Great Lakes Boutique Hangover Party Ending

This charm bracelet blog alerts readers that the Great Lakes Boutique hangover party is nearing it’s end and the remaining Randohms and True Treasures will soon be removed.

It’s said that all good things must come to an end and the Great Lakes Boutique hangover party is no different. Since the end of the Spring Bead Break event, live images of Trollbeads gemstones, ambers and uniques have remained on the website. Further to that there have been scheduled listings of the remaining stock of the True Beadz Hygge and True Treasures plus the Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 2.0 and RandOhms.

On Friday at 6pm EST (midnight for my European retailers) this stock will all be removed from the website and used to begin stockpiling for the next event (did I mention that yet?) This means the next two days offer you the final chance to grab any of those remaining beads that might appeal.

Great Lakes Boutique

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There are a lot of beads still available so let’s discuss my personal recommendations. The Ohm Beads Cold Milk (review here) was a limited edition from late last year and it’s simplicity proved incredibly popular. There are a few Randohms based on this design remaining here and if you’re wanting to make a strawberries and cream bracelet for summer with the limited edition Ohm Beads Strawberry, this is the perfect opportunity.

Ohm Beads Strawberry

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There’s also a selection that are very close to the limited edition Dreamscape and Purple Haze beads and again these are now collector’s items. You can find those beads here.

There’s a single Randohm that resembles the Caramel Latte bead from last year and it’s worth noting that Mike at Ohm has mentioned there is another upcoming coffee themed bead. I’m working on a cafe culture themed bracelet right now that you’ll see more of shortly I think.

Ohm Beads

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Remember also to check through their full range of gemstones as these are always worth choosing from live images. I’ve been playing with stones frequently in the past weeks and you can find inspiration below.

Redbalifrog Ouroboros

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True Beadz Hygge

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Trollbeads Flowers of the Month

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Redbalifrog Balinese Troll

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Do remember that Great Lakes ship globally for free with no minimum spend so shopping with them is super easy.

Happy shopping!

  1. Dee

    Thanks for the heads-up Victoria – I’ve ordered one of the Dreamscape/Purple Haze RandOhms, because it’ll be the perfect sunset sky for those mysterious City Landscape beads when they finally arrive (I know…… #nospoilers….. grrrrr!)

    • endangeredtrolls

      Good call! I’ve actually just posted pictures of the a little Dreamscape / Purple Haze inspiration to Great Lakes Boutique’s Instagram 😀 And yes, they will work VERY well for those mystery beads 😉


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