Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Promotion at Great Lakes Boutique

This Ohm Beads blog brings a preview of the Ohm Beads Bad Dreams, part of a promotion beginning later this week at Great Lakes Boutique.

We’re heading into such an exciting time for Ohm Beads fans. This week (the 1st to be precise,) sees the launch of the Ohm Beads Shitty Ohm collection for the brand’s tenth anniversary. The countdown is definitely already on to the launch of the Ohm Beads Astronargh as the September Bead of the Month and the new CustOhm glass is in circulation.

Beginning on Friday August the 3rd we’ll have a weekend long promotion at Great Lakes Boutique starring the Ohm Beads Bad Dreams.

Ohm Beads Bad  Dreams

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Promotion

It’s always difficult to choose favourite beads but I really enjoyed the Ohm Beads Feelings set created by Ohm in collaboration with Taylored Curiosities. They were so simple and yet the designs fit well with the emotions they were representing. Admittedly I wished they’d been just a little larger but from a design perspective I loved the release.

Ohm Beads Feelings

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

There was actually a fifth, unreleased Feelings bead called the Ohm Beads Bad Dreams. Beginning on Friday August the 3rd and ending at midnight on Sunday the 5th, spends of $250 or more at Great Lakes Boutique will qualify you for a free Bad Dreams bead. Your orders must include either a Forbidden Fruit, (well known to cause bad dreams,) or Spring Refractions glass (or both obviously.) Stocks of this bead are limited so once they’re all sold, that’s it.

Ohm Beads Bad Dreams

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Summary

For those of you following the theme of Bead Bash on the Lake, it’s obviously for Halloween. We have the lovely Trollbeads Pumpkin Caterpillar in it’s traditional Halloween and fall colours. More recently we unveiled the spooky Eerie Nights in shades of black and grey with whirling mist trapped inside. Though there are two more Ohm exclusives to be previewed over the next few weeks, Bad Dreams is a must have both to complete the Feelings set and for Halloween. He’s a super cute dream ghost!

The promotion will begin at midnight EDT as Thursday turns to Friday and will then end at midnight on Sunday. For the European fans that’s 6am on Friday morning. For those of you in the UK it’s 5am. If you’re on PDT it’s 9pm on Thursday night. Do remember that quantities are limited and if stocks exhaust before Sunday, the promotion will end early.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Ohm Beads Bad Dreams? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Jen

    He’s so cute! I wonder why he was never released

    • endangeredtrolls

      I have no idea. I’d guess there are a lot of designs that never make it to production for one reason or another. But I agree with you πŸ˜€

  2. Linda Jo

    Too restrictive. I don’t want either Forbidden Fruit or Spring Refractions. And if I did, I would have gotten them already. So this promotion is a no-go.

    • Pippa

      I get your point – and assume Ohm is doing this promo specifically to sell those two beads. (They were trying so hard to accommodate the requests to increase the total number of each BOTM, personally I think they forgot to use some common sense. Not sure how no one had and voiced the thought that perhaps 2,222 is way to many for Forbidden Fruit – it’s huge, cost A LOT, and isn’t really something most people would use in multiples. And then many collectors didn’t care for it as much as they thought would. And Spring Refractions….) Every company makes mistakes and then they try to find a way to move overstock.

      I figure that this really isn’t too bad – the original Feelings beads were $40 each. So you can just look at it as a $50 exclusive that has a $250 minimum purchase to be allowed to buy and with it you get a Spring Refractions bead. Yes you need to buy another $200 in Ohm beads but you get to choose those and I believe that in the past Ohmniques have counted towards minimum purchase totals so guessing CustOhms will. Can’t remember if purchase of event beads count too.

      More succinctly, no big whoop – if you want the bead it costs 50 bucks and you have to spend $200 more on Ohm products.
      (Oh – and you’ll have to figure out what to do with the glass bead they make you take…)

      • Linda Jo

        Okay, Pippa. I could see rationalizing it that way, that you could spend $200 on Ohm and then the cost of the new feelings bead is $50 with a free Refractions bead thrown in. πŸ™‚ Boy, we bead folks get good at rationalizing, don’t we? πŸ˜€

        So, Victoria — does Ohm Spring Refractions play well with Trollbeads Day 2015?

        • endangeredtrolls

          Hi πŸ™‚

          Actually yes. Now.. the one thing that “bugs” me is the shape / size difference but I always have that. Spring Refractions sits a little more to the pinks than the lavender of the Trollbeads Day Bead but otherwise I like them together πŸ™‚

        • endangeredtrolls

          And finally attached you the images πŸ˜‰

        • Pippa

          LOL, Linda Jo, sometimes too good πŸ™‚

      • endangeredtrolls

        In the past event beads have counted towards any “spend x and get y” promotions but not towards the buy five and get one free offer. If that makes sense πŸ˜‰ Though in this case the promotion is this weekend so event beads aren’t really a concern anyway.

        But yes you are correct. It’s a single Spring Refraction at $50.

        I should also point out this is a GLB promotion not Ohm. Though well, it *is* an Ohm promotion of course. But anyone grumpy about the terms can very much direct that at me not Ohm :p I’ll get my armour ready πŸ˜‰

        • Linda Jo

          That’s it! We need armour beads.

      • Nereida Ammari

        I think it’s GLB that wants to move those beads as it is their promotion. Sucks to get stuck with expensive, non-moving inventory.

  3. Pippa


    I love Bad Dreams and am excited to have an addition to the Feelings collection!
    I really like them, though agree that they could be a little bigger – maybe someday they will be upgraded, Feelings 2.0 πŸ™‚
    In the meantime I need to break them out and do a new bracelet (bangle?) for them. I want something with glass too and will see what I can find that are small – they don’t like to be overwhelmed – and also moody.

