Great Lakes Boutique Summer 2018 Event Announced

This charm bracelet blog announces the Great Lakes Boutique Summer Event and brings the earliest details.

There’s exciting news this afternoon as we can now confirm the dates and earliest details of the Great Lakes Boutique Summer 2018 Event. Firstly this is not to be confused with Bead Bash on the Lake. It’s a far smaller affair and those of you who follow global Trollbeads retailers will undoubtedly spot that the dates coincide with Trollbeads Day 2018. It will of course, be both online and in store.

Great Lakes Boutique

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Great Lakes Boutique Summer 2018 Event

The event will take place in store on June the 8th and 9th. Online the dates are June the 8th, 9th and 10th. We will confirm a schedule for online a little closer to the event itself. We’ve only just received confirmation that we can actually host this.

Of course one of the highlights will be the release of the Trollbeads Day 2018 bead and for those of you unable to attend in store, we’ll ensure the best possible live image shopping available.

Aside from that we can also confirm the Trollbeads Buy Three Get One Free Promotion will be in effect for the entire weekend. This does exclude the Trollbeads Summer 2018, Spring 2018 and both Mother’s and Father’s Day beads as per usual. Everything else will be incorporated.

We’ll also have another exciting announcement next week, a little more of the Ohm Beads flavour.

Mark your calendars!

  1. Sue

    Hoping the Amber bead with bee/bees attached will be available….

    • endangeredtrolls

      Who knows 🙂

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