Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake Update

This charm bracelet blog brings a live update regarding the online event for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake.

Good morning! As many of you are now aware we have been experiencing quite catastrophic technical issues here at Great Lakes Boutique. The problem is unfortunately quite out of hands and after we couldn’t fix it we needed a solution.

All of the live images for this weekend’s event can be found on the new Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash website. We appreciate this is an inconvenience but the situation was severe enough that either we chose this option or we abandoned the online event entirely.

As of right now we are trying our best to run to the schedule below. There will be some delays with the Palace of Amber amber beads (not the Black Rutilated Quartz,) the Henhousebeads general collection (not Midnight Moon) and the Trollbeads uniques.

Great Lakes Boutique

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Great Lakes Boutique

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Great Lakes Boutique

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

With this in mind we’re also asking that people try and keep our inboxes as clear as possible. There are no promotional codes active so we will be manually refunding all free beads after the event next week. You don’t need to contact us to tell us you qualified, I promise we got it. The Dirty Love Wounds will be automatically added to all qualifying orders.

I’m going to personally state that our small team of four full time staff haven’t slept and we are trying our absolute best to get the online situation stabilised. Please be patient with us as we begin to get all those products online for you ladies and gentlemen.

  1. Jane

    It really sucks when the technique doesn’t do what you want it to. I hope you’ll have a smooth bead bash from now on 😉

  2. Angie

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with these problems. I wish all of you the very best of luck for the remainder of Bead Bash (and a good night’s sleep tonight!). Thank you for not abandoning the online event.

  3. Ernesto

    Redbalifrog devil eye already sold out. =(

    • KarenT

      it sold out in 2 minutes! half way through check out and it was gone 🙁
      I think I’m giving up on event beads.

  4. Mary

    I am so disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to buying certain items ever since this event was announced. I am now looking for OMG Dirty. If it’s on the beadbash site, I can’t find it. I was able get 2 Eerie Nights without even looking at them, the last 2, I believe, and they are literally the ugliest ones. Brownish. I am hoping for better luck tomorrow.

    I don’t feel particularly valued as a customer.


  5. KarenT

    True Beadz sold out in less than a minute.

  6. Stephanie

    I’m not even bothering with this event. I’ve never had any luck online with any of the Bead Bash Events. After it happening over and over again, it just gets tiring. Buying jewelry shouldnt be this stressful! Haha! I hope people that are able to go are having a blast though! 🙂

  7. Carol S

    Are beads only available at the scheduled times?

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m not sure what you mean. Event beads tend to sell out very fast so kind of I guess. The slowest to sell out today was Eerie Nights. In between that we’ve been listing all day and there’s the promotions for stock collections

  8. Jamie

    I’m sorry this is happening to you guys! Hang in there and keep on going. These thing just can’t be helped and yet you’re doing your best to offer your online customers some great deals. I get this can be extremely irritating for those on the edge of their seats but understanding the situtation would be greatly appreciated.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Thank you. We couldn’t have predicted the issue that happened. We always try to have back up plans but back up websites aren’t something most stores have. That said we’re all pretty proud of what we managed to pull together though we’re sorry or those who are feeling disappointed.

  9. Mary

    I am sorry for venting. I was just frustrated because time after time items were getting sold while I was making my purchase, which I was doing as fast as I could. Then I was just randomly taking whatever was still available – which was stupid on my part. I started at 1:08, for Eerie Nights. I think I’m just not cut out for events. No offense intended.

    • endangeredtrolls

      The first day is always crazy. However right now for example, Eerie Nights is available, Dirty OhmMyGod 2 is available, CustOhms are available, the Palace of Amber Black Rutilated Quartz is available.

      We’ve done our absolute best in circumstances that we could never have predicted and I’m so proud of what we accomplished. We could have quite easily cancelled the online event and just focussed on our in store customers – many stores do.

      We didnt and all we’re asking is for some patience as we get stuff back online and deal with any further issues that arise.

