Aurora Charms Halloween 2017 Preview

This charm bracelet blog brings a complete preview of the Aurora Charms Halloween 2017 collection!

As soon as we hit September, Halloween fans the world over start to get more than a little crazy. These days there’s even a plethora of memes out there mocking the fact that pumpkin spiced everything has become a thing in recent years. Frankly Halloween enthusiasts are as bad as Christmas fans who begin festivities in October. I adore Halloween. It’s a fun, stress free holiday that doesn’t come laden with the financial pressures so associated with the commercialisation of Christmas. Further to that as a fan of gothic everything (fashion, art, literature, architecture,) it’s a holiday that holds special appeal to me.

The one criticism I have of the Trollbeads Autumn 2017 collection is it’s lack of Halloween designs but the holiday isn’t so popular here in Denmark.

Irish brand Aurora Charms are introducing a new design for the holiday however and he’s called Spooky the Ghost.

Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost

Image Courtesy of Aurora Charms – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost

The Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost doesn’t quite have a confirmed release date yet, though it’s believed to be around October the 9th. He will retail at €39.95 and pre-orders have started immediately.

Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost

Image Courtesy of Aurora Charms – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

You can order directly from the Aurora Charms website (with shipping from Ireland) and remember any order placed directly with them during September qualifies for a chance to win a charm of your choice. Alternatively you can order from my retail partners below:-

Do remember that Pianeta Beads currently have 20% off nearly the entire Aurora catalogue. Though Spooky is excluded it’s a good time to combine shipping.

Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost Summary

What a cute little charm! The design makes him look very floaty and I love the oversized hands (and pumpkin detail of course.) Do remember that the brand use a universal core so this charm will be compatible with your Ohm Beads or Pandora charm bracelets.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Aurora Charms Spooky the Ghost? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Jane

    Uhh, he fits the Sugar Sledge Ride perfectly 🙂

    I wonder if he hangs from the loop in his hat?

  2. Pippa

    I love him. He is some how adorable with out being to cute. He is a must have for me!
    I’ve always liked halloween for so many of the reasons you’ve mentioned but after having my son (now seven!!), the predominate reason is all the FUN! Her in the states there are just so many great activities going on in our area and the pure joy of all these kids enjoying themselsves on beautiful fall days can not be beat. There are multiple pumpkin patch fall fests to attend with the various mazes, climbing webs, huge slides, the corn crib with construction equipment, a combine converted int a tunnel slide, ride on tractors and my favorite the HAY BARN!! Oh and then there are hayrides out to the fields to pick pumpkins. Boo at the Zoo. Neighborhood parties and festivals. The school parade and class parties. And even some trick or treating. Plus usually some fun just for the grow-ups.
    All this also means LOTS of halloween braclets 🙂
    – Pippa

  3. Lisa G

    I think he’s absolutely adorable! I don’t even like Halloween but I love him!!

    • endangeredtrolls

      He IS very cute! 😀


  4. Louise

    when do these get delivered? it says preorder?

    • endangeredtrolls

      As per the article, they’re aiming for release around October the 9th.

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