I’m constantly asked about the compatibility between different charm bracelet brands. To clarify the table below details the most popular bead brands (as opposed to the traditional open link bracelet.) The most common question is “will Trollbeads fit Pandora charm bracelets?” Generally speaking they will not. Trollbeads use what is referred to as a “classic core” making the Pandora bracelet too large to thread through the whole. There are some exceptions and you’ll find a detailed list at the link below. Please note this list is compiled via information on retailer sites. I do not have every single bead to check. If you’re uncomfortable trusting the information, then do not purchase the bead. It’s safe to assume that if a particular Trollbead will fit a Pandora charm bracelet, it will fit all others too.

Trollbeads that fit Pandora Bracelets.

If you want a bracelet that will hold all other branded beads, Trollbeads are the best option.

Charm Bracelet Compatibility

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Please note that most Trollbeads fit on Redbalifrog silver bracelets (I’ve had issues with some very old retired beads. They do not fit the Redbalifrog leather bracelets however.