Henhousebeads Winter 2018 Collection Debuts

This charm bracelet blog alerts readers to the launch of the Henhousebeads Winter 2018 Collection.

A short time ago the new Henhousebeads Winter 2018 Collection debuted at Great Lakes Boutique. It’s comprised of just two new beads in wintery shades, both retailing at $35 each. The Henhousebeads Air Element introduces a new design to the collection, a frosted matte finish called Element. The second bead is the romantic pearlescent Glacier.

Henhousebeads Air

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Henhousebeads Glacier

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This listing is relatively small but we do have more stock in store. We’ll aim to replenish online after our Winter Wonderland Event. For those taking their first steps into Henhousebeads with this release, I’d urge you to consider Brittany too. It’s a stark, cold contrast to Air and is very effective for seasonal bracelets.

Henhousebeads Brittany

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If you’re a fan of Henhousebeads already, there’ll be more exciting news to follow tomorrow so do be sure to check back then.

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