, so we will have some time together. I´d like to have some snow, but the area I live in (the very west of Germany) ist normally too warm for snow at Christmas. But before Christmas I celebrate Jul with some friends. And then will follow the “Rauhnächte” (rough nights), and on each night I draw one tarot card for one month of the following year. So it´s a bit of a mystic time for me.


    Adoro l’atmosfera natalizia con la casa vestita a festa e i dolci così speciali…riunirmi con i famigliari fratelli e cognati che sono lontani durante l’anno.Detesto i regali comandati…e quelli riciclati!

  41. Pam Broughton

    I work at a post office plant open 365 Days a year so I always get stuck working.But if I could spend it anyway I like it would be in Bozeman Montana visiting my sons house for the first time and having a gathering.

  42. Helena

    I want to bake cakes and cakes))))

  43. Ksenija

    My family have never celebrated Christmas, instead we celebrated New Year’s eve and it was always a big deal with presents below the tree. I have grown up since and like you I don’t like Christmas that much. In fact I had stopped celebrating all the holidays because I normally don’t feel well enough to enjoy them.
    So a perfect Christmas day for me would be a day without pain, when I could eat any food I want and I would spend it in a wooden cabin in our Alps with snow outside, fire in the fireplace and my boyfriend near me and my dog in my lap.

  44. Jen Jones

    My perfect Christmas would be to spend the day at a cabin at a mountain lake, fireplace roaring, snow on the ground, with a full spread of turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and lots of different kinds of cookies. Cookies are the best part of Christmas!

  45. Sash Jameson

    My perfect Christmas is spending with my family. Seeing the happiness and joy it brings my gorgeous children.

  46. Coleen MurphySmith

    Family … the kids, the dogs, cocoa, and fun!

  47. Martha Olavarrieta

    I like to spend Christmas with my family, watching classic Christmas movies, making cookies, enjoying the Christmas tree, and drinking hot chocolate or hot apple cider.


    My Christmas is head to head with my 10 year old son. we spend the day preparing what we are going to nibble.
    But what I especially like is to prepare the riddles and games well in advance so that he can guess his gifts and see his face marveled when he discovers his surprises

  49. Lori Kerber

    I would be on Maui with my parents, favorite cousin, sister, and dear brother-in-law in the beautiful house on the ocean we rent every year in February — but this time we would be staying from Christmas until the end of February so we can still celebrate my mother’s birthday on Maui! We’d spend the day watching whales with binoculars from the lanai and climbing the treacherous lava below the house to watch the sea turtles swirling around, then my cousin and I would go to collect small, super fantastic mangos from trees we know about in the woods, and for dinner we’d have this incredible gourmet meatloaf that takes my sister 8 hours to make. Then we’d try to open a coconut we found with a machete without anyone losing a foot, and end the night playing a vicious round of cards which my dad would win, as usual!

  50. Kim

    I enjoy the holiday season. It’s fun to decorate, buy gifts for my family, bake Christmas cookies and eat other wonderful food (which I’m happy to let other people prepare, haha). I try to focus on the things I enjoy and ignore the over-commercialization.

  51. Samantha Cardimon

    In a perfect world, this American would spend the entire Christmas season in London. The city always looks so beautiful at this time of year. I’d have myself, my husband, my dad, and my dog installed in a nice Georgian terrace house. Dad would stay home with the dog while my husband and I would go out and tour around (dad is not much of a tourist anyway).

  52. Caitlin

    My favorite Christmas was the year I did an exchange in France, and my family flew out to see me. We all got an apartment together in a beautiful walled city, and spent the holiday navigating open-air markets and tiny European apartment ovens and just being ourselves, an ocean away from most of the baggage we’d come to think of as tradition.

  53. mary

    In a magical world…My husband and I would spend the day on a tropical isle with sunshine and warmth, just lying on the beach…just watching the ocean ebb and flow…ahhhhhh

  54. Mandy

    My perfect Christmas revolves around family, friends, and atmosphere. We would begin the day with coffee, my husband told me pancakes and discussion around the Christmas tree.Later, after eating a fantastic home made meal with elements from all family members, we would watch our favorite Christmas movies and play games.

  55. Kelly

    I would like to spend Christmas helping those in need

  56. Judy

    My perfect Christmas would be to have one more Christmas Day with my mom and Dad. They have been in heaven for over 30 years but I would love to be with them and all the rest of my family one more time.

  57. Alex

    See the family for a bit then hit up the casinos.

  58. Karyn

    I enjoy walking around the neighborhood and looking at all the lights and decorations. People are so creative and always go all out! I myself don’t celebrate Christmas, but it is always fun to see how others share their holiday spirit!

