ACA Kreations Bead of the Rising Sun for Great Lakes Boutique Update

This charm bracelet blog brings an update regarding the ACA Kreations Bead of the Rising Sun for Great Lakes Boutique.

Friday saw the unveiling of the upcoming ACA Kreations Bead of the Rising Sun, created exclusively for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake event. It’s a sensational bead and though I’m fully aware I have a bias opinion, I’ve collected Alex’s work since the very beginning and I think it’s one of his best pieces to date.

ACA Kreations Bead of the Rising Sun

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Due to the way Alex works, there will always be limitations on his production. This jewellery isn’t mass produced so turning out thousands of beads isn’t viable. Based on the remarkable feedback of the design however, a couple of discussions took place over the weekend.

ACA Kreations Bead of the Rising Sun for Great Lakes Boutique

The total number of these beads has now been increased to three hundred pieces. That is the absolute maximum run size for Alex. As such a certain amount of stock will be made available online during the event weekend. (Remember the event falls on May the 4th, May the 5th and May the 6th.) They will be available exclusively via the Great Lakes Boutique website and again, there will be no pre-orders or any kind of reserves. It will be first come first served.

We haven’t finalised the online schedule for the event yet. That’s mostly due to uncertainties still in regards to exactly what special stock we’ll have available. The logistics of an event this size is crazy. Once we have a schedule, the time these beads will go live will be detailed there. We will be limiting online sales to one bead per person.

If you want to be guaranteed the bead, the best option is still to attend in person as demand for the online stock is going to be enormous. I’d also like to make a personal plea that people stop flooding Alex with messages regarding this bead. He has his own release to prepare for and he can’t smuggle you out beads not matter how much you beg 😉

Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake Summary

This is how the event looks so far:-

  • Trollbeads Event Bead (not unveiled)
  • ACA Kreations Event Bead – Confirmed as Bead of the Rising Sun at 300 pieces and with a retail of $165. Both in store and online availability
  • True Beadz Event Bead (not unveiled)
  • True Beadz Buy Four Get One Free (standard collection beads)
  • Special guests to include Trollbeads USA, Mike and Jenny of Ohm Beads USA, Alex Cramariuc of ACA Kreations and Julia & Alexey of True Beadz

Remember no tickets are necessary. We absolutely do not believe in charging to attend our events. We do greatly appreciate if those who are attending can sign up here. Head counts helps us enormously when planning food and drink. If you don’t sign up, don’t blame us if you’re hungry. (I’m joking, we’d not let you go hungry but please, just sign up.)

With another two months before the event, you can assume there’ll be a lot of exciting announcements yet.

  1. Veroniek

    Thank you for working out this solution! It is a wonderful bead, and I hope I will be lucky enough that weekend.

  2. Agi

    Thanks for this update. I am looking forward to the True Beadz event bead and the Buy 4 get 5 promotion. I am planning to add several True Touch to my collection.

  3. Noemi

    Wow, Great Lakes and Alex really care about their customers to increase the number of Alex’s bead. Thank goodness I won’t be fighting for it, but it is a generous gesture nonetheless.
    I wish I could attend, but it’s too far for me to spend on air fare, hotel and then beads. I’ll stay home and spend only on beads, lol. 🙂

  4. Karen

    Amazing news! I am looking forward to the schedule.

  5. Sonya T.

    Great news for collectors!! ♡
    I see something different here though. Buy 4, get 1 free only applies to regular True Beadz collection this time? It’s always been on Treasures at the event as well.
    Thanks for everything you do Victoria! ♡

    • endangeredtrolls

      The buy 4 get 1 free will not be applied to any special stock. I think the same will be said for Ohm Beads with the buy 5 get 1

  6. Katie

    Wonderful news!! Now, there is a chance for me. Best of luck to all!

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