Henhousebeads Buy Three Get One Free at Bead Bash on the Lake

This charm bracelet blog alerts reader to a Henhousebeads buy three get one free promotion for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on he Lake event

With Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2019 just a little over one week away, we’re confirming the final promotion of the line up.

Henhousebeads Buy Three Get One Free

Beginning a midnight on Thursday night or 10am EDT for those visiting us in person, it will buy buy three get one free across Henhousebeads. This will include he new limited edition Henhousebeads Wildflower event bead.

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The online schedule itself which will include event bead listing times will be published next week.

As a side note all live images are now removed from the website as we prepare the back end for the start of the event. We’ll have the full Henhousebeads collection glass available once the event begins.

For those of you shopping online, the website will automatically deduct the cost of one bead when there are four in your basket. (Equally it will deduct two if there are eight in your basket.) If you spread your orders over the weekend, we will refund manually once the event has ended and we begin processing.

Please do remember if you have questions about the event, now is the time to ask them as replies to live chat and messages will be far slower during the event weekend.

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