Flash Sale on Trollbeads Gemstones

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to a flash sale on Trollbeads Gemstones at a Danish retailer.

As miserable as I am to be back from the USA I’m slowly beginning to catch up with work. Many of you are messaging me asking about various sneak peeks and teasers you may have glimpsed via my social media during Spring Bead Break. The ones I can discuss will feature here on my blog over the next couple of days, I promise!

Earlier today Danish retailer Perlen started a flash sale on their Trollbeads gemstones. They’re featuring a 20% reduction on the retail price but this only applies to the stones individually photographed.

Trollbeads Gemstones

Image Courtesy of Perlen – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

This includes the agate dendritic, amethyst, amazonite, lapis lazuli, feldspar moonstone (my personal favourite,) ruby rock, moss agate and more.

The discount is already applied so no maths skills are required.

Happy shopping!

  1. Gene

    If I was rich right now I would get one of those Ruby Gold beads!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m not sure anyone is feeling rich after the Spring Bead Break but you never know! There’s definitely some tempting prices and lovely beads in there 😀


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