Autumn 2017 Bead Event Schedules

This charm bracelet blog brings a summary of the charm and bead events for the autumn 2017 season.

Throughout this week I’ve been publishing the details of the various in-store events being hosted by my retail partners. It’s going to be a really excited autumn! I did promise I’d also make a summary of them so it’s easy for readers to refer back. Here it is:-

The three big US events all land on three consecutive weekends (and I wish the best of luck to those of you trying to budget for all of them!)

In terms of promotions, all of those with Trollbeads will have a buy three get one free offer, a free bracelet offer and the free stoppers with a bangle promotion. Those are unfortunately all in-store only. Trollbeads Gallery and Blooming Boutique will have Trollbeads event beads. Neither have yet been unveiled.

Star Bijou and Joseph Welch will have the Ohm Beads Open Your Heart promotion.

Star Bijou and Great Lakes will have event beads. Star Bijou’s will be limited and exclusive but hasn’t been unveiled yet. Great Lakes’ (Blush Waterish) will be exclusive but not limited.

Obviously I’ll be heading to Ohio for the Bead Bash on the Lake event so there’ll be lots of live blogging, online parties and a continued determination to improve the online portion of the event for those of you participating from home.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Are you heading to an event this autumn? Or will you be shopping from the comfort of your own sofa? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Suzy

    I am in Canada and will not be able to attend any of the events. Will there be ay online promo?
    You wrote that: “In terms of promotions, all of those with Trollbeads will have a buy three get one free offer, a free bracelet offer and the free stoppers with a bangle promotion. Those are unfortunately all online only.” but I am not sure if you meant on site instead of online. Tks for keeping us updated 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      Sorry I’m editing now and yes you are right, they are in-store online 🙁 Trollbeads won’t let the retailers offer them online 🙁


      • Suzy

        Tks for clarifying! Your autocorrector certainly loves the word “online”… lol
        It is really sad that they won’t offer then online, I hope there will be other online promos soon, but not too soon because I bough way too many bangles on the last one… lol But September is my birthday month so I hope there will be some online promo during it 🙂

  2. Gene

    My mind is swimming already! I know I still want to get a couple of the Trollbeads twisted bangles ( unfortunately I missed the promotion due to lack of funding). I have got to do the Bead Bash at Great Lakes Boutique…I would like to be able to get my first True Treasures. And, last but not least I would love, love, love to get that Ohm Open Your Heart bead!

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s going to be hard budgeting everything right? When I looked at the dates for the three big US events.. I kinda cringed for some of the ladies over there. I have a few readers who usually go to all of those events and they are now on three consecutive weekends :O :O

      Open Your Heart is lovely <3 🙂


  3. Alexandra R

    I’d love to go to Star Bijou but I need to wait for September and to go back to work to be sure I don’t work on Saturdays. Hopefully planes tickets will still be affordable from Paris to Berlin at that time 😊
    But I will be online for the Great Lakes Boutique event and I can’t wait for these Blush stoppers to come out!!!!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Usually you can hop around Europe pretty cheaply since we have all the budget airlines. It tends to be transatlantic that gets spendy! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you can get to Berlin 😀

      The Blush Waterish are lovely 😉 😀


  4. Jamie

    I’m interested to see what trollbeads gallery will have for their event bead. I think it’s great for these retailers to have exclusive beads. It just adds to the hunt and variety, of course they are very limited in numbers but that’s the fun 🙂

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