News Round-Up August 2018

This charm bracelet blog brings a summary of what to expect during August 2018. It features Trollbeads, Ohm Beads, True Beadz and Redbalifrog.

Happy first of August! August is often an exciting time in bead world as we begin to see the previews for fall. Fall collections tend to be quite large and they’re my personal favourites of the whole year. As I glance at my calendar it’s finally beginning to look exciting again. July is always such a dull month!

In this article I’ll be sharing what we can expect to see this month. Please note the information here is purely what I can publicly discuss.

Trollbeads Fall 2018 Preview

I’ve been receiving messages and comments for a couple of weeks now regarding the Trollbeads Fall 2018 collection. I know many of you are as excited for this as I am. The collection itself will launch in September and I can’t confirm the date just yet. You can expect the preview around the middle of August. You have about two weeks of waiting to endure. It’s going to be amazing.

Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018

For the first time in many year I didn’t cover the People’s Bead event this year. I have to confess I’ve found the voting system for the past two years a little infuriating. In previous years I would have browsed submissions and selected favourites. I understand why they have made the changes but I just lack the time to browse them all and so I felt very out of touch with the entire competition.

Nevertheless the winner of the Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018 event will be announced on August the 24th. It will then launch on September the 7th.

Ohm Beads August 2018 Collections

Today sees the launch of the Ohm Beads August 2018 collections including the much discussed Shitty Ohm release. While that particular set of beads won’t be for everyone, they’re joined by designs such as Love Hurts 2.0, Darlie the Robot and Leafy. Hopefully there will be something to appeal to most tastes.

Ohm Beads

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Promotion at Great Lakes Boutique

At midnight EDT on Thursday night / Friday morning, the Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Promotion begins at Great Lakes Boutique. Spends of $250 or more will qualify for a free unreleased and exclusive Ohm Beads Bad Dreams, originally part of the Feelings collection. The spends must include a Forbidden Fruit or Spring Refractions and we will be listing live images of the new batch one of CustOhms in time for the start of the promotion.

Ohm Beads Bad Dreams

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads Astronargh

The Ohm Beads Astronargh has already been confirmed as the Bead of the Month for September and it’s a blind release so don’t expect a preview. Many retailers sold out of their stock very quickly though there are still some available at Great Lakes Boutique in the USA and Exclusive Bead Store in the UK.

Ohm Beads September 2018 Previews

Astronargh originally had a confirmed release date of September the 1st, though I’ve now seen a conflicting date of September the 10th. It’s safe to assume that’s when the other September collections will launch. That should give a preview date of around the middle of August.

Ohm Beads Bead of the Month October 2018

It’s exciting to think that with Astronargh already available for pre-order, we should be seeing some kind of announcement or preview for the Ohm Beads October Bead of the Month during August. October is of course Halloween and while there’s certainly no promised that we’ll see a holiday inspired bead, I’ll admit to crossing my fingers and toes for that.

True Beadz Dangle of the Month September 2018

The True Beadz Dangle of the Month for September 2018 should appear relatively soon. Pre-orders for August began on the 2nd so I don’t think True Beadz fans will have too much longer to wait.


Some of my readers did see me refer to an upcoming Redbalifrog announcement soon. I’m currently waiting on just a final confirmation before I can begin running some teasers for this. Hopefully they will appear over the next couple of weeks.

August 2018 Summary

First comes a list of dates for your diary:-

  • Ohm Beads August 2018 Collections – August 1st
  • Ohm Beads Bad Dreams Promotion at Great Lakes Boutique – August the 3rd to August the 5th
  • Trollbeads Fall 2018 Preview – TBC
  • Ohm Beads September 2018 Previews – TBC
  • Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018 Preview – August the 24th
  • Ohm Beads Bead of the Month October 2018 – TBC
  • True Beadz Dangle of the Month September 2018 – TBC

The middle of August is going to be amazing with previews expected for both the Trollbeads Autumn 2018 collection and the Ohm Beads September 2018 collections. These are the first glimpses of the new season beads. Admittedly it’s never worth making assumptions with Ohm so they may not be seasonal designs at all. For Trollbeads it’s safer to assume we’ll see fall colours regardless of the theme of the release.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on August and what are you most looking forward to? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Jamie

    I can’t contain my excitement, I’m so eager to see what’s next for trollbeads. Added, who won the people’s bead.
    I’m right there with you about the voting process and the time it takes to got through everything. This year was impossible to try and keep up with for me. The previous year I got top 24 and I was so excited, kinda felt like I lost my momentum. Next year I’ll be more prepared. I have some great ideas and I can’t wait to draw and bring my ideas to life!
    I’ll be counting the days till the previews, I need something new to look forward to! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Giulia

    Victoria, Have you got the new Trollbeads collection or just pictures ?

  3. Abbie

    Hi there,
    I was wondering when we would hear about the Autumn collection. I cant find it in the preview bucket on the bag ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks so much, and keep being awesome!

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