  59. Alexis

    I love Christmas and I am always sad when it is time for the tree (trees) to come down. I enjoy just being in a dark room with just the tree lights on! All the fun and joy of past Christmases come back, thanks mom and dad.


    the ideal Christmas for me is to spend with my family, who lives far away from home.

  61. Thao

    Christmas for me is about spending time with my family. Get together and eat and play games and just enjoying ourselves. Then leave a little bit of time at the end of 🌃 for myself and my husband after the kids off to sleep to curl up and watch late night shows and fall asleep.

  62. Erin Antel

    I love Christmas, but my mom always made it about the traditions and spending time with the family. We do gifts and it’s nice, but as my brother and I got older, and now as my kids get older, gifts become a smaller and smaller part of the holidays. We decorate the tree together (with my mom!) as a family. It’s when we talk about past holidays and good memories and loved ones no longer with us. We bake cookies together. It is very much about time spent together. It’s simple, but it’s special to us, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  63. Ria

    Family time is everything to me. So my ideal Christmas is spending the entire day playing games, watching movies and enjoying their company.

  64. Sherry Mucha

    I’m not a fan of Christmas either 🤪
    It’s just too crazy and people are just worried about what to buy each other – etc. I just would like to stay home and watch movies or read 😊

  65. Tatiana Honeybee

    This year I will have absolutely amazing Christmas in the Fairyland (Island). New country, new impressions, new start. Good luck to me!

  66. Svetlana Nikolaeva

    Hi Victoria, I’d go to the seaside with my family! Somewhere nice and hot. I definitely lack sun now that the weather is so gloomy.

  67. Marie

    My Christmas is best spent surrounded by family and food.

  68. MelissaMesquita

    I’m not a fan of Christmas too because it’s more about the preasure to get everything done: get the presents for everyone, prepare the lunch and the dinner, everything must be pretty and perfect to impress the family, most of the people Forget about what Christmas really is, for me the perfect Christmas would be having the close ones by my side, having a great food (with no rush or worries), having a good laugh, enjoying the company of each other, watch a movie or play some games during the night… that would be great

  69. Jeanette

    Run away with my husband to a lot cabin on the woods 🙂

  70. Bonnie May

    Given the chance I’d love to spend Christmas in Australia. It’s the most exotic place on my travel bucket list.

  71. Shmulia

    My ideal holiday scenario, it’s such a day that we all were together and did what pleases all of us. But what exactly is to skate or for example to watch cartoons already and not so important.

  72. Ruth

    I would love to spend the day in my PJ’s in front of the woodstove – perhaps toasting marshmallows with the kids and putting them in hot chocolate. There would of course be a lot of food and popcorn. After a nap, the family would watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and take some time to count our blessings and enjoy each others company. Wishing you all much joy, good health and peace on earth!

  73. Dorothee

    Laughing with my family 🙂

  74. Lizzy

    In my ideal Christmas, my family and my husband’s family would be willing to drive to Rockford and spend the day visiting and eating and relaxing at my house. No one would complain about the drive being so far from Chicago or that I made so much food. Everyone just would sincerely have a wonderful time.

  75. Melissa

    If money was no object, I would go to a different country each holiday to see how they celebrate. Not just Christmas but whatever is their main holiday.
    I live in the Adirondacks so the whole cabin in the woods thing is nothing special, lol.

  76. Susan

    I would like to spend Christmas doing the same thing I did last year. My husband and I went on a trip with two other couples that are very good friends with us. We went to The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland. It was the very first time I had ever been out of the US. We had so much fun together seeing the beautiful countries I would love to do it again this year…maybe to different countries?!

  77. Eva Calendino

    My ideal Christmas would be in a chalet, with my loved ones, watching it snow and admiring the tree. There would be time for quiet contemplation and some solitude and someone else would cook! There would be no fighting. Cheers!

  78. Lisa

    I would spend Christmas in a log cabin with family.

  79. Kristen

    I’d stay at home on my couch cuddled up with my dog watching horror flicks!

  80. Evgenia

    I like family Xmas, to have late dinner, to watch TV, to go outside

  81. Grace

    favourite part of Christmas is driving around searching or the perfect tree and decorating it just right with my family. If I could be a professional Christmas tree decorator during the month of December that would be my ideal Christmas (is there even such a huge thing lol?)

    • Nereids

      If there isn’t, then you should be the first. Post it in the local paper. If you do what you love I am sure it will look amazing and make your Christmas pefect. 🙂

  82. Valerie Bronson

    I’d like to go to figi with my husband and just relax………

  83. Nereids

    I get the feeling. I went to a Holiday Walk last night which is where the community comes out, the stores have cookies, gluhwein, wine, eggnog, and cider and hot chocolate for the kids. Popcorn, musicians, Santas, etc. For some reason, maybe because I went early, something was missing. It felt almost depressing. I will go to Laguna which is lined with art galleries. I will go to a quaint cafe and curl up with a good book and lots of lattes. After, when I get home I will put on a good Christmas movie and play games with my teen. She just turned vegetarian so I will find some amazing something to make for her, IDK.