    Really these beads could have been made for me I’ve realized – finding a very good psychiatrist has been eye-opening as to understanding the complexity and reality of mental illness. Anxiety, Self Conscious, Worry and Fretful-Nag, they all seem to apply. Though I never have gotten Fretful-Nag, despite liking the design, as “nag” always has brought to mind the stereotype of the “nagging wife” which I dislike – but I was just looking back ET’s original post previewing the Feelings release. And I read the description, “Fretful-nag is a heavy feeling you wake up with that just won’t leave you alone. But look at that little face! Remember, there’s nothing really there to bother you. It’s just your silly unconscious messing with you. Rub Fretful-nag’s back and take a slow breath. In and out. In and out. Feeling better yet?” Now I think it needs to go on my Must-Buy List. This will have the added advantage of keeping my Feelings collection at an odd number.

    • endangeredtrolls

      So this is my feelings bracelet and I love it. Though ideally I’d like to remove all of the other silver and just have emotions all the way through it. I don’t care that some are duplicated.

      If you wanted smaller glass I would have said Trollbeads Prisms. I think the grey ones? πŸ˜‰

      Anxiety is definitely “my” bead out of this set. A few years ago I was having attacks so bad that I used to have issues even food shopping. Even now though not a common when they happen, they cripple me and it’s always sat in the back of my mind. I stress about everything and when I can’t find anything legitimate to stress over, I seem to make something up.

      I really like self conscious too, though I think he could apply for a lot of emotional states when the perfect response just feels to wrap yourself in a blanket and cry.

  4. Rosie

    Oh, I have the feelings bead set and this is a great addition!!! Love it!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Aren’t they just lovely? Like I said I wish they’d been bigger but still.. I so love that collection

  5. Jinnie

    So, this is just an incentive to shift two less successful beads?

    Bit of a cynical move from Ohm.

    Hardly a treat. Buy something Ohm can’t shift and they’ll give you a bead that they never felt made the cut to stand on its own.

    Wow, thanks for that.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It can’t really be blamed on Ohm. Though it is an Ohm Beads promotion, we set the terms so it’s better to blame me than them πŸ˜‰

      Though I’m not sure that Bad Dreams didn’t make the cut. I have no idea why they never released it but it’s design is very much like the others so I doubt they targeted him as some kind of reject πŸ˜‰

      • Jinnie

        It’s really bad that GLB is forcing customers to buy a bead they have no real desire to own in order to get another bead they might actually want.

        Let’s face it, if we’d wanted the Forbidden Fruit or Spring Refraction then we’d have already bought them as they’ve been out long enough.

        This is a really bad way of shifting unwanted stock by holding customers to ransom. You’re basically saying “hey, buy this bead that we know you don’t really want or we won’t let you buy the bead you do want” – how fair is that?

        First time I’ve been disappointed with GLB. I don’t know what to think now; you’ve always been so customer focused until now.

  6. Lisa G

    I agree. It would be bad enough that it’s a bead that didn’t make the cut. But to try to move 2 other largely unloved beads to get it is just a no go for me. Silly all around.
    Btw, the feelings beads ( I have one) are so tiny you can barely see them.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Well yes though you don’t need to buy both πŸ™‚ It’s one or the other πŸ™‚ (Or both for anyone missing Forbidden Fruit of course πŸ™‚

  7. Lisa G

    I do think the Custohms and the GLB event bead are great. So thank you, OHM!

  8. Liseth

    Dear GLB or Ohm beads,
    Please don’t make us buy beads we already have or don’t want! I understand the spends of at least $250 to qualify for the bead, but imposing a specific bead at time of purchase is a no from me.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m really sorry to hear that but with other releases on Wednesday anyway I’m sure you’ll find other beads πŸ™‚

  9. Pippa

    I think I need an additional feelings beed for Constantly Confused…or perhaps it should be Confusing?
    (Not sure which.)

    I didn’t realize that this is something happening *now* – I thought it was something else for Bead Bash…

    Really, I do know how to read πŸ™‚

    Victoria, thanks for post the pic, like them like that. Using the same glass bead throughout is a good idea, it doesn’t over power them. Ditto on using neutrals. Now I want to go play with them! But instead must go to bed.

  10. Linda Jo

    So, I caved. Bought the Feelings Set as part of my $250 required spend, and got the Bad Dreams promo bead.

    I do like these beads! and the mental health messaging that is integral to Taylored Curiosities’ designs. (TC has done these Monster Emotions in both aromatherapy plush dolls and in ceramic figurines, and the range includes other emotions besides the five Ohm has done in bead form.) Each of the Feelings beads has a story/message, and the messages for the first four were included on Ohm’s catalog and also quoted in Victoria’s blog entry previewing the beads. http://www.endangeredtrolls.com/ohm-beads-feelings-preview/

    This is the message that Taylored Curiosities has for her Bad Dreams emotion monster, that was intended to be included with the Ohm bead:
    “Bad Dreams affect us all. Could be the middle of the night and you wake up, startled, clutching the duvet for safety. It takes a while to realise you are safely in your bed and the danger wasn’t real. Or waking in the morning with a sad feeling left from a sad dream that hurt and upset you.
    Keep a Bad Dream nearby and they’ll soak up all that emotion leaving you with a peaceful nights sleep.

    Bad Dream talismans can ward off bad dreams. If you already have one, the others don’t tend to bother you so much. So it’s worthwhile keeping one close by.”

    I haven’t tried any glass beads with my Feelings beads yet, but I am considering prisms, pearls, or maybe some “small & beautiful” Trollbeads uniques. Small ambers, too!

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