Huge True Beadz Live Image Party at Great Lakes Boutique

This True Beadz blog alerts readers to an enormous True Beadz live image party at Great Lakes Boutique

I did mention we have an incredibly busy couple of weeks at Great Lakes Boutique and we’re ending the day with one of our biggest True Beadz live image listings to date. This brand does vary quite a lot so we’ve grouped each design together and taken group images so you can see the exact colour and size variation. Remember that Taste, Blossom, Air and Blossom Dangle are all retiring.

True Beadz Taiga Touch

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz Dragon Eyes

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz Stormy Heavens Air

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Just to clarify we have had a few people asking why we’re listing Touch and Instant designs when they aren’t actually retiring. The simple fact is we’re absolutely unable to keep anything in stock at the moment so we’re turning around deliveries as fast as they arrive with us. With that in mind do please remember beads are selling out fast and we’re only selling exactly what we have in inventory. If you’re coveting something, please do grab it. It’s also worth noting there’s a couple of silver beads listed, including retired Weeping Willow Dangles, for those who like to see live images of silver too.

Happy shopping!

  1. Pippa

    This is so frustrating – have all the retiring beads except Shadow, which I already have two full rods of, already been sold out?

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