Henhousebeads Scrambled Eggs for Valentine’s Day 2019

This charm bracelet blog alerts readers to new Henhousebeads Scrambled Egg designs for Valentine’s Day 2019

Fans of Henhousebeads have an extra treat this weekend as new Scrambled Egg designs have appeared for Valentine’s Day 2019. There are two primary designs but then also a scattering of other beads. They’re live now at Great Lakes Boutique and are all buy three get one free.

The primary design is a Valentine’s twist on earlier Scrambled Eggs. It has a lovely mauve base with red details and is so striking!

Henhousebeads Scrambled Eggs

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The second and a favourite for me is a black version with assorted autumnal hue speckles. This feel so fall like for me but I love it.

Henhousebeads Scrambled Eggs

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For those unfamiliar with Scrambled Eggs, they’re similar to the Trollbeads Unique concept. Originally they were test beads that were sold as opposed to being stored away but following their popularity, they’re starting to be produced a little more regularly with the idea being that they complement the core collection.

It’s buy three get one free across Henhousebeads this weekend as part of the #winterishere event so do make the most of it as promotions for this line aren’t common.

Happy shopping!

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