Ohm Beads on the Bayou Registration Opens

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to the opening of registration for the Ohm Beads on the Bayou event.

August the 31st until September the 3rd sees the Ohm Beads on the Bayou event in New Orleans. It’s in celebration of Ohm Beads’ tenth birthday and alongside the team from Ohm Beads USA, Ohm Europe, Ohm Beads Australia, Ohm Beads Thailand and Ohm Beads Taiwan will be there.

Ohm Beads on the Bayou

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Registration opened yesterday with a ticket price of $555. That secures you a place at the event (and places are limited to one hundred people,) swag bag, food, drink and tickets for group activities. They are trying to secure a group discount for a hotel, though this isn’t confirmed and details of pricing for that will be released later.

For those of you wanting to register you can do so here. Those registering before March the 1st will receive a limited edition Early Bird bead.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Will you be heading to Ohm Beads on the Bayou? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Nereida

    In my humble opinion selling tickets to “celebrate” their birthday is akin to my selling tickets to “celebrate” my wedding at my reception . It seems in bad taste and tacky to ask customers who are willing to pay for airfare and hotel to celebrate your success to pay to do so. I find it both arrogant, and unappreciative of their customers. It’s just another greedy money grab which leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and the 555 pricing makes ckear tickets aren’tsold to recoup costs Maybe it’s just me, but I think they should be moregrateful for having usthan expecting ustobe grateful we have them. As for enjoyment, 4 days of Coachella with Eminem, $415. 4 1/2 days of ComicCon $350. Tickets to Hamilton $199 on standby line. Sorry, money vs. quality =Epic Fail.

  2. Lisa G

    $555.00 is a lot of money and still doesn’t cover airfare, hotel and the miscellaneous beads one might buy…any of the essentials. Hmmmm…no.

    • Nereida

      It says it cov ET s food and drink, but it doesn’t say it civers ALL food and drink and I ser IP usly doubt it does

      • Nereida

        covers not cov ET s. seriously not ser IP usly. I don’t know why my tablet does that.

  3. Lynne

    Neirida voice my opinions exactly, only much more eloquently. That the $555 does not include airfare let alone hotel is beyond realistic. This has put a really sour taste in my mouth and I won’t be buying anymore Ohm beads.

  4. Gene

    I completely agree with Nereida. When I saw the price and realized that’s not even with airfare or hotel….come on. I’m done.

  5. Judy

    Ditto Gene’s sentiments. $555 for the “privilege” of buying more beads??? Who could after that ridiculous money grab. I, too, am so done with ohm.

  6. Valerie

    I really want to go to this but I am also disappointed about the price. It’s not really inclusive or ohm like to expect people to come up with that kind of money. It reeks of snobbery and elitism. The city will also be hosting the 47th annual Southern Decadance Celebration that entire weekend so rooms in the French Quarter will be to capacity to wonderful gay men parting their asses off – so full disclosure should be there. It’s going to be a wild weekend. I promise someone’s going to get beads, and someone is definitely getting laid.

  7. Louise

    I’m going to assume this is part of a sales convention. The entertainment, food, T-shirts, giveaways, and fun times, that they’re buying/hiring for their employees, distributors, etc, for free will be available to the customers for $555. Just wild guessing.
    Honestly, it might be killer fun to be there for a one-time chance to party with them. I don’t have that kind of money, but if you do, tell us about it. Unless, of course, it’s another super secret Ohm thing.

  8. Kim

    I agree with the other comments re the pricing. And in addition, their roll-out of this was very poorly executed. No details like where the event will take place or the cost of the hotel? And that’s Labor Day weekend, when I bet costs at tourist sites in general will be high. And no details provided as to an itinerary, what the group events are, or if the price inc!uses all of your meals or just snacks and Coke in a hospitality room? The price seems quite high, but with no details at all included about what your $555 gets you, how are people even supposed to assess whether it’s worth it to them? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. A better planned and executed announcement may have at least cut back on some of these quite justified complaints seen here.

  9. Kelly

    I thought it was a joke when I read the price

    • Lisa G

      I also thought it was a joke. Then I realized they were serious😭😭😤

  10. Neve

    The way Ohm beads promotes itself really makes them stand out from the crowd. But I think they should really step down from the high horse before the way they stand out is what turns us all away.