  10. Steph

    This will sound like an angry rant and since it’s hard to tell tone in written comments, please read this as apathy and not anger. I think there are probably lots of people who are starting to feel like me. As a young professional with lots of disposable income, my bead buying has slowed considerably in the last year. All the bead companies want to have limited editions and country/store exclusives that are difficult and costly to obtain. Yet they want them advertised to create buzz. Some companies want you to play Facebook games and compete with bots. Others want you to preorder their expensive limited editions sight unseen with vague insinuations to buy now or miss out. Some blind box so you don’t know what you’ll get because that is “fun.” Some companies want you to spend lots of money to travel to their exclusive events for small batch beads. They might decide to put some beads online for those that can’t come in person without considering the impact that watching beads sell out of their online carts has on these customers. None of this is fun. What happened to just selling beads? A regular fall, spring, special occasion collection? If something sells out, make some more? If small artisans are afraid of being stuck with large inventories, then sell via preorder? I don’t understand why the answer has become to make things as difficult as possible for customers to buy your product. As I said, I’m feeling the burnout. I feel like there is less excitement than there used to be. I’m tired. I’m apathetic. I wanted exactly two beads from this event. One sold out of my cart (but I’m sure I’ll see it on eBay selling for 3 times the retail cost). The other wasn’t even listed due to website problems. At first I was upset, but actually I’ve decided I just don’t care. As a customer I vote with my wallet and it’s becoming easier and easier for me to decide to just throw in the towel. I’m happy with what I have. I don’t really need more beads. And if companies don’t want me as a customer that’s fine too. I’ll just spend my money on something else. Does anyone else feel like this?

    • endangeredtrolls

      While I understand your perspective I also think it’s a little unfair in some ways.

      Yes we host events and love people to come and meet us. We also try our absolute best to get stock up online. Our online customers don’t get left overs, we pick as carefully for online as we do for in store. The only leftovers they ever get are when we can begin to pull from in store inventory to help ease online demand.

      Beads we don’t offer online, we *can’t* offer online. Those are rules we need to abide by.

      I’m also not sure which bead wasn’t listed due to website problems. Yes we had what could only be described as a catastrophic issue this time but everything went up, albeit just a little late for a couple of scheduled listings.

  11. Mary

    All said and done, I got the beads I wanted. This was my first event – it was naive of me to expect fun. I will love my purchases, so I guess it was worth it.

  12. Rita

    I kind of felt that the event beads shouldn’t have been so limited, since they knew they were having an online event and demand was high. Especially the evil eye bead – really 250 is not very many at all. It was frustrating trying to purchase and have stuff be sold out while trying to complete the purchase.

    Luckily, I am happy with the beads that I got, but I had to do it with multiple purchases because stuff kept disappearing from my cart. It all felt very rushed and not fun at all.

    • endangeredtrolls

      But how do you predict demand?

      The Evil Eye was not popular after it was unveiled, yet at the same time we had people criticising us or not ordering more. In the past we’ve had excess event stock left over which isn’t great for us. So what’s the golden number?

      • Rita

        I totally see your point. It is very hard to predict demand. Might be useful to allow people to pre-order before the event so that you have a better idea of how many would be needed? This is my first event and I didn’t realize how crazy things could get. With stuff selling out in a minute, it can get very frustrating. You guys did an amazing job with getting a whole new site ready for the online event and I’m very happy you did.

  13. Angela

    @Steph & Rita
    I do understand how you feel been collecting for years and sometimes in Beadeorld it seems downright impossible to get what you want. Few years back I used to buy out store stock of Trollbeads it was amazing to see that many dealers had the same stupid white glass beads. Many of the desirables would be long gone but there they were even at 80% off Dealers could not give them away.
    Then and now still wondering why waste time and effort making beads that you know we don’t want and so few of the ones everyone wants ?
    Have to agree with Victoria when I first saw the Redbalifrog Evil Eye was not impressed. Thought it was clumsy and could not put my finger on why I was not a fan.
    Even though I prefer larger charms this seemed simply too something, however when I saw it in real life I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as Victoria’s article on the Evil Eye was up sent it to my Sister who collects Evil Eye Jewelery she said “absolutely not it was one of the ugliest she had ever seen “. My friend who also attended Bead Bash came home did up a necklace with hers. Forwarded the picture to my Sister now she is upset that she missed out.
    I thought 250 was an awful low amount because if each person were able to get 1-2-3
    that’s only 100 -200 people especially when you think that this was a total sum for both event and online. Do you guys agree that it should have been more like 250 Event and 250 online?
    That being said how does a Retailer know the magic figure ? Especially when they have to order and pay for stock up front?
    Kind of hard to gauge especially when first revealed reaction to it was lukewarm. It is a beautiful focal sized bead just wondering if maybe they could do another run of at least a hundred or so. I know it was supposed to be an event bead but IMO would love to see it in the line.

