Autumn Inspiration with Aqua Edge Craziness

This Trollbeads blog brings a little inspiration for an Autumn Trollbeads bracelet with Aqua Edge Craziness.

The Trollbeads Fall 2013 collection has now launched in all it’s wonderful vibrancy. I tend to get caught up in what feels like an endless stream of reviews at times. At it’s core this blog has always been dedicated to beautiful modular jewellery and the versatility that can offer. I want to ensure that stunning design isn’t overshadowed by the news and reviews.

Here in Denmark the foliage is starting to change colour and while the weather is still mild the distinct tang of autumn is in the air. Leaves are starting to appear underfoot and soon the ground will be littered with a damp carpet of green.

When making bracelets I tend to follow the same familiar technique of silver and glass beads alternated down the length. The following bracelet courtesy of Beth at Trollbeads Studio showcases uniformity in colour but unconventional bracelet design to great effect.

Trollbeads Fall 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads Studio – Please Do Not Reproduce

  1. Ginger

    I didn’t think much of these beads… until I saw them in person and had to buy all 3 Aqua Edge beads. They haven’t ended up on a bracelet or necklace yet, but I have experimented with potential partners:
    Trace (for a blue vibe)
    Green Prism
    Green Armadillo

    I also think Cozy and Conch may be great beads to use with the Aqua Edge.

    But I really like the bracelet you made with only Aqua Edge!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’ve been using my two Green Armadillos with my set too and I’d forgotten how much I love those beads. I love your thinking of adding some cream in there though – I might experiment with that a little bit tomorrow 🙂

      They’re really lovely beads aren’t they? It’s so funny how we dismiss some beads from images alone and then when we physically see them, our opinions change entirely. It happens so often to me!

      Kind Regards

  2. rainey

    Beautiful! It has an antique look of the American Southwest to me. How I wish there were some kachina or conch charms to go with it. And if you’re not familiar this is the sort of thing I have in mind:

    • Cindy

      I haven’t been impressed with the Aqua Edge set yet, but I agree with you Rainey, something of the southwestern style would be perfect with them!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Ooooh they’re lovely!

      The image is from Beth of course (though I do wish it would pass as my own!) I love the interesting texture from the Aqua Edge Triangles. I also like that it deviates from the so often seen “1 silver, 1 glass” alternating style. Plus – I just love the Aqua Edge beads 😉


  3. Debra

    I love this, it’s amazing what 3 beads can do.

    Have you seen the Halloween release yet? I can’t wait to see it. I hoping they will have a dangle. I don’t know if you purchase any beads from The Glass Attic on Etsy, but she has a bead called “jack” and he is so cool, he also has a matching dangle. I think he would go well with these.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness – I love him!! I’m a huge Tim Burton fan – actually that doesn’t really give justice to my enthusiasm. I’m an enormous Tim Burton fan and Nightmare before Christmas is my all time favourite. He is so super cute! If I had absolutely any money at the moment I’d have to have him!

      Not only have I not seen the Halloween release, I haven’t even heard the slightest rumours about it! I’m assuming that images will emerge over the next week or so – usually once retailers can order the beads they get leaked. Given the release is on the 3rd or the 4th (I need to get clarification on this,) it can’t be too long until they appear.

      You have any specific hopes for Halloween aside from the dangle? 😉

      Kind Regards

      • Debra

        I thought you might like him, he is awesome. I only ordered one, but I would like to get one more and a dangle. I will have to wait to get them, I ordered way to much last week. I’ve had a bead party several times last week. 🙂 I got all three owls, tiger, dragon lock and 1st, 2nd, 3rd days of Xmas from RBF, two tiger beads from Kathy, three beads from The glass attic and my order from Goldmine. I also have a Pink Crazy lace agate coming from Ebay, so I did some MAJOR damage last week.

        As for Halloween, I just hope they keep it small. A glass bead, dangle and maybe a couple of silver pieces, but I know I will have to have whatever they come out with.

        I will have to sweet talk my hubby for the Pandora promo next week. 🙂

        • Debra

          I take it back about just a glass bead. I would really love to see a Halloween Glass kit, but I can’t afford it, so I do hope they will keep it small. 😉

          • endangeredtrolls

            Ohhhh a whole kit!

            I must admit part of me wants more Inner Glow beads – but in a different colour scheme. Maybe an orange one?

            I’m so very excited for the Halloween release. I love the holiday – it’s kind of all the fun of Christmas but without the gift buying pressure 😉

            Kind Regards

        • endangeredtrolls

          Oh my goodness you have been shopping – I’m utterly jealous! You’re going to be so happy when everything arrives though 😉

          Last year’s Halloween collection was a small size but I’m wondering if it was a “trial”.. just because it’s not like Trollbeads to do things small you know? I wish I had something to share with you but I’ve heard absolutely nothing about it! Everything seems dominated by X by Trollbeads at the moment.

          You just have to point out to your hubby that really, a free bracelet *saves* him money in the long run.. it’s not a luxury, it’s a staple practicality that makes much more sense to get free 😉 Something like that anyway 😉 We don’t get promotions or GWPs here so I’m always so jealous 🙁

          • Debra

            Yes, I would like to see more colors in the Inner Glow as well, maybe a purple or hot pink.

            I hope your wrong about last year begin a “trial”, but I’m sure I will get want ever they come out with. I just wish they would came out with them a little sooner, they need to come out with the fall collection.

            Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, it’s just a fun time of year that doesn’t came with all the stress.

          • endangeredtrolls

            Oh hot pink! Yes please!

            I agree with you regarding the release date for the Halloween beads and I hear this so often from readers. Assuming most of us put away our Halloween beads a little after the date itself… we get approximately 4 weeks to wear any new releases. These things can be expensive so it’s not a great exchange really 🙁

  4. Susan Pesch

    Aqua Edge beads look great on a wine/turquoise leather bracelet, too!

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