  84. Lola

    I don’t do Christmas, no tree, no decorations, no music, and though I do give gifts to my kids who still celebrate, I don’t attend any celebrations. Once my kids grew up and I could stop faking enthusiasm for the holiday, I did! 🙂

  85. Liseth

    I love hanging out with my family so Christmas is no exception. We eat, talk, laugh and play games. I like the classic scene of snow and lights, but I wouldn’t mind going somewhere warm as long as the whole family was there.

  86. Amber

    My ideal Christmas would be watching my kids be giddy with their new gifts, eating delicious food, watching a Christmas Story while coloring in coloring books, and driving to see Christmas lights once the sun has set. Happy Beadmas!

  87. Suzy

    My ideal Christmas, and the one I hope to be able to have this year, is to stay at home with hubby and my dog watching movies and eating yummy holiday foods 🙂

  88. Suzy

    In front of a fireplace with my dogs and a good book

    • endangeredtrolls

      Girl after my own heart <3

  89. Paula, Gravesend

    I don’t celebrate Christmas so just enjoy the time off reading in bed with a lovely cup of tea and Leonidas chocolates (once a year treat) I also have time to go through my bead collections and swap out some beads to update the look of some bracelets and find different combinations. This year I am recovering from my hip replacement surgery so will catch up on films I have wanted to see and enjoy some good television.

  90. Tata_Rostov

    Christmas for me would be ideal in a little house somewhere in snowy Finland in front of a burning fireplace with your loved one

  91. Carol L

    Yes, the holidays are stressful but beautiful. The lights the sounds. I would love to find a quiet place overlooking a city all lite up with Christmas lights and just relax there. I’d sit back take in all that beauty and just be glad for another day above ground.

  92. Neve

    I would take my hubby and kids and simply go somewhere warm, I hate winter.

  93. Nikki

    If left to my own …I’d make a pot of the best coffee eat nothing but scrummie cakes pies all of a chocolate variety and read books ALL DAY LONG…..oh and put on the tv from youtube a mix of fireplace and or christmas music…..

  94. Sarah Addis

    I always go to my parents for Christmas but for a change I’d love to do it the Aussie way … we’d fly to Australia in plenty of time to recover from jet lag and do it in style on the beach … sunshine and lots of tasty Christmas goodies .

  95. Gene

    My days of stressing out about Christmas are long over so I would spend it exactly as I do now…with my son and the cats at home quietly. He always says that I don’t have to get him anything, but I do it anyway. Have a good meal, watch some football…

  96. Michelle KL Wells

    As always, I drag everyone awake at 5am because I can’t wait! Gifting time. Mum starts blasting Christmas songs in the kitchen whilst I nick the odd yorkshire pudding when she isn’t looking. Then set and ready the table to eat ‘the meal. I’m doing a Chandler, eating chicken. Whilst my sister and dad are saving Turkey for Turkey sandwiches. After stuffing ourselves, we watch Harry Potter and fall asleep in our comfy chairs. 😉❤ #lovemyfamily

  97. Noemi

    I would stay home and watch Christmas movies, Harry Potter and eating cookies. Maybe some bead play 😉

  98. Alexandra R

    For me Christmas is synonymous with holidays. Spending time with a good book on the coach, decorating our tree and the house, packing gifts. And taking our time. But for Christmas Eve I need to be with family, have a nice diner, open presents. Then on Christmas day I can enjoy my presents (usually books) and do nothing.

  99. Beth Kirksey

    I love Christmas! I don’t think I would change much about our Christmas. Just spent all around the table with my family, laughing and listening to my son and brother in law sing Christmas Shoes in as sappy a voice as they can.

  100. Elena

    I start preparing for Christmas at the end of summer, when my son and I collect white mushrooms in the forest to bake them in special pots for a holiday … To eat these mushrooms, our whole family and friends will gather, we will wish for happiness, naughty and giving gifts! This is a wonderful time and I really love it! However, the true, my secret Christmas – when the foggy dewy dawn, my son and I are walking through the forest … That’s when the Christmas miracle begins for me)))

  101. Dawn K-M

    My perfect Christmas would be a snowy day spent with friends and family sipping spiked egg nog or cocoa playing card games and telling stories.

  102. Federica Ruotolo

    I’d spend it with my family all together in harmony

  103. Magda

    I would stay home with my husband and daughters,reading books,eating some good Christmas meals and relax.

  104. Sandra Babcock

    Christmas, for me, is all about family and friends, with good food, good music, and good conversation. This year my youngest grandson is 3, a perfect age for renewing the wonder and magic for the rest of us. It will be such fun as the older 2 are 15 and 11 now and they enjoy Santa from the other side now.

