Henhousebeads Restock at Great Lakes Boutique

This Henhousebeads blog alerts readers to a small live image restock at Great Lakes Boutique.

A short time ago we listed a small Henhousebeads restock at Great Lakes Boutique. The brand enjoyed an amazing launch at Bead Bash on the Lake despite the technical difficulties we experienced. Aside from two bead designs (the Midnight Moon and the “orange dotties,”) none of these beads are limited and we will be restocking as fast as is possible. Tonight is a relatively small listing but with some amazing design available. Personal favourites include Fall Foliage (I want a bracelet full of these) and the utterly amazing San Juan which is a dream to photograph.

Henhousebeads Fall Foliage

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Henhousebeads San Juan

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Since the initial introduction to the brand here at Endangered Trolls, each of the beads was split into collections and given name though I lacked the time to share all of the images here. A few new colours have also been introduced for the fall season and I’ll be sharing a complete overview of the names and images here soon.

For those who do love the collectible aspect, please note the “orange dotties” were actually an in store exclusive for the event. The beads on the website are all that remain of that stock and no more of this design will be produced.

Happy shopping!

  1. MaLa SaHan

    somewhat similar to TrueBeadz, yet different and very beautiful

    • endangeredtrolls

      Very different in person 🙂 Unless a solid coloured bead can be classed as the same 🙂

      And yes, really lovely 🙂 I love the autumn colours myself 🙂

  2. Angela

    Lovely, I am impressed seeing a rod of these and they were relatively uniform in size os wonderful. One of my issues with the above mentioned brand was no uniformity in size. When I stop in at GLB usually short on time bad enough trying to find two matching then to find two that are uniform in size and color. If the match is not close in matching it drives me nuts.
    I like large beads but some TBZ were too large and even looked a bit sloppy.

    I am still not into brand mixing but the Midnight Moon is beautiful ,while very different styles of craftsmanship and technique Victoria do you think the brands could play well together ?

    • endangeredtrolls

      My views..

      Cindy is working very very hard to keep consistency in her glass sizing. I have seen a little variation but it’s been one bead out of maybe 30 that is a shade larger. Henhousebeads run smaller overall than the other mentioned brand (though larger than Trollbeads more petite glass) and I’ve always tended to prefer smaller glass. I find they look neater. I think the brands could work well together but the only issue is going to be sizing. I think they’ll integrate very well with Trollbeads too. Ohm…. I love Ohm’s barrel glass but I have to keep it ALL barrel. I get twitchy when I try to combine :p

      Pairs will be much easier with Henhousebeads in terms of sizing. I’m happy to send you images of the rods I photographed during the event as you’ll be able to see they were really quite consistent.

      We’re absolutely loving the brand and new stock will be arriving soon and there’s a lot of really exciting (and fun) plans in the pipeline 🙂

      I hope you like the brand. Pay attention to some of the fall colours as they are luscious!

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