  11. Noemi

    I was willing to make the drive from Texas. But after seeing that the $555. price tag does not include the hotel, forget it…I’ll stay home.

  12. Elizabeth

    I am really contemplating this. $555 seems!at first look to be expensive and I agree not enough info has been released. Just how many drinks? Just how many meals? If you are not a bead loving participant it is $222. So $333 is bead related. How much are people willing to pay for limited beads? I have seen sol, Luna and other beads sell on the secondary market for more than that. I have rarely been disappointed by Ohm at their events. So a special bead and a swag bag. I am good with that. My only concern is the hotel cost or I would have already filled out my registration. I will confess that NOLA is my favorite city to visit in the US (Mentor is a close second). The food is crazy good. And the is so much more than Burbon Street!

    • Nereida

      They said you get an individualized limited edition bead if registered prior to the deadline so I think 1 bead is ltd ed. Kind of like a blind release on that one, You may or may not like it. You get one, so would you sell it? Definitely capitalizes on the cult following. Probably a bunch of Randohms in there too. Since I purchase beads I want and wouldn’t pay $555 or $333 for unseen beads, no benefit there and not much celebration for customers who have loved their beads for the beads and not because they are a must own trend amongst some bead collectors. The $222 is quite suspect too. How many meals? Is there a choice of food? Will you like it? What are the excursions? Can they even plan the logistics of transporting 100 plus people? Since when can you price an event without planning it first? Only possible when it’s a money making venture so your actual costs are immaterial. Should “celebrations” be another money making enterprise? It’s another “blind distribution” aimed at customers who fear missing out and an abuse of customers who want to meet and socialize with them, but perfect for the cultists with money to burn. The $1600 plus this would cost can buy so many more enjoyable and richer experiences in my book. I prefer more bang for the buck than some obscure tiny beads. It has made me appreciate Bead Bash, which I am going to. That, I understand, is a social get together too as who shops for beads for 3 days straight?

      • Elizabeth

        I think you misinterpreted my post. I am a long time Ohm collector and no, I wouldn’t sell my bead. I have yet to be unhappy with my blind bead purchases so I am more than okay with that. I also like to think the best of people. I think I saw that this is not going to be a buying event. Yes bead bash is very social but I can assure you that we do buy beads all three days.

  13. Katie

    The price is too expensive to me and would be even if I lived in the same city. But, if that is what they are charging and people are willing to pay that price, then more power to them. I can’t blame Ohm for charging an amount for a product that people seem to be willing to pay. Even though it does completely price me out of the thing, if they want an exclusive party, it would have be cost a pretty penny….

    • Nereida

      I would agree if celebrations were a product. Maybe they should try celebrating customers for a change instead of expecting customers to celebrate.

    • Nereida

      Yes, I intend to buy beads all 3 days, but not for the whole day. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just meant that tbe “value” of a bead is meaningless unless you are selling the bead or love it so much you must buy it. I don’t love every bead from any company and think it is rare for a bead to be universally loved. Will this one be, IDK. $333 for unknown beads seems like I am buying a pricey grab bag. In MY opinion, that’s not celebratory.

  14. Pippa

    OMH does like blind BOTMs. This is like buying a ticket to a blind event – though I’m sure they will add teasers particularly if tickets aren’t selling.

    It will probably be super fun weekend and you get to hang out with the folks from Ohm which would be cool. I am curious what the events would be. I assume a celebration but wonder what else? Shopping opportunities from whatever goodies they bring but it seems like there’s more to it. I know sometimes at Trollbeads events they bring a set up for making glass beads. Also some bead events have swaps. I’m trying not to be flip – I can’t help wondering what they’ll do. It might really awesome and special. And the swag!!! The form asks for bracelet size and t-shirt size – I don’t like regular t-shirts, but I but the rest will be very cool and has to include an OHMazing event bead (or beads?).
    $555 is a lot of money and then there is travel and the hotel. That’s what kills it for me. If I lived there I wouldn’t be able to resist.

