Novobeads Spring 2014 Sneak Peek

As all the jewellery brands continue to debut their new season collections, now is the turn of Novobeads. This charm jewellery blog article brings a sneak peek at the Novobeads Spring 2014 collection.

The last Novobeads release was for Christmas 2013. I’ll admit I had anticipated a Valentine’s Day collection from the brand. Rather they opted to market last year’s release (which was admittedly lovely.)

Novobeads have now released a sneak peek of the Novobeads Spring 2014 collection featuring some fabulously tropical colours in addition to a super sparkly pavé Easter egg.


Image Courtesy of Novobeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The colours remind me of summer fruit cocktails and it features beautiful Novobeads Signature CZs. The highlight for me (based on this sneak peek) are the lovely Novobeads Pavé Easter Eggs, pictured in rose gold, yellow gold and silver. I’m a fan of the existing Novobeads Crystal Macaroons so there’s little surprise the Easter Eggs hold appeal for me.


Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I suspect the cubic zirconia beads featured in this campaign image are those in the current collection, such as the Novobeads Green Pasture and Tangerine Orange, though once again I’m waiting for a full preview of the collection.

I have no confirmation of release date yet though I suspect it’s imminent considering they released this image.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Are you a fan of Novobeads? What are your thoughts on this sneak peek at the Novobeads Spring 2014 collection? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Faye

    It’s LOVE. I will enjoy finding out if they’re releasing new crystals or cz’s or if these are existing color options.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Faye 🙂

      I’m waiting to hear! 🙁 I think at least some are existing beads. I think I see at least the Green Pasture and the Tangerine but it’s so difficult to tell.

      I quite like the barrel looking bead just to the right of the centre too. It’s clearly floral or planty of some description!


  2. Faye

    The mail delivered a catalog with a new Spring tote on the cover – the colors match perfectly with your Novobeads Spring 2014 feature photo – which I love!!.
    I just sent you the photo Victoria, by email. The website is:

  3. Kim7

    Hi Victoria! I love Novobeads in general, both for their beautiful, quality products, as well as their fantastic, customer-oriented way of doing business. Their Signature CZs, as well as the Mini CZs, are really beautiful in natural light (*any* kind of light), and they have some very original and detailed silvers; I really want their Cornucopia bead, among others. *Love* the colors in the spring collection! I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in detail.

    Take care…

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Kim,

      No further updates available yet sadly. The CZs are indeed beautiful though I haven’t indulged much as import taxes from the USA are just awful.

      Kind Regards

  4. rainey

    I missed this entry earlier but I’m excited about those 3 botanical silver beads. And they look smashing in a simple combination with the CZs. Very fresh and Spring-y!

    It would be exciting if they’d offer more full sized CZs. I’ve long wondered why there are so many more color choices in the minis.

    I went to the site to see what the prices would be but they’re not listed yet. Ah, yes! I guess that’s what “preview” means but I’m on tenterhooks!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Yes, not yet out! I was told “the next few days” when I asked them but I suspect it’s going to Monday at the earliest now. I can’t see them listing on Sunday?!


  5. Faye

    Hi Victoria,

    Any news from Novobeads on when they’re releasing this new Spring 2014 “Sneak Peak” and when we’ll know what beads are used in the promo photo? I check their site regularly, but thus far, nothing. No worries if you don’t know yet, I’ll keep checking their site.
    Thanks! Faye

    • endangeredtrolls

      A little bit ridiculous right? Even more so considering pave Easter Eggs feature in the release and well… it’s Easter next week.

      I have a feeling something weird is going on at Novobeads. Just a hunch.

      I’ll update you as soon as I have something 🙁


      • Faye

        Yes it’s weird with Easter next week. I’m very ready for Spring beads on my bracelet!
        I guess I better grab a few of those beads I want before something uncomfortable may happen. Too bad.
        Thanks Victoria for your information.
        p.s. – I really had my eye on that vine bead as sort of a stand-in for “Ivy”. And those amazing tri-color eggs!!!

        • endangeredtrolls

          Finally got hold of them Faye.

          It seems the collection was released to retailers weeks ago and the fact it’s not showing on the website is some sort of technical oversight 😉

          They’ve emailed me a few moments ago stating that they’re working on it now. Given the website is now throwing me errors, I assume that’s accurate.

          Full preview is now up, with prices and bead details 🙂


  6. Faye

    Good news.

    But I just visited their website and there’s no frontpage photo of the bracelet featured – same old boring frontpage – , and I don’t know the names of the new beads. The eggs I found, but can’t see their photos at all – none of the new beads’ photos are loading for me in either Microsoft IE, or Mozilla or Chrome. They must still be having technical website difficulties. Patience is a virtue. But really what kind of marketing is that?!?!

    I’ve NEVER seen Novobeads at any retailers. I’ve seen them on, but nowhere else. Does anyone know what retailers carry their beads & bracelets??? There’s no button or link on their site to “Retailers” or “Find in stores”. I sent them a message through their “contact us” feature. Hopefully they reply.

    • endangeredtrolls

      9 hours later the site still isn’t working for me either. Funny thing is if my blog went down my boyfriend would stay up until it was fixed. We do everything we can to ensure uptime and full functionality here and we don’t make money from that! They’re an actual store.. one would assume they’d want this fixed asap 🙁


      • Faye

        Exactly, you & your boyfriend care about your site and your fans & followers. And if I ran a business I surely would be working 24/7 to fix any issue that might affect sales or customer satisfaction. Novobeads must be doing really well and doesn’t need the business. I’ve never seen their line in any stores though.

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