Advent Calendar Day 18 – Novobeads Christmas Tree

Throughout December I’ve been showcasing the best of the Christmas bead designs from my favourite brands. Today both reviews a quintessentially festive design whilst also acting as a succinct introduction to Novobeads, a new brand to Endangered Trolls.

Several weeks ago, I received comments from a reader about American brand Novobeads. This is a name familiar to many Trollbeads collectors but as they’re only available at retailers within the USA and Canada I’d never physically seen the products. While they have no European retailers yet, they do offer global shipping from their official website.

The marketing department at Novobeads were kind enough to supply me with a selection of products and given the imminent arrival of the holidays, I asked for a couple of festive designs.

What follows is a review of the Novobeads Christmas Tree.

For the benefit of all, Novobeads boast a larger core and are fully compatible with all major charm brands, including Pandora and Ohm Beads. Naturally, they also offer their own bracelet system centred around a silver chain (which is rather exquisite) and this will feature in a later review.

Novobeads Christmas Tree Review

Today’s festively decorated Christmas tree has its roots in ancient times, when the evergreen symbolized the promise of life in deepest winter.

The Novobeads Christmas tree is a cute, fully decorated tree. Much like the Ohm Beads Christmas tree, this bead details miniature baubles.


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In regards to it’s size, it’s similar to the Pandora and Ohm Beads offerings, with the new Trollbeads contemporary Christmas tree still towering over all other designs.


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There’s something about it’s wavy branch design that to me, is reminiscent of snow laden branches and due to this I think it would also look stunning on a winter themed bracelet.


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Novobeads Christmas Tree Ordering Details

As mentioned previously, Novobeads do offer global delivery from their official website. Clicking on the link below will open the Christmas Tree landing page in a new window:-

Novobeads Christmas Tree Conclusion

I’ll admit that I feel somewhat guilty about rushing this bead review to publication prior to offering an introduction to the brand. Unfortunately, the bracelet only arrived last week and I was keen to showcase the festive charms enclosed. Rest assured a more formal introduction to the brand will follow in the coming weeks.

The Novobeads Christmas Tree is a lovely design and while it is clearly targeted as a festive bead, there is something about it that makes me think of snowy forests and an altogether Narnia-esque scene. With this in mind, I think it’s a bead that could offer a little more versatility outside of the holiday season and this is something I’ll try and experiment with in coming weeks.

From the sample products I have received, I’m utterly impressed with Novobeads. The charm and bead market is absolutely brimming with brands and it’s difficult to make yourself stand out in a sea of competition. Novobeads have truly attempted to do this with some innovative thinking that I’ll unveil in future articles.

Until then, I’d encourage my readers to take a look at their full catalogue which can be found at the link below:-

Please note that the bead featured in this article was provided free of charge for consideration and review. This does not influence the opinions expressed here.


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  1. Debbie

    You’ve almost got your own forest of Xmas trees there Victoria!

    I must say that the more I see the TB Christmas Tree the more I like it. Whilst the Pandora, Ohm and Novobeads are all undeniably cute, the clean lines of the TB bead really does showcase Danish design at it’s best. I think TB were brave to go with such a modern, sleek look on this charm.

    I will look forward to your indepth review of Novobeads, you and Leann are soooo bad introducing all these temping delights! I really like the look of the Novobeads clasps, and the bracelet from a quick look on their website looks really pretty (and the prices are reasonable as well).

    Is it possible to have a photo in the review with the clasp closed and beads snuggled up to it so I can get a feel for what it looks like?

    • endangeredtrolls

      I do have quite the collection of Christmas trees this year! Novo sent me samples based on my personal requests and I was keen to grab a couple of festive beads but not too many as it will all be over and done with before we know it.

      I was very shocked with the Trollbeads Christmas tree as I really don’t associate them with contemporary design so I was pleasantly surprised. Other posters are correct that it lacks a little weight but I can’t fault the actual design.

      The Novobeads bracelet and clasp system is lovely and very user friendly – even when photographing with wet nails as I was earlier!