    Maybe someone who posts her will go and tell us all about it 🙂

    • Kim

      A “blind event?” A blind bead is one thing (although I definitely do not like those). But a blind vacation, which is going to cost probably $1500 all told, between the hefty entrance fee, hotel costs, and travel expenses (leaving out any incidental spending, on beads or anything else)? Nope. With that kind of ticket price, they need to give people an exact itinerary and tell them just what is and isn’t covered in the price. And as Valerie posted above, they should also tell people that their event will evidently be hosted right in the middle of the action during New Orleans’ Pride festival. I googled the festival after seeing Valerie’s post, and it looks like it will take up the entire tourist district. With a big event like that in town that weekend, it probably also means prices will be higher than they might have been on some other weekend. Which could well be why they don’t have a hotel nailed down yet or know whether they’ll be able to get a group rate at a hotel. This sure smacks of poor planning to me.

  15. MaLa

    I agree with all of you who comment on the high price tag for this event – totally unreasonable. Sounds like a money maker for Ohm. Ohm should do something to celebrate their customers, not asking the customers to pay in order to celebrate Ohm. Very selfish, indeed. Shame on Ohm.

    • Pippa

      Who says this is the only thing they are doing to celebrate? The could have other things in the works like a LE Anniversary Bead for sale through the normal channels or who knows what? Ohm likes to do things differently. I agree the price for the weekend with travel costs and other travel considerations. Oh well, I won’t go. But I don’t see how it’s “unreasonable”. If they want to hold a big Anniversary Party Weekend for themselves and offer a chance to for 100 fans/customers to attend I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      And from everything I’ve seen about Ohm they seem like a nice, fun, creative, maybe quirky group of people and it might be really fun to hang out with them for the weekend. And they like to be mysterious and last minute in many of their announcements. And we are only speculating as to what’s going on with where they’re at in terms of planning the event – they could be in the middle of final negotiations. I find it hard to believe that they would be already announcing and selling tickets if they had nothing in the works.

      Plus I think the Early Bird Bead is an extra free bead. I betting attendees will get plenty of cool stuff including including some special beads and will probably have a chance to by some Omhminques and other beads perhaps get some other really cool bead for a certain spend or maybe not (though if I went I’d be disappointed if there weren’t some special shopping opportunity. But it doesn’t really sound like it’s shopping focused and from what I’ve seen of Ohm they will make it a special weekend.

      I’ve been irritated at Ohm many times – there handling of special event or other special beads all last fall for example. Personally, if they can’t have the event beads for a specific spend ready to give the retailer at the event they should take on the responsibility for shipping the beads to the customers (retailers provide a list with addresses) and that it should not have held up orders. And to be fair I think the promos that caused all the delayed orders were set up by Ohm Europe. It caused (is still causing) frustrations for customers who had paid for beads and wanted them even if we had to wait for that heart with key bead and I feel so badly for the retailers and all the extra work and then bad will from customers. What a mess!

      But then Ohm did a bang up job on Beadmas putting tons of effort and with the help of many awesome bloggers and others gave a way a lot of dirty beads and provided lots of entertainment, all for nothing.
      Plus lots of little extras with orders throughout the holiday season.

      I just don’t see how this planning an anniversary event and selling tickets is selfish or shame worthy. Businesses plan events and charge customers to go all the time – I have a friend who is into crafting and is has pays to go on speciality cruises all the time.

      Personally I find it intriguing. But I’m not able to go – not with the travel. But that’s just the way life is. I don’t see how Ohm is doing anything wrong.

      Now if they sell tickets and don’t get a block of rooms at a hotel within the parameters described, then I would hope they offer full refunds. And while I *think* they must have something in the works, and if I could travel and pay the $555, I would certainly contact them with questions before I bought a ticket, including what happens if they fail to arrange for a group block of rooms at a hotel as described . I also might hold of on buying a plane ticket 🙂

  16. Gene

    Ohm may very well have some phenomenal plans lined up. Unfortunately, I cannot afford $555 for the event, plus RT air fare from the East Coast, plus transportation to and from the airports, plus hotel accommodations on a holiday weekend for what *might* happen.

    • Lisa G

      Yes, I definitely think that the price of the event itself excludes people right off the bat. And limited to 100 people? Again sounds like excluding people. I’m sure plenty of ohm fans would love to go to the event if it were more within financial reach, and then what would ohm do? Turn people away? Not good.

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