Important Update Regarding Redbalifrog & Ohm Beads Retired Stock at Great Lakes Boutique

This charm bracelet blog brings an important update regarding retired Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads stock at Great Lakes Boutique.

We’re now less than two weeks from the start of the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake event and we have made so many preparations for this event. The biggest one for the online side is of course the new website and the implementation of the cart hold system that put an end to beads being stolen from baskets.

Bead Bash is a little different to most events in that we run a dedicated online inventory. Where possible (sometimes where permitted,) inventory is split so that online customers aren’t just given the left overs from in store. This doesn’t quite work for everything however.

Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake
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Ahead of Bead Bash on the Lake we will be zeroing out the inventory counts for all retired Ohm Beads and retired Redbalifrog. That means they will not be available for purchase on the website. Since the huge Ohm Beads retirement our inventory has dwindled enormously and for many beads we have ones or twos remaining. As we can’t just order more of these products, the retired stock for these two brands will be removed from the website to eliminate any risk of over-selling.

This does mean that if you have any items remaining on your wishlist, it’s worth considering shopping them now and you can find the relevant links below:-

For those of you planning wishlists around promotions, please be sure to exclude retired Ohm Beads or Redbalifrog unless you’re attending in store.

Happy shopping!

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