      I will most definitely accommodate your request regarding the clasp. I’ve been taking a ton of photographs today to try and get ahead so I can have a break over Christmas. I’m finishing up the photography tomorrow so I’ll be certain to grab some like this.

      I have to say though – I’m rather impressed with Novobeads.

      Kind Regards

  2. Jennifer

    I agree Debbie, the Novobeads clasp seems really interesting! I know the idea of these photographs is to compare the beads to one anothet, but I am starting to like the idea of having all of the different trees, and snowmen, etc. together on a bracelet. Ok, I’m addicted to beads… πŸ™‚

    • Debbie

      LOL Jennifer, I know the feeling on being addicted. Unfortunately my desire for beads is kept in check by my much smaller bank balance!!

      I don’t have a Christmas bracelet yet and want to have one ready for 2013 – I think we are spoilt for choice and I know I am going to have a really hard time making my final choices.

      I think your idea of all the trees, snowmen etc on one bracelet is nice, and what will we do if RBF brings out all 12 days of Christmas over the next few years?

      I am kind of thinking of two Christmas bracelets that I can wear together, one with all silvers, and a combo with glass and silver might look nice. What do you think?

      • endangeredtrolls

        I didn’t have a Christmas bracelet for years! I was always thinking of versatility over things like that. I used to just trim up my little Troll Tree in something vaguely festive and be quite happy with that!

        I have to admit when it comes to Christmas beads, I always get really excited about the Redbalifrog releases. This year is my first time with Ohm and I’ve loved some of their festive designs too. The little Carolers bead is sooo cute and I don’t generally do cute at all!

        I’d love to see Redbalifrog release a Christmas lock πŸ˜€

      • Jennifer

        I think that sounds great! πŸ™‚ Especially with the rebalifrog silvers. And there are so many beautiful glass trollbeads…

        • endangeredtrolls

          I know Amanda from Redbalifrog frequently wears all silver bracelets. Redbalifrog don’t make glass of course but they do have a couple of coral and gemstone beads. Some of her all silver creations are fabulous to look at. It’s not a concept that I have really experimented with I must admit.. certainly not with my Trollbeads bracelets though I confess my Pandora bracelets are primarily all silver. I’ve no idea what the reasoning behind that is!

          Kind Regards

    • endangeredtrolls

      The Novobeads locks are very interesting. Admittedly I have just the one but I really, *really* like it and I’m generally quite picky with locks. It’s nice to see a slightly different concept also.

  3. Marie

    Victoria – I am wondering if you have any comparison of the TB bracelet chain vs Novobeads chain. Specifically if Novobeads’ locks and anchors would in fact work on TB bracelets and maybe the anchors on TB bangles. I know that on the Novobeads site, they mention the anchors are not compatible on all brands (keyword all), but since the Novobeads cores support TB use, I’m thinking the anchors and possibly the locks could also work if wanted? Any knowledge or thoughts on this?

    Thank you!

    • endangeredtrolls

      If you mean Novobeads locks in the sense of clasps then yes they work. If you mean locks in the sense of stoppers / clips then I have absolutely no idea and I do not work with Novobeads anymore I’m afraid,

      You can find all of my reviews of Novobeads on their landing page – but I never made a direct comparison between the bracelets. You can see the bracelet on both lock reviews I’ve done in the past though – and

      You’d really need to contact Novobeads directly for details of compatibility I think.


      • Marie

        Wow – you are fast in posting!

        Thank you for confirming the lock compatibility. I will contact Novobeads regarding use their anchors as spacers on the TB system and post what I learn.

      • Marie

        For anyone who might be wondering about Novo anchors and their use on Trollbeads bracelets or bangles as spacers, this is what I was told by a Novobeads Operations and Sales Manager….

        “The anchors are compatible with the TB brand. I am unsure of the bangle though since we have never tried that. I assume the bangle is the same gauge as the TB bracelet.”

        Personally, I’d seen the use of a NB anchor on a TB bracelet once. The NB anchor was very, very snug. My concern was if it in fact was too snug, but by the response from NB, apparently not a worry. That said, the NB anchor might be a viable option for anyone wanting to really lock their beads on if they find the TB spacers too loose for some reason.

        Have a great day!

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