  105. Shanen Ruppel

    I always get depressed around the holidays, even more so since my son passed away Oct 2016. Im going to force myself to think of the happy memories, instead of the sad ones, of my son and when my little family was together for the holidays last. Im going to cook all of my son’s favorite foods until Im in a food coma and I fall asleep, just like my son would do every holiday.

  106. Rach Tapper

    My perfect Christmas is basically what we have been doing since I can remember, all about family and friends.
    I am ridiculously lucky! I have a fantastic bunch of friends (I’m not sure how I became so blessed, but I am thankful) and a wonderful family who love to gather around, have some food, a ton of laughs, drinks and some games. There are of course, some years that I look back on and wish we could re do and others that turned out a lil less than.
    So my favorite Christmases are the ones when we all get together (we try our best to do it every year) and enjoy each others company!! Yes some members have passed and Christmas will never be as they were, but we talk of them and laugh at our precious memories as we unknowingly create new ones, we don’t stop enjoying each others presence. Also … there’s TRIFLE! OMG YUM!

  107. Linda Jo

    Understood, Victoria. The expectations of others can sap all the joy out of the holiday. I have very little family left, and in-laws with unwritten rules. And 24/7 Christmas music on the radio is so annoying!
    I just hope for good weather so my husband and I can take a long walk, watching the birds and marvelling at Mother Nature. A break for serenity and sanity.
    Maybe with a Dirty Evil Rubber Duckie on my wrist. 😉

  108. jae

    I now spend Christmas with my rescue cats if human family cannot be here-We share turkey & just a bit of whipped cream from the pumpkin pie, then gather round the fake fireplace to watch “A Christmas Story”-Cats luv the bunny suit on Ralph!!!

  109. MaLa

    I would love to spend Christmas with my grown son and daughter and their grown sons and daughter, but we are geographically far apart.
    I have the good fortune to spend Christmas dinner with close friends and we have a good time eating and sharing and having joy.
    I really enjoyed reading Anja’s account of her German Christmas. I, too, am from Germany and cherish my memories of opening gifts on Christmas Eve, with grandmothers and sometimes my Aunt Gertrud joining us.
    The time of Advent was special too, with the candles on the wreath, and of course, my Advent Calendar, which at that time had no candy or chocolates hidden behind the door, but pretty little pictures, and I would be all excited every morning when it was time to open the door of that day.
    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

  110. Julie Lanner

    Good food my daughter made, Carol’s,cookies, good wine, happy time with the grandkids. Fire in the fireplace,cat in my lap.

  111. Cynthia

    I will watch home alone on repeat. It was my first xmas movie ever and every year I have to watch it at least once.

  112. Allymoose

    Ever since I was 3 I’ve had to travel to different homes on Christmas. I’d like for once to just be able to stay at my own house and have family & friends visit me. They’d have to be okay with me staying in my PJs though 😜

  113. Ashley

    If I could do whatever I wanted on Christmas Day, I would want to sleep late (anything after 5:30AM) and eat breakfast in bed, preferably a bacon, egg, cheese and hash browns casserole! I would stay in my pjs all day and just be lazy!!! Doing nothing n Christmas Day just sounds perfect!!!! I will instead be working all day long on Christmas, spending the day with my residents, helping them open their gifts and just feel loved!

  114. Shell Courtney

    A quiet day in the house watching a Christmas story and playing games with my two sons and husband!!!

  115. Pam Mckitrick

    Listening to Christmas songs and relaxing at home with family.

  116. Leslie Anne

    Doesn’t matter for me, as long as I get to sleep in and spend the rest of the day with my husband and 2 beautiful children. <3

  117. Ali

    Christmas is always a day with just family. A day spent eating, playing card games and enjoying each other’s company. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  118. Natalie

    Sleep in late and relax and enjoy the Christmas decorations!

  119. Tanya

    I have small children, so Christmas is a naturally joyous time for us. We have lowered our pressure dramatically in recent years, either don’t visit with family who make us uncomfortable or just visit them after the holidays. Many of our most beloved family have passed away, so we use the time to really cherish one another and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ. Our kids are taught to have few toy expectations at Christmas, and so when they do get gifts, it’s a really adorable thing to watch. Christmas is what you make it. So long as you remember the “reason for the season”, it can be a magical time of year. My ideal is just to sit around in pajamas, watch the kids open their gifts and go nowhere the entire day, and stuff myself with lots of food.

  120. Heather M

    I’ll admit, Christmas got more fun after we had a daughter. We make a ton of food, make up games and scavenger hunts for presents, and spend the day enjoying each other and the beautiful S. Florida weather.

  121. Alicia S

    A perfect Christmas Day is a day of family, games and food. No fighting, and gifts don’t really matter. A thank you and rememberance to baby Jesus!