Trollbeads News – A Very Busy August and September

This blog article offers a general Trollbeads news roundup for August and September 2011

Trollbeads Fall 2012

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We’re now firmly into August and the last of the summer months for many of us. With the unavoidable loom of autumn and winter and the alterations to our wardrobe that accompany this, many of us begin to look to our bracelets and how we can bring these upto date with the new season.

Aptly time for precisely these thoughts, Trollbeads autumn collection is due to hit the shelves on Friday August the 26th. Usually by this point we’ve been having some sneak peak pictures from Trollbeads head quarters to tantalise us yet further but so far, it’s been eerily quiet.

Some details have emerged however and while they aren’t as delicious as photographs, they at least shed a little light on this eagerly awaited release. The release will consist of six or seven silver beads. One of which will be the People’s Bead winner 2011; Rolling Waves. There will be one eighteen carat gold bead and two gold and silver combined beads. In addition to the metal beads there will be one stone bead, twelve price one glass beads (these comprise of two glass kits consisting of six beads each) and a further two glass beads in the price two bracket. Finally and arguably the most anticipated piece in this release will be a new lock.

Trollbeads Rolling Waves

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

There have been calls for a new lock from fans for quite some time, many of who are wanting another large lock like the fish or the large flower. These two are by far the easiest locks to fasten, particularly when used with the leather bracelets. Personally, I would love to see a more fantasy themed lock. While there was the stunning troll lock from the anniversary bracelet, the current production locks are taken towards flowers and nature. I’d be particularly delighted to see a dragon themed lock make the collection. In regards to the other beads, I’d love to see a silver pumpkin. While Trollbeads do have a pumpkin in their collection, it’s an orange glass bead. Halloween is undoubtedly my favourite holiday of the year and seeing some more “spooky” themed silvers would be excellent news for putting together those holiday bracelets. Last autumn’s glass beads were fantastic and azure bubbles remains one of my favourite beads due to the huge variation seen between individual examples. I would like to see another armadillo join the collection (perhaps even a couple). This pattern has always proven a great hit with collectors everywhere and yet looking at the current collection armadillos, the selection is quite small. Seeing some darker, warmer shades creep in for autumn would be lovely.

Trollbeads Armadillos

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This year has also been the thirty fifth anniversary of Trollbeads. After the limited edition Anniversary Bracelet release in 2006, many fans were keen to know whether a similar release would mark this year. While there’s been no official word on this from Trollbeads (and frankly I’d argue that thirty five isn’t as significant a landmark as thirty), it has become apparent that there will be a limited edition bracelet for sale at the International Jewellery Fair in London, taking place from the 4th to the 7th of September. This bracelet is to consist of a silver chain, the retired Mexico lock (which left the collection in 2010) and the retired, formally limited edition, peacock pearl from 2009.

Trollbeads Peacock Pearl

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The retail price of the above bracelet is going to be around £127 / 146EU / $208. Whilst the Mexico locks are still relatively easy to find, the peacock pearls have become more difficult. For any collectors yearning to add a pearl to their inventory, this could be the opportunity to do so.

The last time Trollbeads made a limited edition release available through a trade fair were the Trollbeads limited edition gemstones from early 2011. While the release was incredibly popular in regards to the actual gems, many of which are highly sought after, the facts that relatively few ever hit the market and were only available to stores attending the convention created a lot of headache among the fans. It’s not yet known if different distribution options will be made to none UK countries for this bracelet.

If the autumn release and an anniversary bracelet were not enough news for the next two months, there are two further releases pencilled into the diary.

Firstly, Trollbeads are rumoured to be releasing a previously retired and much coveted bead; the pink prism.

Trollbeads Retired Pink Prism

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The pink prism made it’s debut into the collection in 2005 and left in 2007. Over the last year, availability of this bead has plummeted and the result has seen it changing hands for hundreds of dollars. (Note, this shouldn’t be confused with the current collection pink prism. The current prism is a far softer shade of pink as can be seen below.)

Trollbeads Pink Prism

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The re-released prism should hit the shelves in September with the retail price of 150 EUR / £130 / $213. While the price is undeniably high, it is cheaper than the current resale value on this particular bead.

Lastly but by no means least, September will see the Japanese World Tour beads launch to the open market. With the last world tour stop being the USA in early July, it’s felt strangely quiet on this front. With the amazing popularity of the limited edition Japanese Kimono beads however, expectations are extremely high for this release. There have been no leaked photographs nor hints in regards to this release (though it’s arguably a little early yet.)

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