    The Ghost Dangle from True Beads is a repeat from last years Halloween Collection heard they got only got about 30-40 of those from Julia. In late September 2017 I had ordered the Halloween Collection (4-5 pieces)so upset they never arrived till near Christmas only got them because I did not want to have GLB holding the bag , but OMGoodness am so glad I had gotten them as no way would I have been quick with the online or gotten to GLB in time to get one.

    It is frustrating all around as we don’t get what we want and worst with the site crashing GLB doesn’t get to sell as much as they want.

    @ Victoria
    Are the Henhouse and Trollbeads event beads still available?

    @Team GLB
    Hang in there, one more day
    this part will be history and a week or two
    of scrambling to get orders out then you can relax goodness. Which will be just in time to start thinking and planning for Spring Bead Bash 2019. Y’all did your best and thanks so much for what you do.

  14. Mary

    I don’t doubt that the staff busted their tails and honestly tried to do their best. They can’t predict demand. If they offered pre-orders, there wouldn’t be much of an event. I do think the whole concept of an event is exciting and could potentially be enjoyable for all concerned.

    I was only strongly interested in EN and OMG, both of which I got. But I didn’t like the roller-coaster ride of emotions – expectation, let down, repeat repeat repeat. I anticipated sitting down with a lovely beverage and leisurely shopping! So it was a rude awakening. Frustrating to me is the apparent surplus of these beads now. I could have waited, had a nice weekend, and still gotten what I wanted. With that in mind, my only suggestion would be to list a lot more beads at the beginning (when I “assume” there are the most sales), then taper off as the event progresses. If possible.

    Finally, the only way I could find OMG on iOS was by doing a search for it. It wasn’t under Ohm Beads, Live Listings, or the homepage. A tech issue, or maybe I just couldn’t find it. (I did get two finally.)

    I bought more Eerie Nights than I wanted, because I felt pressure to buy them quickly. I specifically wanted whiter, foggier ones and didn’t have time to be choosy. So I bought a bunch from which to pick 3 or 4. Will sell the rest, I suppose, without gouging. I assume they are not returnable.

    Thank you for your obvious efforts and for taking the time to read and consider our comments.

  15. Pippa

    Wow, tough audience.

    Do you have any idea what the GLB staff accomplished?!? Building a whole new online store from the bottom up overnight!!!
    And then they still had to run both the onsite event and the online event.
    Personally I think they did an amazing job.

    To be fair I was at the onsite event this time, but have been on the online side of plenty other events including at GLB. I know that they can be frustrating but the venting here feels so harsh and so much is about things that GLB has little or no control over. They are limited by what the bead companies will send and their restrictions. My understanding has always been that the bead companies are also the ones who determine what discounts and promotions the can offer.

    And, more then any retailer I am aware of, GLB sets aside a lot of stock specifically for the online event – and good stuff! Based on what I saw on the tables and later heard about people getting, online shoppers got first crack at the newer Trollbeads Uniques and much of the there amber and gemstones. And throughout the event they were pulling more stock from the main tables for online and after each day’s round through the event bead tables they would keep us all out of that room and re-allocate the stock shifting more online.

    I’ve heard mentioned that online shoppers get the onsite shoppers leftovers but am pretty sure that’s a two way street.

    I just hate to see all this complaining and dissatisfaction after seeing how hard the GLB team was working to make the online event happen.

  16. Enf

    “There are no promotional codes active so we will be manually refunding all free beads after the event next week. You don’t need to contact us to tell us you qualified, I promise we got it.”

    I was just wondering when these might these be refunded – for (bead) budgetting reasons 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      They have all been processed. I’d suggest if you haven’t had a refund by now you shoot me over an email as it should have been done 🙁

      • enfysbeads

        Thank you! 😀

  17. enfysbeads

    “There are no promotional codes active so we will be manually refunding all free beads after the event next week. You don’t need to contact us to tell us you qualified, I promise we got it.”

    I was just wondering when might these be refunded – for (bead) budgetting reasons? 🙂

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